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  • Clean, simple and fun!

    Back in 1996 or so, I watched Cartoon Planet every day on TBS and loved it! It was only until recently, though, that I discovered this version of the show. Whereas this 30 minute version dealt solely with skits featuring Space Ghost, Zorak and Brak, the TBS version was an hour long and had the guys introducing different cartoons. I'm actually not sure which version came first (I'm thinking maybe the TBS one, as the last episode of the 30-minute show, "Ratingspalooza," has every 'Monday Ratings Report' segment in it, whereas the TBS version actually did air it Mondays).

    I actually prefer the TBS version, as they played some great cartoons (Max Fleischer Superman, Tex Avery, 2 Stupid Dogs, "world premiere toons," etc...) mixed in with the skits. One big difference between the 30 minute version and the TBS version is that TBS didn't air the Count Floyd skits (Count Floyd is an old character from the series SCTV, where news anchor Floyd Robertson would don a Dracula outfit and present "scary" movies on his kids show Monster Chiller Horror Theater). I had no clue Floyd was in it, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him after I started watching the show a few months ago.

    This series is a bit of a departure from Coast to Coast. The humor is far less adult (though equally funny to many) and the best part is, Brak was at his very best! They try way too hard with that guy now, I find. This series also led to a couple of outstanding CDs; "Space Ghost's Surf & Turf" and "Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que," both featuring skits and songs from the series.

    In summary, this was a very fun show appropriate for many age groups. Everyone in the family would find something to laugh at, and that is a rare treat indeed!
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