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  • The cast of this show is fantastic at portraying the characters the writers had in mind. Each has their strengths and their quirks but altogether makes for a very funny show.

    The premise of the show seemed intriguing enough to give it a try. From the first episode I was hooked. The characters are so quirky in their unique situation in life that I'm sure a lot of people can equate with or at the very least know someone that can. That brings together a friendship between 4 very different people that bring up strange situations.

    One of the funniest moments was the first time they introduced the other carpools such as the cool one (they eat sushi while driving around), the old one (driving really slowly), and such. Hilarious. Part of the conflict between them of course in finding a good parking spot at work every day. There's even an entire episode involving their conflict with the cool carpoolers.

    Someone compared this to Cavemen because it came out at the same time. I thought Cavemen was incredibly stupid and boring and lost me early but Carpoolers is one of those shows I look forward to.