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  • A quirky comedy that just might have legs to it. And the greatest hits of the '70s soundtracking is pretty sweet, too.

    Ok, finally a quirky comedy that just might work ! Four guys carpooling to work, each with a different set of family relationship problems that get worked on during the morning carpool. (Yeh, that's interesting, they just show the morning side of the carpool not the afternoon side, hmm). And they've worked in everyone's favorite hits from the '70s, with Boston's "More than a Feeling" capping the episode on its high note, happy ending. And if they do a segment each time on where to park in the parking lot that would be a cool hook. Does the show have legs past its virgin-six ep run ? There's enough material, what with the four's family relationships, their own relationships with each other, and their business relationships. So it won't suffer from one trick ponyism. This is the ONLY new comedy that I will watch its next time. And the only one of two new Fall shows I'm continuing to watch so far, the first being "Reaper" which is a quirky hour-long dramedy.