Case Closed - Season 3

Adult Swim (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • 9.3
    Amy, Mitch, and George tell Inspector Meguire everything except how to find Conan. They decide to follow him where they learn a man named O'Neil is wanting to destroy Two Times for the song they wrote because it reminds him of a murder he did. With some tricks from his cell phone, Conan is able to save them and get on stage, but what will everyone think of his singing abilities?moreless
  • 9.8
    Conan and the rest of the Junior Detective League run into one of the singers of the group Two Times, but when they witness her kidnapping and are forced to lead the police on a goose chase, Conan must come up with a way to get by himself and outsmart the crooks.moreless
  • Dead Hobo
    Episode 27
    While Conan and the gang are playing baseball they hit a hobo. Then he seems to start going crazy, they call the ambulance and bring him to the hospital. Later on he disappears. When they play baseball again, they stumble upon a dead body, that of a hobo. Can this murder case be solved? Is this murder at all?moreless
  • 9.8
    A robber goes to rob a bank in which Rachael and Conan are in. The robber then shoots one of the workers because his phone rang. Then the bank owner fights with the robber, and during the struggle the gun is fired and the robber is killed. Is there even a case here? And if there is can Conan solve it?moreless
  • Conan and Harley decide to pursue the clues of the childhood friend. The clues allow them to solve the murder, but they also allow Rachel to come closer to the truth about Jimmy. Can Harley help Jimmy keep his secret?
  • Richard is recommended by someone to a wealthy family for a routine assignment; the man wishes to find his first love. With the police roaming around the house, though, Conan begins to wonder if that's really all there is to it. His answer comes when suddenly, Hideomi (a son of the wealthy man) supposedly kills Michel (his child hood friend). Conan is wrapped up in the case, and a familiar face makes his way onto the scene...moreless
  • Phantom Thief 1412, Part 2
    The Phantom Thief's agenda is revealed by Richard and Conan as well as his false identity as Jimmy Kudo, but will the authorities be able to capture him, or does he have one more trap set up to make his freedom set in stone?
  • A man who looks like Jimmy Kudo arrives with a plan on stealing the Black Star Pearl. He goes by the name Phantom Thief 1412, but what are his real plans?
  • Murder And Mahjong
    Episode 21
    Richard is playing Mahjong with his friends when one of them leaves. Needing a fourth player they call the president of the loan company across the street, Jonathan Hyde. When he doesn't come they go to check on him and stumble upon a murder case.
  • 9.8
    A death threat is given to famous actor Harnison Noble, and Richard Moore accepts the case to try and prevent it. When the murder is successful, can Richard find the mysterious Jinnai, or will there be too many holes for even Conan to solve?
  • 9.7
    The Junior detective League discovers an S.O.S. which Colt Lielander claims is falase, but what is he trying to hide, and can the Junior Detective League save whoever the victium is, or will they meet their tragic fate?
  • Triple Terror
    Episode 18
    Conan, Rachael, Serena, and Serena's sister Angie witness the murder of business tycoon Rodrick Apenheimer, but three suspects end up being possible due to identical triplets being at the scene. Can Conan find any loop holes with their alibi's, and can he successfully use Serena again to solve the case?
  • The Stalker
    Episode 17
    Richard, Rachel, and Conan come across a man in the street who appears to have fallen ill, and end up being on the next murder case. Can they find out who this stalker was killed by?
  • Conan, Richard, and Inspector Worthington solve the case, but who is really Knight Baron?
  • Another person assumes the role of Knight Baron as Richard investigates the murder of Romero Rojas.
  • Dr. Agasa offers Conan, Rachel, and Richard a free vacation which they gladly accept, but when the Knight Baron arrives the vacation is quickly changed into a case as murder occurs.
