Cartoon Planet

Season 1 Episode 1

Planet of Doom

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1997 on Cartoon Network
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Planet of Doom
Opening: Sleepy Ghost Skit 1: Nothing Skit 2: Bad News, Good News Skit 3: Zorak's Horrorscopes: Aquarius Skit 4: Bad Bug Skit 5: Brak's School Daze: Attendance Prank Skit 6: Poet's Corner Theme Skit 7: Poet's Corner:Longfellow (There Was a Little Girl Who Had A Little Curl) Skit 8: Zorak's Nuggets of Joy: Camel Crickets Skit 9: Brak's Comedy Gold # 1 Skit 10: Mail Bag Day Theme: Opening Skit 11: Mail Bag Day Bottoms Up Skit 12: Baloney Sandwich Skit 13: "Darling", as rendered by Zorak Skit 14: The Cartoon Planet Storybook: Albert the Clown Skit 15: Zorak's Helpful Hints Theme Skit 16: Zorak's Helpful Hints: Broccoli Skit 17: Stain Skit 18: Mail Bag Day Theme Skit 19: Mail Bag Day: Thornton P. Updyke Skit 20: 20 Questions Skit 21: Channel Zero Closing Thememoreless

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      • (right after the theme song ends)
        Brak: Welcome to Cartoon Planet, ev'rybuddy! My name is Brak. I am the star of the show. I know it. You know it. I know it. You know it. I know it. You know it.
        Ghost: HEY!
        Brak: WHAT?
        Ghost: Here's the deal. Brak. I'm the boss. You're nothing. Get it?
        Brak: (sassing) Big deal. But of nothing.
        Ghost: What?!
        Brak: Never mind!

      • Brak:(Singing about his sandwich) I once had a beautiful sandwich, oh man, I'm talkin' hey!
        It was made with fresh beef baloney and Mom bought it yesterday.
        It had butter and American cheese on white bread, boy oh boy!
        Slap a little brown mustard on top and, buddy, you're full of joy!
        Somebody stole my baloney sandwich on the bus to school!
        Was it Bob or Billy or Fred? Oh, buddy, them boys is cruel!
        There's just - wait a minute, I'm, I'm sittin' on it!
        Aw, man! I'm sorry, sandwich!

      • Brak: One minute I was a happy space pirate, looting and pillaging, and then, poof! I'm as dumb as a doornail!

    • NOTES (1)

      • (Channel Zero Sketch)
        Zorak: Zorak to Channel Zero, Zorak to Channel Zero. Come in, Channel Zero. Over.
        Ghost: Zorak, whaddaya doing?
        Zorak: Me? Ohhhh... nothing. Channel Zero, do you read me? The eagle wears a hat. Repeat, the eagle wears a hat. Over.
        Ghost: What is that, code? Who're you sending a coded message to?
        Zorak: Ohhh, uhhhh, buh... nobody.
        Ghost: You're plotting some sort of evil coupe-de-grass, aren't you?
        Zorak: Ho-ho, heavens, no! Zorak to Channel Zero, the eagle wears a hat. John has a long moustache. Over.
        Bump Announcer: TO BE CONTINUED?

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