Case Closed

Season 2 Episode 20

No Immunity For The Diplomat, Part 1

Aired Weekdays 12:30 AM Aug 12, 2004 on Adult Swim
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Conan has to deal with some stiff competition when Harley Hartwell, heralded as the ‘Great Detective of the West', comes looking for Jimmy Kudo to prove which of them is the best detective. However, before Conan can save his reputation, he must first save himself, as a mysterious sickness threatens to close his file for good!moreless

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  • I love this episode out of all of the others! Maybe part of the reason is...

    I love this episode out of all of the others! Maybe part of the reason is that I, oddly enough, love seeing episodes that involve Conan transforming into Jimmy. Maybe another reason is that this is my favorite series to watch, (If I could find it on my T.V.) even though all of the episodes I watch are in Chinese, so I can\'t understand 45% of what the characters are saying.

    The colors the producers use while Conan is suffering really gives you the idea that he\'s in great pain, doen\'t it? Personally, I didn\'t even supect that the beer would turn Conan back into Jimmy! (Not just the beer though, but I don\'t want to ruin it. ;)) In any way, this is the bet episode(s) in the series so far id you ask me!moreless
  • this is my fav!

    Conan is using his bowtie for one of his periodic Jimmy calls to Rachel when suddenly he sneezes loudly into the phone, angering Rachel. He tells her that he is working hard on a case for a client and still can't come home, and Rachel tells him not to call if all he is going to do is sneeze in her ear. She hangs up and Conan reflects that women are one mystery he'll never be able to solve. He goes home and Rachel sees that his nose is running and he keeps sneezing. He is shocked when a young man shows up at the Moore's looking for Jimmy Kudo. Rachel tells Conan to go lay down and explains that Jimmy isn't there, but he just called and sounded sick. The young man says that the rumors are true and that Rachel is Kudo's girl, as he heard from Serena. The man says he thinks Rachel is hiding Jimmy somewhere and asks what they talked about. She says they talked about just the usual stuff, including a book on red herrings, and the man points out that Jimmy didn't ask anything about her. The man looks out the window and says that Jimmy must be hiding somewhere close and spying on her, or else he would ask about what she was up to more when he called. Conan is shocked at the perceptiveness of the young man, but Richard finally notices him and asks grumpily who the young man is. He introduces himself as Harley Hartwell, an ace detective who is still in highschool. Richard says he thinks he has heard of him, and Harley tells them that he is known as the Great Western Detective, or the Kudo of the West, depending on who is asked. Rachel asks Harley what his business with Jimmy is, and he replies that he wants to meet Jimmy to confirm what he has heard. Harley says that if Jimmy is in his league, than he will be the first. He then gives the sick Conan a drink from his bag, causing Conan's face to turn red him to say, "Hey there, beautiful," to Rachel. Harley then tells them that he will be a guest of theirs until Jimmy decides to show up.A woman knocks angrily on the door as she lets herself into the office and tells them that her name is Camiel Tarrington and she needs Richard's help to investigate her son's girlfriend. She says that the girl,Jasmine Kassleshultz, graduated at the top of her class from Taht's Medical University, and Harley points out that the girl is too perfect, which is scaring Mrs. Tarrington. Mrs. Tarrington asks who Harley is, and Richard says that he is just a vagrant, to pay him no mind. She then asks Richard to come home with her and she will give them the details, and Harley asks why her husband didn't come down with her. She tells him that her husband is a respected diplomat and couldn't be seen here. Harley says that Richard would look less conspicous if he came along as Richard's son and asks Rachel and Conan to come along as well, in case Jimmy should show up. Rachel asks Conan if he feels up to it and he says he feels great, even though his throat is burning from Harley's alcohol. Conan decides he needs to keep an eye on Harley in case he knows more than he is letting on. They soon arrive at the house and are greeted by the butler, Franklin Keene. Mrs. Tarrington is displeased when her son Thomas and Jasmine emerge from another room and he explains that he was giving her a tour of the house. She calls Mrs. Tarrington mother, but the woman becomes hateful and says don't address her like that. She then leads Richard and party upstairs to see her husband in his private study. On the way up they run into her elderly father, Theodore Tarrington, who tells them about a fish he just caught until she tells him to go wait for her downstairs. They continue on and she knocks on his locked study door, but gets no reply. She unlocks the door and goes inside to find her husband sitting at his desk with his head propped on his hand, apparantly asleep even though loud opera music is blaring from the radio. She goes over to wake him up and he falls limp to the floor. As Mrs. Tarrington sobs, Richard tells Rachel to go call the police while he investigates. Conan and Harley both look at the body and notice that the corpse is still warm, but his lips are purple and he has a tiny red dot below his ear. They both have the same thought and look around, bumping their heads under a desk when they both see a pin laying on the floor.Meguire soon arrives and tells them that the dead man is Rudy Tarrington, a 54 year old diplomat. He is suprised that Richard is on the scene of yet another murder, but quickly says that he is confident that Richard can solve it. Richard at first says that there is no evidence of foul play, but Conan and Harley both rush to point out the tiny wound that indicates that Rudy was poisoned by the nearby needle. Harley explains that since Rudy was found propped up like he was sleeping, the scene was obviously staged by the culprit. Richard is still unprepared to rule out an easy suicide, but Harley points out the purple lips and fingers and bloodshot eyes that indicate suffocation. Since there is no trauma to the body, he had to be suffocated by poisoning. Harley says that Rudy must have been given a lethal dose that