Case Closed

Season 2 Episode 15

Conan Is Kidnapped

Aired Weekdays 12:30 AM Aug 05, 2004 on Adult Swim
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When a lady shows up at the Moore Detective Agency claiming to be Conan Edogawa's mother, Conan doesn't know what to think. When he is released into her custody, the "truth" comes out: she is really a spy working for the secret organization that poisoned him and turned him into a boy. Can Conan escape from her murderous intentions and find an antidote for the poison? His life depends on it!moreless

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  • When Conan's mother, Fanny Edogawa came, Conan was shocked is because he knows that Conan Edogawa is a name he came up. While kidnapped, it was revealed that the woman and the mysterious man worked for the Black Organization. Can Conan be able to escapemoreless

    What I liked in the episode of exciting parts also. In the episode, Conan was kidnapped by his fake mother who knows of his real parents. This episode has taken place after the events of the last episode. Conan has figured somehow that the woman and the mysterious man works for the organization of drugs that turns victims into child forms. What he had made a discovery of is that the room of where the meeting is 301. It was revealed that Conan was tricked when the characters he discovered in disguise are his parents and Dr. Agasa. Quite shocking?moreless
Randy Tallman

Randy Tallman

Knight Baron, Booker Kudo

Guest Star

Laurie Steele

Laurie Steele

Jack, Fanny, Vivian Kudo

Guest Star

Dana Schultes

Dana Schultes

Jack's Mother

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the end, a reporter says that Booker Kudo's son said that Booker is here. Wouldn't that alert the Black Organization that Jimmy is still alive?

    • Towards the end when Conans mother returns him to the agency she says that little conan may have a crush on rachel but after conan denys it and he thinks (in Jimmy's voice) "Well maybe", his eyes change from blue to a yellowish color.

    • Just a quickie, in the quotes, it should be "Ranpo" not "Rampo". Ranpo as in, Ranpo Edogawa. Where Conan/Jimmy got his last name from.

    • When Conan is explaining to the little boy that he is a alien detective he says, "from the planet Ranpo". Ranpo is the first name of the writer Ranpo Edagawa, which Canan takes his last name from.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Richard: What?! You wanna leave him here again?!
      Fanny Edogawa: If you don't mind, he's insisting on it, seems he's taking a shine to you both.
      Richard: Well, I am a perfect role model.
      Fanny Edogawa: Oh, yes, and this is for Conan's expenses.
      Richard: Hm?
      Fanny Edogawa: That's if you decided to keep him, of course.
      Richard: Ten thousand dollars?! Well, it's good to have Conan back in the family! I was starting to miss the little guy! He's so cute!
      Fanny Edogawa: You're a riot, I swear!

    • Fanny Edogawa: Do you have a tip for this young man?
      Night Baron: (pushing the man out) Don't bother me again! That's your tip!

    • Conan: I thought I was about to be killed! Man, you guys don't know what it's like...
      Booker: It's not easy, is it, Jimmy? Living undercover and hiding from a dangerous network of assassins is very stressful. That's why we want you to come abroad.
      Conan: Huh?
      Vivian: Jimmy, we did this to show you what kind of a situation you're really in. It's too dangerous. Come home with your father and me.
      Dr. Agasa: You don't need to find those men in black, Jimmy. You'll have your helps and a family that loves you.

    • Conan: This is my life and my case! I don't need any help! I'll solve it myself!
      Vivian: Jimmy, what's wrong?
      Conan: Nothing! It's just that I have a reason I can't leave the country right now, that's all.
      Vivian: Why? Why can't you come? Tell us, Jimmy!
      Booker: It's alright. Let Jimmy do his for now, okay?
      Vivian: But, Booker...
      Booker: Jimmy has the right to do what he wants, Vivian. He's a young adult and besides, I think I know why he wants to stay and it's not something that can be controlled.

    • Conan: It's just a toy.
      (Night Baron, The Parking Guy, and Fanny Edogawa laugh)
      Night Baron: You still don't see, do you? (removes his disguise) Who else could match wits with the great teen detective except for the world's most famous mystery writer...
      Booker: Booker Kudo?
      Conan: Dad?! You're kidding?! No, this lady can't be Mom.
      Fanny: Don't you recognize me? (removes her disguise)
      Conan: It's you!
      Vivian: Gosh, to think I fooled my own son. Well, I guess haven't lost my skill as an actress after all.
      Conan: You better not be who I think you are.
      Dr. Agasa: Who do you think I am?
      Conan: And I thought you were my friend, doc.

    • Dr. Agasa: Sorry, Jimmy!
      Booker: Don't take it so hard, son. We didn't return from abroad to trick you.
      Vivian: We went to Dr. Agasa's because we haven't heard from you in so long. We were worried sick.
      Conan: So Dr. Agasa told you that I have been shrunk, and then you two decided to make me even lower by concocting this devious charade.
      Booker: Of course not. We were testing your detective skills, Jimmy, and I must say I was very pleased that you were able to decipher the clues we left behind and find your way to the hotel.

    • Fanny Edogawa: How can I ever thank you for what you've done?
      Richard: We accept cash and checks.
      Fanny Edogawa: Okay, then I'll come by later with a check.

      Rachel: Bye, Conan!
      Richard: So long, don't forget about that check!

    • Jimmy: Conan can't have a mom! I made him up!

    • Jimmy's mom: Jimmy got you back...
      Jimmy's dad: Yeah, I noticed!
      Conan: (casual yawn)

    • Conan's mom: Take good care of my little boy, Rachel. Judging by the way he's been acting, I think he may have a crush on you!
      Rachel: A crush, Conan? Is that true?
      Conan: Of course not!
      Jimmy: Well.... maybe..

    • Jimmy: Saved by the bow-tie!

    • Conan: I'm not a burglar, kid, I'm persuing some evil aliens from the planet Rampo! I'm the great space detective Conan!

    • Night Baron: Shut up! That's what I'm saying!

    • Conan: It's Mr. Freaky Face!

  • NOTES (10)


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