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  • im new but want to watchthis soooo bad

    why can i watch it now????
  • I enjoy watching it.

    Unlike scoobydoo there are real suspects to pick from, real meaning full and to top it off thrill and exitement. First of all it is a fun show if you like guessing the culpret of the crime and getting it right it make people feel like a detective and you can feel good about your self. You also can learn some cool thing for example the sealed room trick, how to get a key in a dead body's pocket. Sometimes they show you the culpret commiting the crime but they have a air tight alaby whatching Jimmy solve the case is fantastic. I highly recomend looking in to this show more.
  • case close was the bomb!

    Case closed was really awsome. They said they took it off air because there wasn't that many people watchin it,and i also think it was because of the timing, becase i had to wait until 3:00am, well i also hope they put it back on air. i give case close a perfect 10/10.
  • With sophisticated writing that's leagues above most shows and a cast of some of the most likeable characters ever conceited in an anime, Detective Conan is a great series.

    Where do I begin with this flat out brilliant series. It started in 1996 and has so far reached 19 seasons with nearly 600 episodes produced, 14 movies and still going strong, what makes Detective Conan such a popular series? A number of things. First, the series has wide appeal and I would say it is the only anime I have seen that transcends age barriers with such ease, this is a series that plays to adults just as well, if not more so than to children. The Detective Boys mysteries have the "Home Alone" factor, kids love seeing other kids outsmarting grown up villains, and the occasional awesome action scene is sure to captivate this demographic, that being said, it can be very brutal and violent at times.

    Make no mistake about it, just because kids are often featured and the main protagonist is trapped in the body of a child, does not mean every episode is appropriate for young children. There are child murderers, decapitations, drugs and overall gory deaths, That being said, I think it rarely crosses the line to become grotesque or needlessly gruesome. I must say that some scenes, such as those depicting bad guys pointing guns at children's heads do upset me a bit, but the violence helps the adult audience into taking it seriously. Of course, very young kids should stick to Scooby-Doo for mysteries, I like Scooby-Doo, but this is in a whole 'nother ballpark. The writing is absolutely brilliant, easily the most sophisticated, clever animated program that targets children. I would say it even beats the bejeezus out of any CSI show.

    But what would the show be without it's colorful cast of characters? Not much, they are the main reason I watch the series, they are likeable, charming, funny, in short, the best characters I have ever seen in an anime series. Again, I have a hard time getting into shows and anime in particular, and an even harder time caring for characters in general, I love many of these characters. Even the romantic elements, something I usually do not care for in the slightest, is interesting, though a bit too sugary sometimes, some episodes and OVA's play more like high school dramas. But really, if the show doesn't end with Shinichi and Ran getting together, I'm going to be seriously upset. Conan/Shinichi is mostly a likeable guy, as a kid mind you, as an adult he's just too full of himself and acts like a bit of a jerk, his compassion for others and sharp mind makes him a good protagonist though, but again, he's a lot more compelling as a kid, the whole "teenager trapped in the body of a child" is a stroke of genius, though not exactly new, also it helps ease the violence a bit, every time Conan is pummeled and about to be stabbed or whatever, we remember that he's not really a kid.

    The two other most prominent characters, Ran and Kogoro are equally great, if not better with Kogoro being one of my favorites, he also brings laughs to the stories, which is sometimes much appreciated in the more bloody cases. The Detective Boys, Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko are great as well, really just adorable and funny, Ayumi's crush on Conan is also sweet, though obviously they will never, ever become a couple, sorry to all you Conan/Ayumi fans. Haibara is probably my favorite character, her attitude and gloomy personality is a nice contrast to the other kids. If there is one recurring character I don't like it's Kaito Kid, but then I think we're supposed to have a love/hate relationship to him, how dare he try to kiss Ran? And that smug smirk of his, okay, Conan has that smirk every now and then as well, not to mention Hattori Heiji. Did you see movie 10? Halfway through it turns into a smug conference. I hate when Conan and Hattori seem to compete in who can act the coolest when there's a bunch of real serious stuff going on, like people being killed or about to be killed, like in the aforementioned movie 10, oh never mind the kids that are about to be blown to pieces, just take your time and act cool in front of the others while wearing that smug smirk. Anyway, where were we?

