Season 1 Episode 2

Laird of the Rings

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • Although flawed, I found this to be an all-around enjoyable episode.

    This was another very enjoyable, underappriciated episode of Carpoolers. Although there has been better episodes of Carpoolers, this was still very funny and clever. I liked most aspects of this episode, like the song ("Come on Eileen") and the whole plot of Gracen giving Larid his wedding ring. The humor of the episode was right on cue. I didn't love the plot of Gracen being fed-up with his family, I found it a little depressing and lacking of humor because I feel that's how alot of people feel. I would have liked more plot with Marmaduke but he was enjoyable in this episode, as always. The episode as a hole was very enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Better...

    This episode is better and I loved the intro. Using Onstar for nonemergency questions is probably one of the funiest things I have seen on television in a while or at least it made me laugh. Also, yes it has been a while since you've seen a review from me, but that's due to finals in school. Tomarrow I wake up and go for the PSAT/NQAT exam tomarrow at 7:30 a.m which I'm very upset and pissed about seeing that I have to take the test again next year with my actual grade level. Either way I get some room for college aps early.
  • Marginally better

    After last week's very disappointing pilot, I think this episode was certainly an improvement.

    It was entirely saved by the Gracen, Leila and Marmaduke story of the lost ring to be actually quite amusing at times. Everything else I was so indifferent to that I have difficulty now remembering what happened.

    However, I think in that family they have a few characters worthy of pulling a few stories out of. Marmaduke is an odd enough character to maybe extract a couple of episodes, and with some clever writing maybe they can get some more out of the family collectively.

    Laird is a common sitcom character so I guess he has a few episodes in him. Otherwise I can't really see this show going much further than that.
  • Great new show.

    Very funny and nice cast supports each other well. Love the little nuances like the dim-witted son and the wife we never get to see. I think it is a strong, yet little know cast, with great writing and a solid story-lines. I am not sure if it will be able to sustain for the long haul but the premise is unique and the way they focus on the main characters (The Carpoolers) it makes it a show very much worth taking time for. I hope the fact that Cavemen (yuck!) before it doesn't hurt. I hope it makes it! Loved it!
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