Case Closed

Season 1 Episode 1

The Big Shrink

Aired Weekdays 12:30 AM May 24, 2004 on Adult Swim
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Meet Jimmy Kudo, your everyday teenager with a not-so everyday hobby. He is your High School celebrity with a knack for solving the most confusing mysteries. Jimmy has a magical touch and a keen eye, and it helps him solve every mystery or puzzle in his face.

Jimmy's best friend and crush named Rachel. Rachel is the captain of the karate team and she has the fist to prove it. Jimmy promised to take her to a park one day, but trouble always manages to find Jimmy. After using his keen eye and magical memory, he manages to catch the murderer within minutes.

After adding another solved puzzle to Jimmy's file, he sticks his nose where it don't belongs, following a black caped stranger. After witnessing a crime scene, he gets knocked in the back and falls half dead. Unfortunately, that's not what the criminals want, being unable to leave being any bullets, they slip him some poison......moreless

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  • A nice start to the series.

    Jimmy Kudo is just a regular teenager with a passion for mysteries. Though he often does not look for trouble it always seems to fine him. Jimmy looks really good as teen it is too bad that he was shrunk. The roller coaster murder was rather gruesome and this was a family show in Japan? Anyway it takes no time for Jimmy to figure out who did the murder, the gymnast. After that he spends time with Rachel but this was sadly his last night as a teen. I think that this episode was a great way to introduce the characters and the main plot which is Jimmy finding the men who poisoned him. One truth prevails...Case Closed.moreless
  • I love Jimmy Kudo!

    ...or as we now know, Conan Edogawa. This whole episode was good. I love the way the writers showed us how smart he was right away, so I totaly respect him now. How on earth did he solve that roller coaster case? It had me guessing the entire time, but, as usual, if it were me, i would have sent the wrong person to jail haha. The whole thing with her standing up on that rollert coaster was like woah. Rachel ha a really good... umm, sixth sense, i guess.... when she knew that she was never going to see Jimmy again. I'm so mad that the series is no longer airing in the us. how depressing :(moreless
  • Jimmy Kudo is intelligent, hot, and good at sports. classic mary sue, yes? but he's also cocky, condecending, and bigheaded. he's just the type to stick his nose where it doesn't belong, and when he does...moreless

    An Amazing story has to start out with an amazing first episode, right? I'd have to say, this one takes the cake. without a good beginner episode, no one watches. 'The Big Shrink' throws first time watchers into an exciting, thrilling world.

    First off, we start with the viewers seeing the crime commited-- a man jumping across to a balcony and shooting someone inside. After, we have the police and Jimmy Kudo checking out the scene, where the hero, Jimmy, explains how the Murder was commited, exactly the way we saw earlier. completely astounds the audience, first off, and then gives you respect for Jimmy right off the bat.

    Your respect doesn't last, however, when you see him walking with Rachel, a friend of his. we easily learn he has a crush on her, but he's obviously enjoying his celebrity status (as a world class detective) far too much to even let her know. You can see how cocky and condecending Jimmy is when he's with his friend. I guess Rachel brings out the worst and the best in him.

    Then soon you're plunged into another mystery, at the fair. a man was decapitated while on a roller coaster, and it seems that his girlfriend, sitting beside him, was the one who did it. Jimmy quickly ends this case as well, showing one again how brilliant he is. this basically sets the tone for the entire series-- how Jimmy is just a murder magnet. it seems people are dropping dead around him all the time. most scenes, he's not 'invited' to a murder scene, he's right in the middle of having a party or visiting a friend, when suddenly a body is found or someone dies. it's very interesting, how you can just expect that. After the roller coaster case is solved, Jimmy gets curious and sticks his nose where it doesn't belong; he follows a guy dressed in all black to a site, where the man trades a roll of film for at least a million dollars. another man catches him, and knocks him out. Jimmy is fed poison, and now what will happen?moreless
  • .

    . The Beginning Of A Great, Never Ending Anime, That Has Over 400 Episodes Right Now. I Watched This Episode In Uncut A Little While Ago. And FUNimation Did Something Only 4kids Would Do: Name Changes And Bad Voices. A Reason I Do Not Like The Dub. Watch The Show In Uncut And 4kids's- I Mean, FUNimation's Crappy Dub. Tell Me What You Think About It.
  • The very first episode of all-The Big Shrink![Contains Spoilers]

    The episode starts off with Jimmy Kudo, our hero, solving a murder mystery. The killer tries to escape and Jimmy kicks a globe, knocking him out...we learn Jimmy is a good soccer player.

    We then see his friend/girlfriend Rachel, a detective's daughter. Jimmy is arrogant and Rachel puts him in his place. It's obvious the two like each other.

    They head to a carnival and Jimmy solves another murder case, but when he sees a mystery man in black from the murder case, he follows him and is fed an experimental posion that is not supposed to show up in the autopsy...