    Most of the characters are indeed fantastic, but great characters are more or less worthless if they don't have anything interesting or exciting happen to them. This show mixes it up every now and then, there's always some sort of mystery or hidden detail, the typical "whodunit" or murder mystery is the most regular plot, but there are other stories such as stopping burglars, surviving in the wild and such. The cases are consistently fascinating and varied enough, though some are beyond elaborate and implausable. And some of the "detective work" is borderline "psychic work". I like the series, the series of movies is a bit more uneven, some are absolutely amazing such as "Countdown to Heaven", "The 14th Target", "The Phantom of Baker Street", while others are pretty lousy, such as "The Last Magician of the Century", "Magician of the Silver Sky" and "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure". They all, with the exception of the first one, have raked in the dough and placed highly on the list of top grossing anime movies each year, and with a fifteenth movie coming 2011, it seems we won't see the last of Conan or a resolution to the series anytime soon, though I am ready for a conclusion, I do like the show, but it has become a bit stale and there's little to no progress for the main story involving the Black Organization.

    The series have lasted for 14 years and still is tremendously popular so it must be doing something right. I have a bit of a hard time understanding why it didn't become a huge hit in the US, more or less every single week it ranks in the Top 10 highest rated animated shows in Japan, how it failed in the US, I'll never know. It appears the English dub has been discontinued and there won't be anymore DVDs anytime soon, a shame. Regardless, Detective Conan is unquestionably a great anime, I strongly urge you to check it out.
  • WHOAH!Thank-you Comcast On Demand!

    Alright,where to begin,where to begin. This is an anime about about a yeenager named Jimmy Kudo who has been turned into a little kid, then taking the alias of Conan -insert last name here-. Now,if you ask "why did you not give this a perfect score being the god of awesomeness you are?"well,beings this is a good, and twisty anime, sometimes you may be confused,but thats the ONLY thing that makes this a 9.5.He (secretly) helps a detective named Richard Moore,also hanging out with his daughter,Rachel(sp?)moore.Oh,did I mention that rachel was Jimmys GF before he got turned into a kid?yeah,thats kind of important lol :P.and that was me saying,you should definately watch this!
  • Adult Swim is where I first saw this, and personally I think it needs to be back on, because it's that good.

    It's a great show, the mysterys are fun, the characters are interisting, thier plot line is simple enough for anyone to jump in at any time, can be funny as hell, music is catchy and memoriable, and it has a wide variety of tense moments. That pretty much sums up what I think of this anime.

    I would gladly pay Adult Swim to have this on their air, espically with season 5 on it's way.

    It has over 105 episodes and if you can't find a memorible one, I believe you need to get your brain checked out. In Japan there is over 500 episodes.

    If you haven't seen it, shame on you, and if you have, spred the word we will make this anime as popular as dragonball Z... well maybe not that popular, but as close as humanly possible.
  • This Anime is about a famous detective who now is in the body of a child and his adventures with his friend Rachel (Ran) and her father.

    This Show is great and i wish they will air more subbed episode. The Show though repetive has great plots and kept my eyes glued on the screen. I'm not a big fan of anime, but this is in my top favorite shows. I like the character Richard Moore (Kogoro Mori), a bumbling idiot detective, who sometimes has a stroke of genius. The Character Rachel is a round charcter with predictable ideas and notions. The Murders motives are also the same, but from the beginning to the end, i love it. This is one of my favorite animes. I hope it comes back, but this show is between a line, its about a kid, but has gruesome and marure plots for adults. Who can it really appeal to Adios, Vamp.
  • this show gets you hooked on mysteries and i can't wait to see the next set of episodes that funimation releases.

    this show gets you hooked on mysteries and i can't wait to see the next set of episodes that funimation releases. i hope we see more of the black organization to. i heard that since the show has over 500 episodes that funimation will be switching to season sets and that great because we get alot more episodes for a good price and i hope that they will release the episodes with ai haibara/anita hailey (she was part of the black organization but after they killed her sister she tried to commit sucide but turned into a child and now lives with dr. agasa and is part of the junior detective league) and kazuha toyama/katie thompson (she's supposed to be harley's childhood friend and girlfriend).
  • This show was and still is a pretty great show. I wish funimation would continue to show the dub episodes on a station that everyone can catch.

