Case Closed - Season 5

Adult Swim (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • While Richard is out of town the Junior Detective League listens to one of his messages and ends up talking to local newswoman Ashley. When she goes missing though, it's up to the Junior Detective League to solve the clues she is sending them on Conan's pager.
  • Just as it appears the perfect crime has been committed, Wilder returns with news that could show Maya cared more for her sister than anyone realized. When a spot of Maya's blood is also found on the door, it is all the clues Conan needs to prove Misty murdered her sister.moreless
  • While on the way to a Yoko Okino concert Richard loses his ticket. Luck seems to be on his side when a young lady named Mindy Garrett has an extra ticket, but the concert ends up being the last thing on their minds when they walk into her sister Maya's house and comes upon an apparent suicide. Conan has his own suspicions though, but can he find enough evidence to prove contrary when the victim is found in a sealed room.moreless
  • The Big Sting
    Episode 15
    A woman Richard helped in an earlier case, Stacy Young, invites Conan, Rachel, and Richard to a new planned mountain estate hoping to get them to endorse it. Little do they know that someone from Stacy's past now has feelings of hatred for her, and they plan on using bees to teach Stacy a lesson. Will this lead to another murder, and if so, can enough clues be found to solve the case?moreless
  • While on the way to dinner Conan and company come across a bunch of people dressed as Masked Yaiba fans. They are invited to the party where an attempted murder and suicide appears to occur, but Conan begins to wonder if there is more than meets the eye to this.
  • 9.4
    A careful study of the victims driver records reveals they all attended the same driving school. Harley is the first one to learn of this and decides to confront the Congressman about it. Meanwhile Conan rejoins Rachel and Richard only to be swooped away to a hidden shack where a serial killer is believed to be, but with a photo of the driving record and the testimony of the serial killer it appears two mysteries are about to be solved.moreless
  • 9.6
    Harley invites Conan, Rachel, and Richard on a sightseeing tour on Alberta. While there they meet Harley's childhood friend, Kirsten Thomas, but new acquaintances are quickly forgotten when the team comes head-to-head with the third and fourth victims of a serial murderer. The Congressman is the main suspect, but can evidence be found showing his innocence or guilt?moreless
  • Harley Hartwell calls having deciphered the text in the first new chapter, and with this information Conan manages to solve the rest of the hidden riddles, but can him and the cops get to the hotel before any type of death takes place?
  • Richard Moore hates the Samurai Detective series being shown on TV, but when his daughter hires him to find her father, who has been missing for two months, they find clues that lead them to believe he has been kidnapped.
  • 9.3
    Conan knows a love triangle is involved in Kimberly's attack, but is Fletcher or is Haley the culprit?
  • 9.7
    Rachel secretly plans for her parents to meet at the beach in hopes of reuniting them. While there, they come upon Kimberly and Matthew, who are childhood sweethearts and are engaged. When Kimberly gets bitten by a sea snake it appears a freakish accident has taken place, but Conan suspects there is more than what the regular eye can see.moreless
  • 9.3
    A young woman is found by a reef in what appears to be a suicide, but when information that the towns doctor had been intimate with her in the past is revealed, both Conan and Richard suspect murder is really involved. Now the two must find the clues before his drinking alibi fully comes through.moreless
  • School of Ghouls
    Episode 6
    The elementary school has had strange things going on at night- the anatomy figure running around, statues appearing to move, dolls showing up in the hall with the students names, and a missing Vice Principal. The Junior Detective League decides they need to sneak in at night to uncover these mysteries, but what they learn could lead to a laugh and to a horrible nightmare.moreless
  • All four students are found to be suspects in Misty's murder, and it appears a needle or another small object is to be to blame. Conan begins to search for locations that could hide a needle. Can any person be proven to be the culprit?
  • Serena tricks Rachel into attending a cooking class by famous French chef Misty Laraway, and in order to go she invites her father and Conan. When the group arrives, they learn everyone seems to have something against the instructor, but when the lights go out Misty gets stabbed in the back and her lung is punctured causing her to die. Now Conan and Richard have to decipher four suspects agendas against her, but can they find the killer?moreless
  • Hit and Run
    Episode 3
    When Amy is hit by a car Conan, Mitch, and George pursue it and discover one Kenny Sheen. Later at the place they discovered him they learn a murder has taken place and Conan suspects the two are linked, but can they find enough evidence to prove it?
  • Matt Kohler hides stolen jewelry in Walter Rivers yard to force the police department to dig it up, but unbeknown to him is that Mother Nature has caused an optical illusion to fool witness Sean Moss. Can Conan prove Matt's innocence before a guilty man gets away permanently?
  • Matt Kohler claims Walter Rivers has killed his sister and has buried her in his yard. Making things worse is the intent he has to break into Rivers yard when he's gone to the hospital for his weekly Saturday treatment. Conan believes the story at first, but a call with Kohler's voice causes him to begin doubting everything he has heard.moreless