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Episode 5

Countdown To Heaven

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Countdown To Heaven

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  • "Countdown to Heaven" knocks it right out of the park.

    I'm not sure if I can praise this movie enough, but I'll try my best to rant and rave about how amazing it is, please bear with me. Okay, I kind of hesitate to call this the best Detective Conan movie, why? I haven't seen the sixth movie yet, which looks great, but out of the ones I've seen, this is the best one by quite some distance. In my review for the fourth movie I praised individual scenes, which I felt were among the absolute best in the series of films, well, this movie has scenes that more or less destroys the scenes in "Captured in Her Eyes". I'll talk about the best one for last, but there's just so much fantastic stuff here, my two favorite characters, Haibara and Ayumi get a lot more screentime than usual, furthermore they're actually contributing a lot. The Ayumi loves Conan stuff, wrong as it may be, is absolutely charming and she gets some really adorable scenes, such as when she goes to Ran for advice on relationships and basically tells her to back off from Conan. Haibara gets some great scenes as well, when she's willing to sacrifice herself for example, when she wouldn't stop counting....let me tell you, I have been pretty laid back when watching these movies, lying on the couch and such, here I was on the edge, the suspense nearly killed me.

    The murder case and the whole mystery surrounding that is one of the better, and the Black Organization's involvement adds significant tension, it's almost too much at points. But it's not all intense, nail biting action, of course there are charming and funny scenes to be found. The machine that shows how the kids and Sonoko would look when they get older was a cool scene, if only they could've shown Ran's image as well. Sonoko's new haircut, as nice as that scene is, obviously means the Black Organization will confuse her with Haibara later on, but other than that minor moment of predictability, it's triple A stuff from start to finish. Just when the burning skyscraper stuff made me think "I wish something cool would happen again s..", the scene with the car and that whole escape plot at the end started, I mean, that's, now THAT IS awesome. I think that song which pops up in just about ever movies climaxes kind of ruins the excitement a bit, there are no songs to be found here, just the brilliant orchestral theme music. The reveal of how Ayumi were able to count so accurately was a really nice touch.

    The fifth Detective Conan movie "Countdown to Heaven" is by far the best movie I've seen in the series, I have only two to go now, the sixth movie, "The Phantom of Baker Street" and the 14th movie, "The Lost Ship in the Sky" which hasn't been released outside of theatres. But I am pretty confident that there will be a 15th movie as well.moreless

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