    This anime is awesome. It has mystery, romance, action, suspense, violence, blood and murder (well it is about solving cases that involve murder so...), and so much more. It starts off with high school detective, Jimmy (Shinichi) Kudou, that helps the police solve cases. His best friend, Rachel (Ran) Moore (Mouri), has been his friend since childhood and the two secretly like each other but usually won't admit it. As Jimmy finishes a case he sees something suspicious and goes to investigate. But soon gets knocked out and drugged. But instead of killing him he gets shrunken into a kid again. With the help of his friend, Dr. Agasa, comes up with an alias to protect his family and friends from being attacked by this organization, the Black Organization, called Conan Edogawa. He then moves in with Rachel and her father, Richard (Kogoro) Moore (Mouri), who is a private investigator, but often jumps to conclusions and gets fooled by the culprit's tricks so it appears that he is incompetent. After Conan moves in, Richard start solving solving cases and starts to become famous. But little does he know that Conan/Jimmy is the one really solving the case by Conan putting him to sleep with the help of his watch and uses a voice changing bow tie to imitate Richard's voice and hiding to use him to solve the case. As the story moves along he finds out more about the Black Organization and gains more friends (some that know his secret)too as he tries to find a way to return to normal and confess his feelings to Rachel.
  • This is an amazing show.

    This show is about a Teenage "crime fighter" to say the least. I mean who dosen't think it is funny to see a what 8-10 year old boy kick the crap out of a full grown man i think it is funny has heck and just plain cool. The show didn't make since at times but hey not everything dose in the end. I also loved how they "let" you try and figure out the answer to the mystery and how they point out all the clues.... heck it is just like playing the game clue just on a T.V and it is about maybe 20.000 people also watching.
  • I think Case Closed and Detective Conan is the same story, isn't it?

    This popular anime TV series ran for an impressive 390 episodes; it follows the exploits of high school detective Jimmy Kudo. Walking home from one of his more gruesome investigations, Jimmy is spotted by a group of gangsters who become enraged that he has witnessed their crime. They force Jimmy to take the experimental drug they're handling, which they believe is poison. The strange and lasting effect of the chemical, however, is that his body shrinks down to that of a seven year old. With the thugs who gave him the drug still after him, Jimmy uses his changed body to assume a new identity and dubbing himself Conan (after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), he continues his private-eye business only now with even more anonymity. He lives with his friend Rachel and her father, who is also a detective...but a completely incompetent one. Conan usually ends up solving the crimes for Rachel's father, and is barely noticed by police and criminals alike, because of his appearance. Case Closed aired in Japan under the name Meitantei Konan which literally translates to Detective Conan. There were fears of copyright entanglements in the U.S., however, because of the Conan the Barbarian franchise and so the name was changed for American distribution.
  • what a show

    I think case closed is one of the best detective shows ever , all the charecters are likable and gotta love phantom thief (kautio kid), the voices while they arnt the best or reasonable well done, the inspector sounds like a tough old cop, roger sounds like a washed out detective and racheal sounds like a normal high school girl the only problem is i belive conan does sound rather like a girl than a boy but it is understandable since it is a female voice actress doing the role but she fits well enough. so all the voices fit well. but the japanese ones are better but overall it is a great show and i hope funmation dub more episodes

    Man, with all the reviews I did on bad shows, It's been along time since I rated a show 10/10! The first time i saw this show was on YTV and I never heard of it. After watching it I was suprised. It reminded me of Filmore but it doesn't have stupid lines and is not old and not anime and I give that show a 9.0. God I wish they would make more episodes. Anyway back to case closed. I recommend it to all ages and if you haven't seen it in a long time. I recommend you watch there series all over again.
  • Case closed is about a brilliant high school detective that can solve any case his name is Jimmy Kudo. One day at tropical land a shady black mailers who gave him a poison that made him the size of a 1st grader. Sorry I had to shorten it.