  • The Case Of The Murdered Actress
    Conan joins Richard and Rachel backstage at a prestigious playhouse that is plagued by threats of violence from an unknown nemesis, weeks before the opening of a big play. When a key cast member is murdered, it is up to Conan, and an old acquaintance from Richard's past, to save the day.moreless
  • Moonless Murder
    Episode 12
    How can blood from one victim, murdered on the street, wind up on the wall of an abandoned building, the railing of a rooftop, and broken glass of an upper apartment window? This is the question Conan must answer if he is to catch a crafty killer entrenched in a seemingly innocent mountain-climbing fraternity, which hides a deadly secret!moreless
  • The Crab And Whale
    Episode 11
    A relaxing night out turns into the search for a kidnapped little boy, as Conan, Richard, and Rachel, come to the aide of a desperate father in his hour of need. As they search to find the truth, nothing is certain, except the kidnapper's deadly ultimatum: No police, no mercy, no time!moreless
  • 9.4
    Richard must choose between friendship and the Law when an old friend is suspected of murder. It is up to Conan to find the clues and piece together the truth that will either condemn Richard's mentor, or set him free!
  • Gomera!
    Episode 9
    Lights, Camera, Murder! Conan and the Junior Detective League visit the film set of their favorite monster, Gomera, and stumble onto a real-life murder! The most puzzling aspect of the case is the prime suspect: Gomera! The kids must uncover the truth behind the grizzly killing before the death toll rises higher!moreless
  • Framed for the death of his assailant, Richard faces a murder wrap and it's up to Conan to clear his name. But when the two prime suspects are killed themselves, Conan is back to square one. In order to solve the mystery, the young sleuth realizes that he has to go where no one else will; into the eerie darkness of the Pirates' Cave!moreless
  • When Richard travels to Kiji Island to give a lecture, Chief Mikami enlists his help to find a billion dollars in gold that was lost off their shores. But when someone tries to take his life, Richard decides to leave. However, Chief Mikami forces the detective to continue his search while the death toll rises. Are the killings the result of the Pirate's Curse, or does someone else have their sights on the gold?moreless
  • Illustrated Murder
    Episode 6
    Horace Hennegraf is a popular illustrator who seems to have everything that a man could want: his own design firm, best selling books, and untold wealth. But when he decides to eat the forbidden fruit and have an affair with one of his pretty, young illustrators his life starts to come apart at the seams. But rather than face the consequences of his mistakes, Hennegraf tries to cover them up in a brutal and bloody manner. Can Conan see through his ingenius plot and expose Hennegraf for what he really is?moreless
  • 9.3
    The Junior Detective League is back on the case when a young boy finds himself the unknowing target of a killer! Conan and his friends must use all their deductive prowess to protect the tiny tot and bring a murderer to justice before he strikes again.
  • The murderer is still on the loose and his methods have even the most diehard Holmes fans completely baffled. Is the killer a greedy guest with his sights on the coveted Conan Doyle first edition? Or did the host of the tour fake his own death so he could go on a mad killing spree? The mystery thickens as Conan tries to crack the case!moreless
  • Conan is walking on air when an invite to an elite Sherlock Holmes tour has him rubbing elbows with some fellow Holmes freaks. It should be a weekend of mystery nirvana, but when one of the guests is murdered it becomes a nightmare of survival. Can this group of mystery lovers solve the case before the killer strikes again? Their lives depend on it!moreless
  • The Sunfish Murder
    Episode 2
    Conan must clean up a messy situation at a popular cleaning company when the company's manager is crushed by a large piece of steel. But Conan encounters dead end after dead end in the alleyway where the murder was committed. Could the cleanliness of the company somehow be the killer's downfall?moreless
  • Train Trick
    Episode 1
    If a train departs a station at 10:30, and another train arrives five minutes later, how can a man on one train kill another man on the other? That's exactly what Conan has to figure out and fast! Even the simplest of life's actions have great meaning in this incredible case!moreless
  • Death of a Diva
    Episode 28
    Conan joins the Moores at a playhouse that is plagued by threats of violence from an unknown nemesis. When a cast member is murdered, it is up to Conan, and an old acquaintance of Richard’s, to save the day.