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  • Carpoolers is one of the best new shows of the season with Aliens in America. I find the cast to be very GOOD, fresh & funny. This show is definitely a "keeper".

    Every year, shows come out that are well below par But when I finished watching the Great show Aliens in America, I came across this show and realized that Carpoolers is not one of them. This show is another comedy that is basically about nothing (Like Seinfeld), but still remains original and funny. Which is nice, because you can still pick up where you left off if you didn't see the last episode. But more serious than sitcoms where you just listen to a laugh-track playing after stupid jokes. The jokes are more appreciable, things you can remember, instead of being funny for the moment, and then forgetting it 5 minutes later. Even the plots are funny in their own way. The show is well written without all of the same old story lines you see over & over again. I highly recommend this show to anyone. All of the actors are very funny while making you feel like they are real people. After watching all the new show season premiers I can say this one is without a doubt the best one out there.
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