    Unlike scoobydoo there are real suspects to pick from, real meaning full and to top it off thrill and exitement. First of all it is a fun show if you like guessing the culpret of the crime and getting it right it make people feel like a detective and you can feel good about your self. You also can learn some cool thing for example the sealed room trick, how to get a key in a dead body's pocket. Sometimes they show you the culpret commiting the crime but they have a air tight alaby whatching Jimmy solve the case is fantastic. I highly recomend looking in to this show more.
  • One of the best animes I've seen.

    This Show is an instant classic for me. The story line is amazing.
    We meet Jimmy Kudo, a junior in high school and a world class detective. While at a amusement park with "friend" Rachel Moore a murder happens and Jimmy just happens to be at the right place at the right time. After Jimmy solves the murder he notices two shadowy men, Jimmy decides to follow the men to a secluded part of the park. When Jimmy over hears somehing he should've heard the men force him to drink a newly developed poison that can't be detected in a autopsy. Jimmy lives only to find that his body has shrunk to that of a 2nd Grader! Now Jimmy lives under the name of Conan Edogawa and lives with Rachel and her father, a washed up detective. Jimmy now hopes that he can find the men that did this to him and get back to his normal size.
  • one word only:awesome

    The best show I have ever seen.I have never seen anything better.Its to good.Its about a 17 year old kid named Jimmy Kudo.One day Jimmy saw something wrong.He saw these men who wanted something.He snook up on them but one of the bad guys knocked him out by hitting him in the head.They gave him some drugs that were not tested on humans.The bad guys went away after that.When jimmy woke up he was in the body of a 7 year old.So its a 7 year old with the mind of a 17 year old.when jimmy is a kid he disqises his name as conan keeps on solving cases as a 7 year old.
  • Why Adult Swim did you take it off to put in junk.

    This is one of the best I can't believe it was tacken off why was it? this show is awesome it is about a detective who turned into a kid and make people believe he is dead so then no one will know the secret. why was it taken off it was replaced with some dumb shows which are now cancelled but still it was actually taken off because of low ratings same with Lupin the third it would nice for them to come back and get rid of Aqua teen Hunger Force, Assy Mcgee, Squidbillies, Tim and Eric, Lucy Daughter of the devil and shin chan. Please Adult swim get rid of those shows and put this one back on.
  • WOw!!!!!

    This is a really is cool show but it disappeared.Ive watched a couple of episodes in japanese but its not the same besides it really dumb reading subtitle. Thoguh I do like the song. SO yeah i would like it to go back to cartoon network because it was a good show.I haven't watched in a couple of what months year w/e but I like the show when it was in ENGLISH but now i only like the song. I dont know y they toook it off.In japeese its called um well i dont remember but what ever. Cse closed. bring it back.

    Did I hear Case Closed and cancelled low ratings in the same sentence? People have you watched Saul of The Molemen, Tim and Eric,12 oz Mouse etc? Let alone even bother to look deeper into the package?It's really cool anime about a kid who swallows a poison that shrinks him down to a kid and goes under the psudonym Conan Edogawa.It's really cool,Why was this cancelled for low ratings?I mean what will you see inside the package?A great anime series that truly had potential to be as popular as Naruto,FullMetal Alchemist,Inuyasha,Bleach,etc.I have the movie,The Tme Bombed Skyscraper on DVD,I wish they'd give it some more episodes and air it on Fox,they wanted to try and liscence it as Conan's Capers,I just hope they would do it,it would do so much bettr on that channel
  • In Case Closed a nationally famous detective by the name of Jimmy Kudo is given a strange poison that makes him younger to the point that he is just a mere child. Now his mission is to catch the people that poisoned him and find a cure!

