Carter Country

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • I have moved to carter county, TN. Even though the show was about Carter county georgia it is pretty close to what it is like living here. If you lived here you can relate to the show. I wish the show was on even reruns would be nice.

    This is as close as it gets. The laughs keep coming as you watch this show. The characters play the part well. It is not sterotyping if it is close to the truth. I was living in New Hampshire when this show previewd and was disapointed when it was removed. The hit show Andy griffith of mayberry is still the hit show here in carter county TN. I have lived here 17 years and love the place but it is close as you get to carter country as it gets. For instance During the xmas parade there was a float in it from the fish and game department. It had there robotoc deer they use to get poachers with dressed as rudolf the red nosed reindeer and you could see the bullet holes in it . It was funny as heck, of course the kids did not think it was funny.