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Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 09, 1997 In Season


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    You know, as you watch TV now-a-days (which sounds weird coming from a 16 year old) you start to notice that a lot of these shows have had little to no thought at all.
    As a wee child, my dad would record Cartoon Network overnights, which usually caught all the good shows (George of the Jungle, Wacky Racers, etc). Out of all the shows I've ever seen, this one had to have been one of the most hilarious. As I am writing this, me and one of my younger brothers is watching a tape right now. Shows like these really make you say "what happened to the good days of TV?"
    My favorite character is Zorak by far, with Brak (the mantapede-like bad guy who is Space Ghost's prisioner on the show) close behind. For some reason I just like the stupid comedy on the show, something that surpasses shows like Family Guy.

    Overall, this goes to show you that newer doesn't necessarily mean better on TV. If you haven't seen it, try to find a copy somewhere!
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