Case Closed - Season 2

Adult Swim (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Game Gone Bad
    Episode 27
    The past returns to haunt the President of a popular video game company as a bomb destroys part of his building…and a seemingly innocent victim! In addition, Conan comes ever closer to tracking down the men who shrunk him. Can he reach their hideout in time?
  • Weapon Of Choice
    Episode 26
    When a man is found murdered on his balcony, three suspects emerge: His jilted wife, a business competitor, and a man requesting a loan. But even if one of them committed the crime, just how did they do it when none of them were anywhere near the victim? And what part does a dazed bird play? That's just what Conan intends to figure out!moreless
  • The Mist Goblin Murder, Part 2
    Cherry blossom petals, a failed arranged marriage, and a rubber boat? What do these things have to do with the horrible Mist Goblin, a creature haunting an out of the way temple? Plenty! In the second part of a seemingly perfect murder, Conan sees what the police cannot. As Inspector Meguire begins to close the investigation, Conan must think fast if he is to reveal the truth behind the Mist Goblin!moreless
  • A baffling and seemingly impossible murder is committed at a secluded mountain temple. Luckily Conan and Richard are on the scene! It is believed that the terrible Mist Goblin, a creature with super strength, haunts the temple. Conan doesn't believe in goblins, but he may have to change his tune as the evidence suggests that the Mist Goblin may be more than just a legend!moreless
  • Driving A Bomb
    Episode 23
    A relaxing day at the driving range leads Conan, Richard, and Rachel to their next explosive case, as the president of a leading electronics manufacturer meets an untimely end. With many suspects and few clues, will Conan unravel the mystery in time to catch a killer?
  • 8/3/07
    A routine afternoon at the library turns into the hunt for a corpse after an attendant turns up missing. When Conan and the Young Detective Gang try to solve the mystery by staying after-hours, they find themselves trapped, in the dark, and not alone. Will they catch the killer before he catches them?moreless
  • 8/16/04
    Jimmy Kudo returns to the surprise of everyone, especially himself! As Jimmy tries to expose the real secret behind the perfectly sealed room, the rivalry between he and Harley Hartwell heats up! Deceit and treachery are revealed, as Rudy Tarrington's killer is finally unmasked!
  • 8/12/04
    Conan has to deal with some stiff competition when Harley Hartwell, heralded as the ‘Great Detective of the West', comes looking for Jimmy Kudo to prove which of them is the best detective. However, before Conan can save his reputation, he must first save himself, as a mysterious sickness threatens to close his file for good!moreless
  • The Last Dive
    Episode 19
    The bitter rivalry between two world-class high divers boils over as the reigning champion is found dead. Due to the nature of the injuries and eye witness testimony, it seems as if this death was nothing more than a tragic accident. But nothing is ever as it seems as the brilliant mind of Conan soon reveals!moreless
  • A Game Of Murder
    Episode 18
    Conan and the gang's ski-trip turns deadly when a medical professor is murdered right under their noses! A secret message left by the victim points to one of his students as being the killer. However, unraveling the secret proves one of the greatest challenges the pint-sized sleuth has ever faced!
  • Unexpected Visitors
    Episode 17
    Another day, another case as Richard stumbles upon the death of the President of a popular apparel company. Just why would the President be wearing an unflattering facial mask if she had been expecting company? It's just one of the many perplexing elements of a most unusual case!
