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Carter Country

ABC (ended 1979)



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Carter Country Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Classic comedy

    Carter Country was a funny, well-written sit-com that just never took off. It was a sitcom that capitalized on then President Jimmy Carter's name and location. It’s the story of the small town Sheriff’s department of Clinton Corners, Georgia. Carter Country was sort of a comical version of In the Heat of the Night, and Barney Miller, all rolled up and dished out once a week. Mayor Teddy Burnside wants to modernize his Sheriff’s office so he goes in search of “New Blood”. He finds a college-educated black man working on the New York City Police Department, and hires him. The rest of the shows are the great interaction between the old Sheriff, stuck in his old ways, and the new Deputy, with new ideas. The comedy comes when we see how the rest of the department gets along with the change. Curtis Baker played by Keene Holliday, has to adjust to the new conditions, and the townsfolk, while under the watchful eye of the Police Chief Roy Mobey, played by the late Victor French. I found this show unforgettable, with some of the funniest characters in TV. I can still hear Mayor Burnside telling Roy to “Handle-it, Handle-it”.
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