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  • Though I want to like the characters because of the actors, it is pretty rank.

    I usually know that I am not going to like something when I cannot resist fast forwarding through the dull bits. And when the fast forwarding is more on the show than the advertisements, it is clearly not a keeper.

    It's not hard to find examples of good premiere episodes that launch watchable shows - Eureka, The Closer, House, Bones, and so forth. These shows have characters and situations that one can be entertained by. Unfortunately, CARPOOLERS didn't even come close.

    Frankly, I felt annoyed and irritated, as if I was watching a shaky cam nauseating modern flick. There weren't shaky cam shots, were there? Maybe that would help it... naw, nothing could redeem this from mediocrity.

    In the distance, I see the shark jumping. This show will wither and die, and perhaps Jerry Oh can get a better show.
  • I probably watched it because I liked Jerry O'Connell in SLIDERS. This one is like an extended Seinfeld episode and not a very good one at that.

    This one is like an extended Seinfeld episode and not a very good one at that. I wasnt expecting much out of this is show to begin with and it was even worse than that.

    4 guys form a carpool and one of them has marital troubles because he thinks his wifes house flipping business is making her rich and something about $200 toasters... and theres a strange subplot involving the son who waks around everywhere wearing no pants, just Speedos or something close. He even has an online interview while wearing no plants. Is this supposed to be funny? It isnt. Ick!

    Considering it follows the even worse CAVEMAN, its unlikely Ill watch this on a regular basis.
  • This show is about four men that carpool to the same business park together 45 minutes each way, 5 times a week. They show just the right amount of personal life at home to explain why they are the way they are in the car.

    I hope I am not the only person in America that LOVES this show! The reviews I've read of this show on, and other sources have given this show two thumbs down in every direction. However, I personally LOVED this show and I am hoping that this show is not cancelled. Please keep this show on the air!!

    If you like Arrested Development and The Office type of comedies, then you will most likely like this show. "Carpoolers" is not your typical cookie-cutter, pure schtick "sitcom" format with a studio audience. No, it's more of a dramedy that gives us insight on these four lives of 8-5 office workers and a dentist that carpool together so they can zip through traffic in the diamond HOV lane and save on gas (everyone contributes towards gas).

    And the characters aren't charactatures of themselves. They play the roles just right to make them relatable to me as the viewer. The comedy team of the four stars is awesome, and they have great chemistry together on screen. I love their looks they give after an awkward laugh or after something somebody else just said really sinks in and stuff. I work in an dilbert-style cubicle farm office and I used to be part of a carpool when I lived further from work and I could totally relate to this show. I've never laughed so hard at a pilot and I hope that the critics are wrong and that enough people like "me" speak up to the network executives so this show can stay on the air.

    I love Carpoolers and it's here to stay!!
  • About men who carpool to work every week and talk about things.

    This show wasn't awful but I wasn't jumping out of my seet or anything. Not very original slightly but not much. Kinda lame charecters and not much plot development. On the plus At first I thought it was just them in the car but it's not it's how they are at home and more personal and proffesional stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the series gets cancelled though. Pretty good acting but pretty boring too. Some funny jokes and gags but not consistently. All in all the show balances out to be just ok but not enough to keep me watching next week for very long.
  • A quirky comedy that just might have legs to it. And the greatest hits of the '70s soundtracking is pretty sweet, too.

    Ok, finally a quirky comedy that just might work ! Four guys carpooling to work, each with a different set of family relationship problems that get worked on during the morning carpool. (Yeh, that's interesting, they just show the morning side of the carpool not the afternoon side, hmm). And they've worked in everyone's favorite hits from the '70s, with Boston's "More than a Feeling" capping the episode on its high note, happy ending. And if they do a segment each time on where to park in the parking lot that would be a cool hook. Does the show have legs past its virgin-six ep run ? There's enough material, what with the four's family relationships, their own relationships with each other, and their business relationships. So it won't suffer from one trick ponyism. This is the ONLY new comedy that I will watch its next time. And the only one of two new Fall shows I'm continuing to watch so far, the first being "Reaper" which is a quirky hour-long dramedy.
  • Wow, This is the first series that has made me feel bad for the actors in it

    After viewing the pilot, I was pretty convinced that this series is likely to be canceled in the next few weeks, or possibly sooner. It has the actors, like Jerry O' Connell, and Jerry Minor who was great in Lucky Louie, but I have a feeling that this show will soon feel the same demise that Lucky Louie did. But the thing is, Lucky Louie was actually incredibly written and extravagently funny, this show however, is terribly not. I guess all I really have to say now is good luck to the actors and who knows maybe I'm wrong and maybe this show might be the breakout hit of the season...I wouldn't hold my breath though.
  • It has promise....

    I don't have much of an opinion yet on this show, though I do believe it's better than Cavemen. I like it alright. The comedy is a bit...dry, but it makes for interesting television, especially with Jerry O'Connell involved. I haven't seen him in anything for quite a while. If it keeps up, it might become ABC's fall vehicle, right behind Ugly Betty. I am sincerely looking forward to seeing more of this show. Bring it on, ABC. Bring it on. If you liked Friends, you'll love this show. Give it a shot. You won't be disappointed. I promise you.
  • I love this show - never mind ordering more episodes, the network should commit to more series!