  • Unhappy Birthday
    Episode 16
    A lazy drive through the country lands Richard, Rachel, and Conan in the middle of a murder mystery surrounding the death of billionaire industrialist, Oscar Hotta. As Conan tries to unravel the clues before the killer can strike again, he faces one disturbing reality: The prime suspects are the victim's children?! It's an explosive whodunit you won't want to miss!moreless
  • Conan Is Kidnapped
    Episode 15
    When a lady shows up at the Moore Detective Agency claiming to be Conan Edogawa's mother, Conan doesn't know what to think. When he is released into her custody, the "truth" comes out: she is really a spy working for the secret organization that poisoned him and turned him into a boy. Can Conan escape from her murderous intentions and find an antidote for the poison? His life depends on it!moreless
  • Karaoke Killing
    Episode 14
    When Serena's Dad uses his connections, Rachel and Serena find themselves in a Karaoke Bar having lunch with the hottest bad in the land! It seems like a dream come true until the lead singer--Justin Moon--is poisoned right in front of their eyes. The brash super-star had plenty of enemies, but which of them hated him enough to commit murder? It's up to Conan to find out!moreless
  • Left In Tatters
    Episode 13
    The fun of a baseball game is interrupted when bad news comes down from the School Chairman. A slashing has taken place and the victim has been cut multiple times. But the victim is not a person; it's the baseball team 's cherished Championship Flag! Scandal rocks Shore View High as Conan investigates and finds that it was an inside job.moreless
  • 8/2/04
    When a beautiful heiress is murdered on her birthday, Conan springs into action to solve the baffling crime. The stakes are soon raised, as Rachel becomes a target for the assassin's sinister game. The painful past of every suspect must be brought to light. Opening these old wounds is the only way to bring the killer to justice!moreless
  • 7/29/04
    A billionaire hosts a birthday gala for his daughter Reika and the famous Detective Moore is the celebrity guest of honor. But when one of Reika's handsome young suitors turns up dead, the remaining guests are suspects for murder. Before Conan can crack the case, another victim is discovered. With only a small group of friends remaining, who is behind these birthday brutalities?moreless
  • Flames Of Confusion
    Episode 10
    When a body is discovered in a bonfire at a ritual Fire Festival by a tourist, the murder investigation begins. And when Detective Moore finds out that the victim is the same man that he had been tailing for the past three days, he realizes that he has been had. The man who hired Detective Moore uses his testimony to create the perfect alibi. Can Conan crack the case before this prime suspect leaves the country or will he get away with murder?moreless
  • Prickly Past
    Episode 9
    When a pretty girl hires Detective Moore to help her find an old flame, it seems like a routine case. But when Conan finds out that the man she is looking for was responsible for the death of her fiancé, he realizes that romance is the farthest thing from her mind. This femme fatale wants revenge and she'll do anything to get it.moreless
  • 7/26/04
    When Burt Barnes, a seedy real estate agent is murdered in his condominium, the police suspect Karen Keeler, a well-known dentist in town. They believe that she was getting back at Barnes for a crime that he committed 25 years ago. Will Conan's investigation vindicate the beautiful dentist or debunk her perfect alibi?moreless
  • 7/22/04
    Having lost one of their own in the dark of the night, a group of old college friends seek to defend themselves against a deadly axe-murderer. But is the assailant really stalking them from outside of the villa or is he lurking within? With Rachel's life still in jeopardy, Conan has to find the answers! And fast!moreless
  • 7/21/04
    When Rachel is invited to a friend's villa for the weekend, it seems like an ideal get away from the city. But when one of the guests is murdered, the holiday turns into a nightmare. And when Rachel becomes the murderer's second target, Conan has to crack the case before he loses the one that he loves.moreless
  • 7/20/04
    A weekend that begins with what Conan believes to be a childish game quickly turns deadly. Lost in the wild, miles from civilization with two suspicious looking men sneaking around, how's the gang going to get themselves out of this mess? Get ready for a treasure hunt where Conan and the kids find more than they bargain for.moreless
  • 7/19/04
    Rachel has a date today, and Conan is determined to find out who this guy is. But when a brutal murder takes place at the diner he's in, Conan steps into his detective shoes to solve the case. But a surprise is on the way for Conan, and he never sees it coming.moreless
  • 7/15/04
    Richard Moore guest stars on the popular television show Prime Time Mystery Hour, and while Conan and Rachel enjoy the broadcast from the audience, a brutal murder takes place at the television station.
  • The Missing Melody
    Episode 2
    When a high-powered attorney's wife is murdered under the strangest of circumstances, Conan steps in to make sense of it all. A music box, a telephone call and a staple all point to a killer no one would have expected. How will Conan solve the puzzle and convince everyone of the real criminal's identity?moreless
  • 7/13/04
    A chance meeting with a corporate executive lands Conan in the middle of a murder investigation. A curious cat, a suspicious limo driver and pile of melted chocolates have Conan wondering who the killer is. Will Conan help Richard, Rachel and Inspector Meguire find the murderer before he strikes again?