    Case Closed is a murder mystery series where the main character, Jimmy Kudo, is shrunken to the likes of a child and assists novice detective Richard Moore in cases. He only reveals his identity to his loyal friend, Professor Agasa who helps Jimmy by giving him inventions. He helps Richard become a famous detective by helping in solve extremely difficult cases in hopes that this may lead him to the people that poisoned him. All the while Richard's daughter, Rachel Moore, is in love with Jimmy. It's difficult for Jimmy to keep his identity a secret but he knows that he wouldn't want her to be in danger by telling her. The individual cases are perplexing, detailed, and really well written. It's very entertaining to watch the plot unfold and Jimmy unravel the mystery. The show has comical, dramatic, and intense moments all which make it very entertaining and definitely worth your time.
  • Case Closed/Detective Conan...pure genius. Why don't they make any more English-Dubbed episodes??

    Case Closed is one of my favorite shows, mostly because of the carefully planned crimes, each different than the last. They aren't the same mystery with a different setting over and over or at least I've never seen that. Also, it isn't a detective show for younger people, such as Scooby-Doo, because the crimes are more complex and cannot be easily solved by audience members when all of the evidence is given to them. Also, because it doesn't attemt to keep blood and violence out of the picture: a) It is more exciting to watch
    b) The conclusion of the mystery doesn't always involve unmasking a person that is scaring people away from something etc.
    c) there are murder cases
    d) The motives for murders can vary, and sometimes are misunderstandings on the part of the murderer

    .....and one other thing, it has drama and comedy when Jimmy/Shinichi's relationship with Rachel/Ran comes up in an episode or Rachel begins to guess Conan's identity...

    well, overall i'd give it a perfect rating!
  • Case Closed, oso known as Detective Conan in Japan & other countries, is a anime series & manga by Gosho Aoyama.The series depicts the cases of a young private detective who was inadvertently turned into a small boy by a certain criminal organization.

    The story starts out introducing 17-year old (16 years in the manga) high school student Jimmy Kudo (Shin'ichi Kudo) and his childhood friend and crush, Rachel Moore (Ran Mori). Jimmy treats Rachel to a trip to a theme park named "Tropical Land" and encounters a murder. After easily solving the case and showing off his detective skills, he notices two mysterious men wearing black. Telling Ran to go on home, he tracked the men to a meeting place and witnesses an illegal deal. However, one of the men in black(known only as Gin) notices him and knocks him out. Instead of directly killing him, the two black men give him an untested poison named Apotoxin-4869 (APTX4869), which was supposed to not only kill Jimmy, but also leave no trace of poison in Jimmy's body. However, Jimmy wakes to find that he is still alive, but has now been shrunk to an elementary school boy, around six years old.Following the advice of Dr. Hiroshi Agasa (Dr. Herschel Agasa in the English anime), Jimmy hides his real identity, lest the men in black find out that he is alive. When Rachel asks for his name, Jimmy spots books by Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo and comes up with the name "Conan Edogawa." Agasa says that "Conan" is a relative of his, but was too busy to take care of a young child, and suggests that "Conan" go live with Rachel, and both Conan and Rachel agree. Rachel's father, Richard Moore (Kogoro Mori) is an incapable detective. Conan always solves mysteries in his stead. As Conan appears to be just a boy, police don't pay any attention to him. Conan instead uses Detective Moore by putting him to sleep with a "anesthesia gun-watch" and pretending to be Moore by using a voice changer disguised as a bow tie. Other important characters that appear (some later) are Jimmy's parents Booker (Yusaku) and Vivian (Yukiko) Kudo , Harley Hartwell (Heiji Hattori), a rival detective from Osaka, a gentleman thief Phantom Thief Kid, who also appears in Magic Kaito), the inventor of the APTX4869 Shiho Miyano (codename "Sherry" within the black organization, turned into a child also after she took her own drug to escape the organization, and then lives with Dr. Agasa under her new name Ai Haibara), and the other members of the Black Organization: Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Calvados, Pisco, Vermouth, Kir, Chianti, Köln, and a mysterious "boss" who has only been mentioned so far.To maintain his cover, Conan goes to Titan elementary school (Japanese: Teitan Elementary School and has made friends with three children at the school, George Kaminski (Genta Kojima), Mitch Tennison (Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya) and Amy Yeager (Ayumi Yoshida) who form the self-styled Junior Detective League. Although Conan feels profoundly self conscious playing with them given his true age, the foursome have numerous adventures of their own and the trio have proved capable assistants to the detective for their age.
  • The series is about the cases of a young detective who was turned into a little boy by criminal organization. He is now small but he keeps solving cases and is trying to solve the mysteries of the organization responsible for making him litle.

    Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan in Japan and other countries, is a detective manga and anime series by Gosho Aoyama which has been published in Weekly Shônen Sunday magazine since 1994. I like detective Conan. This was a really good show. Case Closed is really cool show that I got up to watch every day. I thought it was the best show ever. I loved getting up to watch it everyday. I like how Conan solved all his cases. This show couldn't get any better. I like it just the way it is.I just love the show!!!
  • I love Richard. He's a complete moron, and that's what I love about him.

    This show is about a teen detective named Jimmy Kudo who drinks this poison stuff and turns into a 7 year old. Everyone thinks Jimmy just went poof. In order to conceal his identity from people who want to kill him, he goes by the name Conan Edogawa. His girlfriend, Rachel Moore, finds him, but thinks he's just some homeless little kid. So he lives with her and her detective dad, Richard Moore. A running gag of the show is Conan figuring out the case before Richard does. Conan puts Richard to sleep and makes it look as if Richard is talking. Conan disguises his voice to match Richard's voice, of course.
  • a show worth the time

    Case close is about this dectective "jimmy" teen when he goes to a date with this girl he follows this suspesious guys in black who end up KO jimmy and giving him this drug to turn him into a child hes is found by the police and when they are about to call the ambulance he runs away and go to the profesor and then he is givin to rachel as a young child he is supost to keep his indentety secreat so they dont damege there family as the episodes go by you will see alot of dead people and mysteries so this a worth checking out
  • A high school detective that drinks this liquid that was supposed to kill him, but instead he shrinks into a 1st grader.

    This show KICKS BUTT. Too bad Adult Swim got rid of it though. Now I collect the manga and I'm on the 7th book. I have a lot left to collect. But that's ok. I like reading the cases they give you and sometimes I try to figure it out on my own, but when I do that it doesn't really work out. They come up with REALLY hard cases. Some are just ridiculous. I mean who would go through the trouble to kill an ex-boyfriend in such a complicated way. The sad part is that it actually happens. *shiver*
  • Elementary, my dear Watson.

    Ok, I'll be the first to admit that I am not one for detective stories as I often found them confusing. Hercule Poriot is always my favorite detective to watch and I thought that Sherlock Holmes was a noting but a crack addict. Howver, after watching an episode of Case Closed I was pleasently surprised. It has a good blend of mystery and of suspense that keeps watching without fraying your nerves. Because this show I have actually started reading Sherlock Holmes and have found out that I was right he is a crack addict but he is also a great detective. Case Closed also is nice in the fact that even though it has few action sequences it makes up for it in drama and suspense.
  • Jimmy Kudo is your average teenager...except for the fact that he is a highly skilled detective. This would make the show interesting enough, but even more compelling is the fact that Jimmy was forced to take a drug that physically turned him into a kid!

    I admit I'm not a real big fan of mysterys, save for a few exceptions, of which Case Closed (AKA Detective Conan) is one. I really like how the original author, Gosho Aoyama, comes up with unique and orignal crime scenes.

    But I'm really ticked off that the series was cut short after season 2, I believe. Especially since we don't know if Jimmy will ever be able to permanantly return to his real form.

    Thank goodness for the manga, I suppose.
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  • the best cartoon detective show out there.

    i wish they were still playing it in the US, not just in japan. do you know there are over 400 episodes and ten movies? you would think by now that conan edogawa would be back to Jimmy Kudo.

    i love this show. being a murder mystery fan, this show was right up my alley. all of the different murders, and the way conan/ jimmy solves them is fabulous. i wonder wh writes all of those? a brillian mind, thats who. deep down, i really want rachel to find out who conan is. who knows? in those three hundred something episodes that never aired in the US. maybe he finally told her.
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