Case Closed

Season 2 Episode 4

Murder At The Local Diner

Aired Weekdays 12:30 AM Jul 19, 2004 on Adult Swim
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Rachel has a date today, and Conan is determined to find out who this guy is. But when a brutal murder takes place at the diner he's in, Conan steps into his detective shoes to solve the case. But a surprise is on the way for Conan, and he never sees it coming.moreless

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  • [Spoiler Warning] This is one of those episodes that you watch because of the characters--not the mystery.

    [Spoiler Warning] This is one of those episodes that you watch because of the characters--not the mystery.

    The mystery is simple and rather dull-a woman is murdered in a locked bathroom stall-but the characters in this episode are truly awesome. We begin by hearing that Rachel is going on a date with "Jimmy", or so she tells Conan. He freaks out-he is Jimmy-and follows her to see who she's really meeting.

    Here's where the spoilers come. She's meeting her mother, a kick-butt lawyer named Eva in the English version (Eri in Japanese) and we get to see where some of that karate skill comes from! A truly awesome episode just because of Eva.moreless
Julie Mayfield

Julie Mayfield

Eva Kaden

Guest Star

Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna

Steve Wilson

Guest Star

Troy Baker

Troy Baker

James Tongan

Guest Star

Bradford Jackson

Bradford Jackson


Recurring Role

Justin Pate

Justin Pate

Keith Davidovich

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Response to above goof: Nobody except Conan and Doctor Agasa know about his sneakers, so they still would have found it strange that a 7-year-old child could jump that high without climbing on something first.

    • At the end when Rachel, Conan, and Rachel's Mother are watching the tv showing the televison murder you see richard say, "My wife forget about her she's got the kids tonight" well wouldn't it be smart for Rachel or Conan to mention that that call was made to Richard's answering machine and was just to use an example.

    • according to the guide and everything i could find conan's name is really Jimmy but in this ep he thinks"Because I'm the only Timmy she knows!"

    • Wouldn't you've assume that someone found it awakward that Conan, a boy of three feet, was able to jump to the top of the bathroom stall, without help of anything? Especially since they (Inspector Meguire etc.) assumed that the murderer had to use the toilet to escape that stall the way the murder was.

    • Of course it was the shoes! For god's sake, they even showed you Conan amplifying his shoes!

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Eva Kaden: (to Rachel) Some wary of childhood boyfriends, especially if they become detectives. (Begins walking away) The only thing you'll get out of them is wasted time and a broken heart.
      Rachel: (following her mother) Isn't that a little harsh?
      Conan: (thinking) If I grow up like Richard, I'll turn myself in.

    • Conan: Rachel really pulled out all the stops to look good today. I wonder, could a date with me make her that happy? Wait! That doesn't make any sense! (thinking) Because I'm the only Jimmy that she knows!

    • Jimmy: I don't care who Rachel dates.....

    • Rachel: I know, how about I buy you a piece of cake, children love cake. I'll go down to the bakery, buy you some cake, can go home and eat it.

    • (Rachel is walking off to the diner, while Conan watches her from the window)
      Conan (out loud): Wow, Rachel really got all glamoured up for this. Who would have thought that a date with me would make her this happy. (pauses) Wait a minute, that doesn't make any sense!
      Conan (thinking): Because I'm the only Jimmy that she knows!

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