Season 1 Episode 13

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 04, 2008 on ABC

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  • Didn't have a lot of hope for this episode based on the pre-airing description... but this episode was one of the better ones. Hope it's not 'too little - too late'. The summary says Aubrey takes his daughter to work and Cindy gets power hungry, but...

    This episode far out-strips it's snoozy description. Laird's opening is one of the best of the whole series and there are some great set-ups and great lines in this one. Everybody chips in and they have found good balance in this show after seeming a little unfocused in the September and October installments.

    Since this show came back from hiatus, there have been several good episodes and this was one of them. We didn't think that Aubrey was going places, but he has a real knack for comedy ( he is the only person to have ever been in all three travelling companies of 'Second City' ). He gets a couple of chances to 'double talk' his number-crunching duties, putting his daughter to sleep and spacing out his fellow 'poolers. Laird shines with a number of good lines that enforce the notion that he has intimacy problems and is a closet mysoginist, despite his womanizing ways. As always, Marmaduke is in outer space, this time acting as if his online university is a real campus. Stealing a keg to take to the 'virtual' frat party in his room is c!assic Marmaduke.

    The climax of the show features Aubrey (who lost his job) pitching women's products for Cindy by staging an old-time-revival, snake-oil-salesman, product party that goes terribly awry. In another fall back to the 'Kids in the Hall', Dave Foley appears as Aubrey's boss. He is the third former 'Hall' member connected to this series, along with Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson.

    There are no new episodes scheduled in the next few weeks and this show may shutdown. It's too bad because they are just now getting it right. Maybe a review of the most recent shows would help get this show renewed. It would be better than scheduling another start-up. The Tuesday at 9:30 slot with According to Jim as the lead-in isn't exactly the 'garden spot'.