Case Closed - Season 4

Adult Swim (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Snapshots of Death
    Episode 27
    Reynolds Yates wins the photo of the year ward for some crime photos, but Artie Nelson says he has some information that will prove Yates is a fraud. Later that night he calls Richard saying his life is in danger, but before Conan can race to his rescue he is found falling out a window during a fire. With Dr. Agasa's help though, Jimmy might be able to find enough proof from the flame burned apartment to prove murder has taken place.moreless
  • The Goblins remind Richard and Conan of the gang known as the Goblin Gang, and using a flash light Conan begins to realize the two gentlemen claiming to be Bludcraven's could actually be after something much more valuable. If they are indeed impostors, then what happened to the real Mauren Bludcraven? Can Conan solve this before times runs out for them all?moreless
  • When Richard gets a letter from a person named Maruen, he automatically assumes it's a female and decides to run to the rescue. When he arrives though, he finds two men claiming to be related and a bunch of clocks simultaneously going off. What makes things even more complicated though is a clock with a goblin statue instead of a cuckoo in it. What's really going on at Bludcraven Manor?moreless
  • Richard tells the media all of the current suspicions so Maguire and Wilder can sneak Hijikata and Blackwell out the backdoor for questioning, but before doing so Conan goes up to the sixth floor to try and find some evidence that his suspicion of Hijikata being the killer is accurate. In the end one truth as always will prevail, but which side is truly innocent here?:moreless
  • When a famous Samurai movie Star, Johnny Hijikata, hires Richard the group is led to believe he wants to learn about detective work for an upcoming TV series where he is to star as a detective, but rumors of an affair between his wife Isabel Nottingham and stunt actor Harrison Blackwell can't help but lead Conan to doubt the reason. When Isabel is found dead on Blackwell's balcony, the group believes it is an open and shut case, but Conan doubts the authenticity when he sees a big smile form on Hijikata's face. Which side is truly right?moreless
  • The Fire Chief believes either an attempted suicide has just been prevented or else candles caused an unfortunate accident, but when Conan finds two sheets of paper saying the same thing and learns that two others don't fit together, he must figure out a way to prove attempted murder was on someone's mind.moreless
  • Conan, Rachel, Serena and Dr. Agasa are cleaning Jimmy's house when an old classmate stops by and claims to be Jimmy's first crush. She invites the group to a college party, and Richard agrees once he learns one of the people has been a three time beauty contest winner. Once they arrive though, mysterious illnesses seem to hit the birthday girl, and the ottage they are in catches fire. Is this all an accident, or is something sinister in the works?moreless
  • 9.5
    Despite most proof pointing to a suicide, Conan is convinced that a murder has taken place and begins looking for additional proof he can use to prove it was murder with the sleeping detective.
  • 9.5
    When a fan of Richard's work invitees the family out to his place for the weekend Richard wins a cup of pottery. After a long night of drinking the group awakes and finds a murder has taken place. Maguire thinks it may be more than coincidence, but what is the real case behind this mystery?moreless
  • A wealthy company president hires Richard after hearing one of his daughters is going to attempt to kill him, but when he is killed with video evidence, Conan and Richard must decipher the clues as to whom the real killer is.
  • With all the clues seemingly disappearing, Jimmy is forced to realize he has room to grow as a detective and must turn to his father to help him solve the case.
  • With his mom calling Conan her second son to her friends outside the city, Jimmy must play along and act like he is a genius thanks to detective books, but when a murder takes place and he can't figure out the answer, Jimmy must figure out if his mom will be safe or if she could be the next target.moreless
  • Conan helps Richard solve his case without even having to knock him out, but after wards Rachael escorts him to Jimmy's house for a confession of him being Jimmy. When Jimmy's mom appears on the scene though, she might have the answers to help Jimmy escape, but why has she left America for Japan?moreless
  • When Conan's glasses fall off when he's asleep, Rachel sees his face and begins to recognize it might be Jimmy. As she carefully watches him decipher clues, she becomes more convinced he is Jimmy. Is there some way to reverse this discovery?
  • 9.0
    After drinking with an old friend, Richard falls asleep on a train and awakens to find himself a person that is willing to go on a date with him. When she stops at home though, she finds a person murdered and causes Richard and Conan to start seeking out whether she's guilty or if someone else is involved.moreless
  • The Other Girl
    Episode 12
    A famous movie star and her body double show up at the same cabin Richard and family are spending vacation time at, but when a note and a mysterious illness seem to overcome the star, then Richard decides to begin searching it as a case. Is there something more than a mysterious suicide note though that could indicate murder?moreless
  • 9.7
    The clues go to show that multiple murders have been made, and Jericho the Fox isn't responsible for all of them, but who is Jericho, and can Conan and Richard successfully work together on the case?
  • 9.8
    Richard is hired to capture the best assassin in the country, a man or woman known only as The Fox. When multiple murders begin to occur though, it could cost everyone involved their life.
  • Hospital Homicide
    Episode 9
    On a quest to get to a Yoko Okino concert Richard breaks his foot, but it also leads him into a case where he is constantly distracted by the kids and Yoko TV appearances.
  • Deadly Act
    Episode 8
    A threat on a flower show artist causes Richard Moore to be hired during a local flower show, but when one of the guests is murdered, Conan must find a way to prevent yet another possible murder from happening during the same show.
  • 9.7
    With no footprints to reveal the killer, Conan must think of how the door was locked and then find enough evidence to solve the case or else a killer and his hidden secret will walk free with a vampire receiving the blame.
  • 9.5
    A famous vampire writer who used to be a romance writer, and whom Richard reads, invites Richard to his estate for discussion on his next vampire novel and to spy on his wife. However, when the writer ends up dead and snow prevents the cops from coming Richard is forced to re-evaluate the possibilities of vampires being real.moreless
  • For the Birds
    Episode 5
    Rachel and Conan convince Richard to take them to see the exotic and endangered cranes, but when the owner reveals all his money is going toward the cranes, a lazy brother, his son, and his daughter are all given reasons to want his death. The big question is who is stupid enough to actual go through with it?moreless
  • 9.5
    Mitch has a new radio transceiver that intercepts other peoples conversations, but when it intercepts a kidnap case, Conan must figure out the hidden location before a young daughter loses her life. Can he do so safely, and even if he does, will Rachel be able to understand why he missed her karate competition?
  • 8.8
    Conan is unable to figure out how a piece of rope disappeared, but when he figures out who is wearing a wig, he realizes that the person has killed two people on the same night. Using Rachel to reveal the secret by using his own voice, Jimmy reveals the information to everyone present, but the revelation will shock everyone involved, especially Rachel and Serena.moreless
  • 9.7
    Rachel, Serena, and Conan run into their old third grade teacher Ms. Preston who invites them to spend the night at a Mountain Villa. Bo sooner do they arrive than a mysterious journalist arrives and tells them a massacre similar to three years before will happen that night. Can Conan help find the clues before too much damage occurs?moreless
  • The Set Up
    Episode 1
    A previous case has broken Richard's leg, so a hospital stay is in store. When Richard wakes up and sees a shadow stabbing someone, he has the nurses call the police about a murder case. When no evidence shows any murder, people begin to think Richard is insane. Eventually a doctor is stabbed, and Richard is the prime suspect. Can Conan help clear his name?moreless
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