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Cars Toons
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AIRED ON 11/20/2009

Season 1 : Episode 5

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This show is based on the movie Cars and will follow Lightning McQueen's rusty friend Mater on his many adventures!
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  • Akward.....

    The show did`nt click with me. It feels too short and Matter felt too annoying. I did`nt really like to watch the show since it clearly is all about promotion for Cars 2 (or Cars 3, if Disney is planning
  • Pretty good but...

    Love the Toons but one of the episodes was VERY VERY stereotypical, and that episode was "Tokyo Mater" If you have been to Tokyo, Japan (I have myself) There are not import tuners at every corner of the street. And they don't put that ridiculous shit on like they put on Mater. Also in that episode see if you can find Mike and Sulley from Monsters inc.
  • Pixar has done it again

    I love cars toons! It's one of my favorite disney channel shows
  • Pixar's Still Got It

    I'll admit it: I absolutely adored the first Cars and its sequel, Cars 2, is in my Top 5 list for Pixar's films. And out of all the characters in that line-up, Mater was my absolute favorite character for 2 reasons: The scripts were able to handle the balancing act of making him a buffoon without making him stupid and Larry The Cable Guy's voice-over performance. What I enjoyed about Mater manages to carry over in these well made shorts, as these have the usual great writing and animation you've come to expect from Pixar, and they never wear out their welcome (as they usually last between 3 and 7 minutes). Hopefully we'll see more shorts with characters from their films along with the Cars Toons and the Toy Story Toons.But for now, Pixar has a shorts series that handles like a dream.moreless

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