killed him instantly. Since the body is still fresh, he couldn't have been killed more than 30 minutes before, so it had to have been someone nearby who had access to his study.Meguire asks who this boy is, and he introduces himself as Harley Hartwell. Meguire recognizes the name and explains that he is the son of Martin Hartwell, the cheif of police of the largest city on the west coast. While they talk Rachel remembers that Conan is sick and asks him how he is holding up. His head is now hurting and he has a runny nose, but he is still furiously trying to figure out the case. Going back to the case at hand, Meguire points out that all of the windows are locked from the inside, so whoever killed Rudy must have come in through the door. He asks Mrs. Tarrington how many keys there are for that door, and she says only two, the one she carries and Rudy's key, which he always kept in his trousers pocket. They look in Rudy's pocket and are suprised to find the other key on a peculiar keychain inside. Harley wonders how the door was locked without the key since the room was built for security and the only way in was through the door. He tells them they are faced with an impossible crime and as he watches Richard vainly struggle to figure it out, he realizes that the great Richard Moore is a fake and Jimmy must be secretely solving all of his cases for him. Harley then resolves that he will solve this one first.Conan desperatly needs to go to bed, but he can't leave Richard on this case with no clue what he's doing. Harley tells Meguire that they need to see what everyone was doing from 3:30 to 4:00 and get some alibis for the time of death. Meguire whispers to Richard that he'd like to take the teen down a notch or two and that he has full confidence that Richard will solve this one. They question the butler, Franklin, first and learn that he was outside conversing with a neighbor at the time. Thomas and Jasmine explain that they had arrived just before Mrs. Tarrington and the rest came home, and that they had just been touring the house. Thomas tells them that he knocked on the door to the study to say hello to his father, but they recieved no response and the door was locked, so they went on. The grandfather, Theodore, explains that he had spent his time fishing until 2 pm, and Mrs. Tarrington had left to go to Richard's office at 1:30. Only three people seem to have had the opportunity to kill Rudy. Looking around the room, Meguire points out a large library of music and Mrs. Tarrington explains that he loved classical music. Conan remembers that opera music was playing when they had first arrived, however. They are looking at a photo on a shelf of the couple twenty years ago when Conan's eyes begin failing him. They then notice several books piled on the desk where Rudy had been sitting and Conan notes that they are all unrelated titles, as if they had just been randomly pulled from the shelves. Harley then studies Rudy's keyring and sees that it splits open and has a clear peice of tape with a crease down the middle inside.Conan looks at the clues as his chest begins hurting and he feels like he is falling apart and knows that he needs to solve the case soon, before he falls apart. While Meguire tries to figure out why Richard hasn't solved the case yet, Harley looks at the space underneath the door and both he and Conan come to the same conclusion at the same time: this is the sealed room trick. Conan then passes out and Meguire tells one of his officers to go call a doctor. Harley, meanwhile, has dissappeared. Conan is half concious still and thinks that all they need is proof, it has to be there still. Harley meanwhile is in another room down the hall in the Japanese Wing of the house, hunting through a trash can. He soon finds what he is looking for and says that Kudo is only second best. Conan is very sick and weak now and Rachel asks if he can lay down somewhere. Thomas tells her to use his bed and she is on her way when Harley returns to the study. He explains that it was the sealed room trick and says he knows who and how it all happened. As he is carried off Conan looks back and sees fishing line sticking out of Harley's pocket but he is taken away before he can watch any more.Harley asks Meguire to pretend to be the corpse, then threads a needle on the fishing line and sticks it through Meguire's pant pocket. What the killer had done was tape one end of the line to the keyring and taken both ends out into the hallway and under the door. He then shut and locked the door with the key, then pulled the other end of the line so that the keyring and key were pulled under the door and up into Rudy's pocket. A sharp tug was all that was needed to free the line from the tape on the key ring, leaving a perfectly sealed room and the only key in Rudy's pocket. As he explains his theory, Conan is in bad shape in the other room. He can't breath and his heart is pounding. He thinks that he isn't sick, he is actually dying. In the other room Harley is preparing to tell everyone who he thinks did it...moreless
  • It appears that Jimmy isn't the only detective around here... Harley provides Jimmy with a rivalry.

    "The East detective", that is Jimmy Kudo. But then, who is the Detective of the west? this show marks the appearance Harley Hartwell, a spunky, rebellious teen provides the role of Jimmy's new rival. Harley can bring things out in Jimmy that even Rachel can't... that is, of course, if he ever finds out that 'Jimmy' is little conan edogawa.

    Harley isn't the best detective, of course. He does make mistakes sometimes, and is arrogant and carefree. He may take his cases seriously, but that's about where it stops. Teasing his friends is his number one priority.

    Harley will give Jimmy/Conan some more color and background, adding to their personalities. Also, it's great to see a little diversity in faces once in a while. As goofy as Richard may be, he gets a bit old sometimes. Harley provides a new 'fan' face... goofy, hot, lovable, and arrogant. what more could you ask in a character? money? (yeah)moreless
Pam Dougherty

Pam Dougherty

Camiel Tarrington

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Jim Foronda

Jim Foronda

Thomas Tarrington

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Cynthia Cranz

Cynthia Cranz

Jasmine K.

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Kevin M. Connolly

Kevin M. Connolly

Harley Hartwell

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