Cartoon Network Premiered Jan 01, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Amazing Chronicles of Manny and Khan
      Manny, a giant blue platypus and Khan, a leprechaun with a strong German accent, invent a game in which they pretend that the grass surrounding them is hot lava.
    • Uncle Grandpa
      Uncle Grandpa
      Episode 13
      A man who is both the uncle and the grandfather of everyone on Earth tries to build a super computer but invents a mutant making machine by mistake.
    • Regular Show
      Regular Show
      Episode 12
      When two best friends start arguing over who gets to keep a chair, they decide to let a game of rock-paper-scissors to settle the winner.
    • 3 Dog Band
      3 Dog Band
      Episode 11
      Three musician dogs have to get ready for their big concert at a famous nightclub, but they keep getting into trouble.
    • Maruined
      Episode 10
      Two kids, brother and sister, who can't stand each other accidentally get stranded on a strange island where they befriend a hippo-dog.
    • The Borneos
      The Borneos
      Episode 9
      The normal child of a family of circus freaks is challenged by the Walla Walla Weirdo to a freak-out competition, for the title of the Walla Walla Wildman.
    • Spleenstab
      Episode 8
      Spleenstab is a friendly barbarian who tries to be kind and gentle to every creature in the magical Sparkle Forest, but everyone is scared of him.
    • Danger Planet
      Danger Planet
      Episode 7
      Two soon to be destroyed sentient machines, an arcade game and a forklift, manage to crash-land on an alien planet where they find a human baby and try to protect him from an alien who wants him.
    • Meddlen Meddows
      Meddlen Meddows
      Episode 6
      Baculus, a bug-like creature who sells technology to alien words, arrives on the planet called Meddlen Meddows where the primitive natives capture him and want to sacrifice him to their god, Moogaga.
    • Yes
      Episode 5
      Worried about all the sadness in the world, Edwin the Merman comes to the surface and recruits a family from the countryside to aid him in fulfilling people's dreams.
    • Baloobaloob's Fun Park
      Two janitors at a fun park try to help the alien creature called Baloobaloob find a new trick for his act so that he won't be fired.
    • Joey to the World
      A 35 year-old kangaroo decides to run away from home and live in Alaska to get away from his mother.
    • Le Door
      Le Door
      Episode 2
      An inter-dimensional explorer named Le Door is challenged by his rival, Ze Window to a hunt for the rare Zipper Frog.
    • Stock Boys of the Apocalypse
      Two stock boys from the Hoggly Woggly Mall are transported to a post-apocalyptic future where they have to defend their mall from mutant attacks.