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Case Closed

Season 3 Episode 4

Footsteps Of The Hero, Part 2

Aired Weekdays 12:30 AM Unknown on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

The murderer is still on the loose and his methods have even the most diehard Holmes fans completely baffled. Is the killer a greedy guest with his sights on the coveted Conan Doyle first edition? Or did the host of the tour fake his own death so he could go on a mad killing spree? The mystery thickens as Conan tries to crack the case!moreless

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  • Literally. Harley now knows what happened to Jimmy. (Spoiler Alert! Practically Recap Alert!)

    In this episode, Conan and Harley are still desperately trying to figure out the murder of the host of the Holmes party. The clue here is in one of the suspects Holmes test papers. Harley is very suspicious of the Conan-Jimmy similarities, and finally realizes that Conan is really jimmy Kudo!!! Harley figures out the case, but he wants Conan-Jimmy to solve it so that he can prove that Conan is Jimmy. He begins following him everywhere, so Conan is forced to use the watch on him. He then uses Harley to tell the tale of what happened. Afterwords, Conan is confronted, and he insists that he's just a kid. But Harley grabs his bow tie and says that Conan uses it as a voice-changer. At the end clip, Harley recaps what happened to Conan, and tells Rachel that the last time he talked to Jimmy, he said that Jimmy found her puzzling. Harley says that it was just payback for knocking him out,

    This was personally my favorite episode. Now that Harley knows, what will happen?!? That, I am very anxious to find out!moreless
  • Like ho-my-gosh. Harley knows. [Spoilers Inside]

    Like ho-my-gosh. Harley knows.

    The episode follows Conan, after winning a contest, going to a home with other winners to try and win the original edition of A Study In Scarlet. Of course, the book is absolutely to die for.


    The height of the episode is the last bit, as Harley reveals that he knows who Conan is. I'd highly reccommend watching the scene after the credits, it's very funny XD.

    A+ Episodemoreless
Tiffany Vollmer

Tiffany Vollmer


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Clarine Harp

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Chris Patton

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Vic Mignogna

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Chris Rager

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Laurie Steele

Moira Krupp

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • There's more than enough evidence in "No Immunity For The Diplomat" to prove that Harley knows the connection between Conan and Jimmy. If that's the case, why does he finally make the connection in this episode, after not having a clue in Part 1?

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Richard: Ha! I know who the killer is!
      Harley and Conan: Huh?
      Richard: (chuckles) There's only one person it could be. The psychic is murderer! Miss Moira Krupp!
      Moira: What?! That's absurd, Detective!
      Richard: You used your powers to hypnotize Mr. Kanucka and make him drive off the cliff, didn't you?
      Harley: (thinking) What an idiot.
      Conan: (thinking) He is so lame.

    • Harley: Amazing! He's right on the mark! This kid's not just playing detective, he's making brilliant deductions. The only person I ever know who can think like that is Jimmy Kudo. Kudo! Yes, of course! Now that I think about it, when Kudo suddenly showed up during the last case, I'm pretty sure this kid was missing and when Kudo disappeared again, the kid just popped out of nowhere. Could this boy be Jimmy Kudo?

    • Harley: So the poison didn't kill you, it shrunk you, and now you're freeloading off Old Man Moore so you can hang out with the girl you love while you look for the men in black.

      Conan: I don't love Rachael. We're just friends. She's a typical woman, way too complicated.

      Rachael: Hey, guys, I'm glad you're having so much fun together.

      Conan: Yeah!

      Harley: Hey, Rachael, I was talking to Kudo earlier and you'll never guess what he said about you. He's so lame. He said he couldn't figure you out, that you're way too complicated for him.

      Rachael: Man, what a jerk!

      Conan: (thinking) Yeah, you got that right.

      Harley: (thinking) That was for knocking me out with a tranquilizer, Kudo.

    • Harley: Hey, you're Kudo, aren't you?
      Conan: What? No, I'm just a kid. Maybe when I grow up, I'll be like Jimmy.
      Harley: Don't give me that little kid crap, Kudo. I know it's you. (grabs the Voice-Changing Bow) Hey, fancy gadget! So this is how you mimic my voice, huh? I was watching you out of the corner of my eye the entire time.
      Conan: I ordered it in the mail!
      Harley: You're not gonna give up, are you, Kudo? Well, I'm not either! I can't explain the body, but the way you talk, your logic, your deductions, it's Kudo. There's no doubt about it!
      Conan: But I'm just a little kid! I'm not Jimmy Kudo!
      Harley: (sarcastically) Okay, whatever you say. Rachel, I just had the most interesting chat with little Conan. Now, bear with me. I know this is going to sound shocking, but Conan's...
      Conan: HARLEY, NO, WAIT!! YOU WIN!!

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