    I think one of the reasons I enjoy this show so much is that it is very easy to watch! This are simple people with relatively simple lives who have joined up to travel together to beat the system - and really that is what the carpool lane is - beating the system of traffic jams. Of course when you peal away the layers they aren't simple at all; they all have their own quirks and fears. The humourous dialogue is brilliant! I was hooked really after the first episode, but as the weeks have gone on, it has just got better and better - which is how it should be for a new show! This and Pushing Daisies are the winners for the season!
  • Love the new show Carpoolers! Tuesday nights are now my favorite!

    It's refreshing, funny and has an amazing cast! Love all the characters and thier families and the lives they lead. Especially TJ Miller, it was love at first sight for me (he's got it all, looks, humor, wit, what else could a girl ask for). I hope this show takes off and is on the air for years to come. I'll definately be a watcher (number #1 Canadian fan) and anticipate a new episode each week. I also see a huge star in the making and am positive TJ Miller will be the next great comedic actor. Best of luck with the show!
  • Thin premise wont hold

    Ok. The soundrack is great. What about the story? Just finished the pilot. A few laughs, mostly about the dumb underwear wearing son and the dutyful driver-parent-cook. The moral of the story was below average. If you think about it, the whole point of the story having a "moral" is a bit lame. However it has a few nice touches of smart humor. Lets mention the sushi drivers, the first shot of them singing Air Supply, or the internet job interview. The thing is the characters seem that, "characters" instead of people, at least so far. It may have promise if they improve the writting, but how far can you get with such a thin premise.
  • Carpoolers is one of the best new shows of the season with Aliens in America. I find the cast to be very GOOD, fresh & funny. This show is definitely a "keeper".

    Every year, shows come out that are well below par But when I finished watching the Great show Aliens in America, I came across this show and realized that Carpoolers is not one of them. This show is another comedy that is basically about nothing (Like Seinfeld), but still remains original and funny. Which is nice, because you can still pick up where you left off if you didn't see the last episode. But more serious than sitcoms where you just listen to a laugh-track playing after stupid jokes. The jokes are more appreciable, things you can remember, instead of being funny for the moment, and then forgetting it 5 minutes later. Even the plots are funny in their own way. The show is well written without all of the same old story lines you see over & over again. I highly recommend this show to anyone. All of the actors are very funny while making you feel like they are real people. After watching all the new show season premiers I can say this one is without a doubt the best one out there.
  • The cast of this show is fantastic at portraying the characters the writers had in mind. Each has their strengths and their quirks but altogether makes for a very funny show.

    The premise of the show seemed intriguing enough to give it a try. From the first episode I was hooked. The characters are so quirky in their unique situation in life that I'm sure a lot of people can equate with or at the very least know someone that can. That brings together a friendship between 4 very different people that bring up strange situations.

    One of the funniest moments was the first time they introduced the other carpools such as the cool one (they eat sushi while driving around), the old one (driving really slowly), and such. Hilarious. Part of the conflict between them of course in finding a good parking spot at work every day. There's even an entire episode involving their conflict with the cool carpoolers.

    Someone compared this to Cavemen because it came out at the same time. I thought Cavemen was incredibly stupid and boring and lost me early but Carpoolers is one of those shows I look forward to.
  • Let's keep this show on the air!

    Please check out my myspace, let's save carpoolers from oblivion!
    The writing and creativity on this show are on par with other comedies such as The Office and 30 Rock. If ABC doesn't realize that it has a fan favorite they are crazy. Please post your comments and your desires to keep this show on the air! Don't let the writer's strike spell the end for the sitcom. This show was poorly advertised in a time when all of TV suffered due to a strike. Let's give this show another chance and get ABC to renew it for a few more episodes!
  • an amazing show of 4 guys who carpool together. the 4 guys are different but yet they bond while driving to work. the music that is played during their carpool is hilarious!

    i have never had the urge to write a review of a tv show. i really, really like this show & so it has inspired me to tell the world that they also should watch this show. the show is hilarious. all the characters interact with each other so well, and the plots are original, unique, funny, and also heartwarming in the way that the 4 main men characters bond with each other. the music for the show is also great & watching the characters respond to it while carpooling is great! please watch the show. it is in jeopardy of being cancelled and it should not be!!!
  • characters are good

    i wasn't too sure about this show and then got in to it. even thogh it is kind of different it can definitely get you away from every day life and also give some frivolity into your life. it is different in the foormat and interesting in it's own way. please bring it back as i do look forward to watching it for forget about my troubles time this 100 words is gertting to me and i hate to have to fill it up at least put a counter on this part so we know when we have reachd the goal
  • Shame it was cancelled :(

    Shame it was cancelled. It was not a masterpiece but it was certainly funny. Different funny. It definitely had its moments. The weirdo man-child son was my favourite. He is the biggest antihero on television right now. A loser in his 30s living with his parents … walking around the house in his underwear … lol … precious. Ah well, not surprised it was cancelled though, I guess it was a bit too weird and all the characters a bit too anti-standard for the average American viewer to tolerate. As I said, not a masterpiece but surely I enjoyed. 7.7 is a fair rating I think.
  • A show that could have been great if they just could get a few more laughs in.

    Personally this show was the better of the two, (the other being Cavemen) and it showed extreme promise in some episodes. It's unfortunate the network didn't see it that way, but hopefully it may be brought back for another season.

    The funny parts of the show was extremely well-done, and personally my favorite character was one of the more minor ones, Marmaduke. He reminded me a lot of Napoleon Dynamite, a movie and character I loved.

    It definitely had a different type of humor, and the story of the show was original, if it only garnered a larger audience, it might still be around today. Hopefully it will be retrieved from death one day.