Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot a.k.a. Dougie's First Day

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 02, 2007 on ABC

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  • Dougie starts carpooling for the first time today and he's nervous about his fellow carpoolers. Gracen has money problems at home, while Laird doesn't really know how to help. Dougie wants to be accepted by his fellow carpoolers but things go wrong soon.

    Pretty nice episode. It's a good episode and the storylines are pretty awesome for a pilot. It definatly feels like the characters have been with you forever. They immediatly capture your excitement, but aren't able to keep it up. The episode looks like it's leading up to a nice ending, but unfortunatly it doesn't get any funnier then sneaking in a home to steal a toaster. If it would look like the show would develop further into a funny existence it would be ok, but it doesn't. Though the characters are cool and the story is cool, it seems like the show gets stuck on a certain level and never goes any further then that. I can see why people would stick with this, but I don't really think it'll be interesting for me to watch more of it. Nice though with a good feeling ending.
  • You drive me crazy!

    I saw the first episode of "Carpoolers" and guess what? I hated the show. If there are any improvements in the show it will be the people in the car staying in the car. they're home life is terrible. One guy got a group of kids, another who got this loser wh can't find a job. and the list goes on and on. there's very little of intrest, besides seeing four guys driving down the highway. that's the only thing that mactually worked. Because nothing else woked at all. "Cavemen" has something that "Carpoolers" don't have and that's faith. Write that down.
  • Feeling sorry for ABC right about now.

    They pick up two new shows which will unfortuneately be canceled since the majority of people will not enjoy either this concept and show or the show "Cavemen". The show was better than "Cavemen" and I did enjoy it however the actual name "Carpoolers" seems irrelevant since "carpooling" is such a little part of the show. Of course since it's the pilot they may actually be working more on the character development that the actual "in-car" scenes which seem kind of important for the show's title. If the show were named "Professionals who live very strange lives" it would make more sence than "Carpoolers". Is the show wierd? Yes, I believe it is, but it is worth watching. Will this show eventually get old? Unfortuneately yes. I only say yes since the title leaves the viewer to think that the show is very limited perspective which would turn a lot of people off from tuning in. "Carpoolers" leads us to believe we'll really just learn about the development of the "carpoolers" same goes for the new ABC show "Cavemen" as for shows like "Two and a Half Men" the title isn't always true and we sometimes follow other characters and the show becomes successful. In the case of "carpoolers" this seems unlikely.
  • Ridiculous

    Ridiculous is really the only word I can come up with to summarize this show. However, writing a review requires at least one hundred words to be used, so feel free to stop reading. As much as I love Jerry O'Connell, I could barely sit through the whole episode even with his smiling face to look at. The attempt at being whimsical or perhaps just current by having the carpoolers sing to random popular songs from various generations in the car is painful to watch. And the areas of plot "conflict" - one man is worried because his wife and son make more money than he does, another is going through a divorce, the third is trying to fit in as the new guy in the carpool, and who even knows what the supposed issue for the fourth guy was - are pathetic attempts with very few jokes even worth laughing at. I predict that this show will not last long.