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Cartoon Alley

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Cartoon Alley is TCM's new show which features some of animations finest cartoons. Cartoons from the greatest directors including Rudolph Ising, Tex Avery, Friz Freleng, and Joseph Hanna & William Barbera. The great cartoons come from Warner Brothers, MGM, and Paramount. Each episode of Cartoon Alley consists of three shorts that related to a common theme. Each month's episode features a different theme. Most of the shorts featured are unedited and in there full lengths. Cartoon Alley is featured commercial free. Scheduled Times Watch Cartoon Alley every Saturday only on Turner Classic Movies. The months episode repeats twice throughout the month as well. Show Facts First Telecast: November 2, 2004 Last Telecast: Number of Episodes Aired: 7 Number of Seasons: Currently in it's first season. DVD Voting Please vote for Cartoon Alley to be on DVD at
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  • Condition of the cartoons...

    The prints aren't as well restored on this series than the prints on the DVD's. However, the only change I noticed with the Popeye cartoon "Can You Take It?" is the recreated Paramount logo that was on the DVD. The orginal negative have some splices in the animation, even though the sound is complete.

    Despite the quailty of the prints, if you'd ever want to see these Popeye, MGM and WB cartoons for refrence purposes,

    this is a great show to watch. Like the guy who pointed out that Sniffles was done by a diffrent voice, the stuff that the host tells aren't that accurate.moreless
  • Glad for it to be back, eversince CN took Looney toons off the air there was never good old cartoons.Thanks for coming back but it could be at least an hour longermoreless

    Glad for it to be back, eversince CN took Looney toons off the air there was never good old cartoons.Thanks for coming back but it could be at least an hour longer, because 3 epidsodes isnt long engough. I was so happy when i saw bugs and marvin agian on TCM
  • cartoon alley is one of the only shows that educates people on the history of cartoon animation. tex avery, bob clampett, jay ward and many other great cartoon director spotlighted on cartoon alley.moreless

    cartoon alley is one of the only shows on television that educates cartoon fans on the history of cartoon animation. it's also one of the few shows on television that airs classic cartoons that have inspired contemporary shows like ren'n'stimpy, dexters lab, spongebob, fosters, and many others.

    a word of warning to the first time viewer unfamiliar with this show, or for that matter classic cartoons. it can at times play very obscure shorts that can be somewhat boring. but each cartoon that is aired does play a role in the contribution to the development of animation throught the years.

    worth watching! you'll come to love it.moreless
  • This is a great series with great shorts

    I watch this show every saturday morning since it first aired. It's great seeing classic toons since I don't get Boomerang. Since it airs on Turner Classic Moveies it gets very little attention and no commercials ever air for it. Some of these cartoons are on DVD but for the most part they aren not on DVD. I am glad that its not just on once a month but now every week. I realy enjoyed seeing the Animaland because I had never seen any of the before. I hope that Cartoon Alley remains on TCM for a very long time.moreless
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