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  • This show is about four men that carpool to the same business park together 45 minutes each way, 5 times a week. They show just the right amount of personal life at home to explain why they are the way they are in the car.

    I hope I am not the only person in America that LOVES this show! The reviews I've read of this show on, and other sources have given this show two thumbs down in every direction. However, I personally LOVED this show and I am hoping that this show is not cancelled. Please keep this show on the air!!

    If you like Arrested Development and The Office type of comedies, then you will most likely like this show. "Carpoolers" is not your typical cookie-cutter, pure schtick "sitcom" format with a studio audience. No, it's more of a dramedy that gives us insight on these four lives of 8-5 office workers and a dentist that carpool together so they can zip through traffic in the diamond HOV lane and save on gas (everyone contributes towards gas).

    And the characters aren't charactatures of themselves. They play the roles just right to make them relatable to me as the viewer. The comedy team of the four stars is awesome, and they have great chemistry together on screen. I love their looks they give after an awkward laugh or after something somebody else just said really sinks in and stuff. I work in an dilbert-style cubicle farm office and I used to be part of a carpool when I lived further from work and I could totally relate to this show. I've never laughed so hard at a pilot and I hope that the critics are wrong and that enough people like "me" speak up to the network executives so this show can stay on the air.

    I love Carpoolers and it's here to stay!!