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  • Though I want to like the characters because of the actors, it is pretty rank.

    I usually know that I am not going to like something when I cannot resist fast forwarding through the dull bits. And when the fast forwarding is more on the show than the advertisements, it is clearly not a keeper.

    It's not hard to find examples of good premiere episodes that launch watchable shows - Eureka, The Closer, House, Bones, and so forth. These shows have characters and situations that one can be entertained by. Unfortunately, CARPOOLERS didn't even come close.

    Frankly, I felt annoyed and irritated, as if I was watching a shaky cam nauseating modern flick. There weren't shaky cam shots, were there? Maybe that would help it... naw, nothing could redeem this from mediocrity.

    In the distance, I see the shark jumping. This show will wither and die, and perhaps Jerry Oh can get a better show.