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ABC (ended 2008)

The cast

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    It seems like that's where the strength of the show lies, the actors and their characters. I wasn't familiar with any of them except for Jerry O'Connel, but I fell in love from the first scene in the pilot. These guys have great chemistry with each other.
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    Tim Peper is really the only new face (aside from marmaduke, but of the 4 carpoolers that is), I'm sure you've seen the rest and just didn't know it. The guy that plays aubrey was on mr show with bob and david (one of the best shows ever) and did that crossballs show where people pretended to be for or against something to mess with people like it was a debate show. Fred Goss was on sons & daughters right before this show, if you haven't seen it yet check it out, there were only 10 eps or so, but it was good (I liked it anyway). It's probably the same with the costars, most you've likely seen elsewhere and just don't recognise them.

    But yeah, I agree that they have a pretty good chemistry together, they do a good job, and that definetly boosts the enjoyability of the show for me as well. It's not mentioned much in the info for the show, but bruce mcculloch from the kids in the hall is the creator, so you know it's going to be funny regardless.

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