    This episode is really one of the best. It gives us the background and sets the stage for the future episodes!moreless
Stephanie Nadolny

Stephanie Nadolny


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Naomi Nagasawa

Naomi Nagasawa


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Meredith Mauldin

Meredith Mauldin


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Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert

Man In Black, Policeman

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Troy Baker

Troy Baker

Man In Black, Policeman

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jimmy: (about investigating the tunnel where the murder occurred): When I went looking, I already knew...because of one drop that hit me inside the tunnel before he screamed. A tear. A tear that could only have come from the person in front of me. You cried for his death before it happened. You knew you'd never see his face again. You cried for what you were about to do.

    • Jimmy: Like i always truth prevails. The you! (points to Haley)
      Haley: How can you say that? The knife's in Ashley's bag.
      Jimmy:: That kind of knife is incapable of a clean cut through bone. And besides, she doesn't have the strength. You wanted to force Ashley to take the punishment for his death. That's why you planted the knife inside her handbag.
      Meguire: But she was sitting in the very front of the car. How could she reach? She got a ten foot sword?
      Jimmy: Not quite...but with a sleight of hand, a dark tunnel and piano wire she pulled off an impressive feat.
      Haley: (gasps)
      Jimmy: (recreating the murder): Okay guys, I'll play the killer here, Inspector, I'll have you be the victim, if you don't mind. Now, before the bar comes down, i put a book bag between my back and the chair. Once it's dark, I slide out, having plenty of space from the bag. Next, I brandish my weapon...a grappling hook with thin but sturdy piano wire instead of bulky twine. I put my knees on the car's top with my feet against the safety bar for support. Leaning over one row to my victim, I place the noose around his neck. Then i toss the hook onto the rail. From there, the sheer speed of the ride takes over. You don't need strength for that. Only balance and a knack for maneuvering your body with great precision...specialties of a gymnast.

    • Meguire: (talking about the suspects of the murder): Alright, I'll give you and Rachel the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't go nuts...

    • Mitch: Listen! The police came for us!
      Jimmy: (walks up behind the kids): Sneaking in?
      Mitch: (nervously): No, uh, we live here. We're cave people!
      Amy: I saw you on TV! You're the teenage detective guy!
      Jimmy: At your service, kid. (winks)

    • Jimmy: Yeah, but it makes sense with the other evidence. On the way in, I saw a gust of wind blow her skirt up for a second, and there were thick bruises on her leg joints...another give away sign of a gymnast's tough routine.
      Rachel: (annoyed): I'm sure you stared as a good detective

    • Rachel: You know, Jimmy, if you hadn't quit the Varsity soccer team, you'd probably be a national hero by now.
      Jimmy: Yeah, but that's not why i play. I was really just honing up the skills I need to be a great detective. You know, the same reason that Sherlock Holmes learned to fence.
      Rachel: (exasperated): He's a fictional character.
      Jimmy: Sure, but a real life person had to make him up. I'm telling you, Rachel...Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the great blueprint. Brilliant, highly cultured and physically fit. He could tell when people were lying and know where they'd been by the soil on their shoes. His reasoning was uncanny. He could even play the violin. Real or not, he was a perfect detective.

    • Meguire: (pats Jimmy on the back): Jimmy, you put it to bed once again. You know, the chief's given me a bigger desk since you started helping me out.
      Jimmy: Thanks, Meguire. You count on me for the tough ones. I gotta spread my name as an ace detective somehow, right?

    • Rachel: Careful pal, your head's inflating.

    • Rachel: Don't you want just one real girlfriend?
      Jimmy: real girlfriend?
      Rachel: Why are you looking at me like that?

    • Jimmy: Now I remember why you're captain of the karate team.

    • Jimmy: As I always say, one truth will prevail.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Differences from the manga version:
      - In the anime, the murderer at the beginning kills his wife as opposed to killing his partner.
      - In the anime, Jimmy's face ends up under Rachel's skirt after dodging her kicks. In the manga, he simply leaps out of the way to dodge her kicks.
      - In the anime, Richard, Agasa, George, Amy and Mitch make their first appearances. In the manga, Richard and Agasa would debut in the next story ("The Kidnapped Debutante"). George, Amy and Mitch's first appearance in the manga would be the 6th story ("The Disappearing Act")

    • Appeared in volume 1 of the manga.

    • The name of Jimmy and Rachel's school in the manga is "Teitan High School" they changed it to "Titan High School" in the show.

    • Japanese title: The Roller Coaster Murder Case

    • The Opening music is the full version, and the not the cut down version from ep. 2 on.


    • One of the girls in line for the roller coaster in front of Jimmy and Rachel is dressed like Velma from Scooby-Doo, another mystery solver.

    • When Rachel is crying at the theme park, in the background there is a castle. This may be an allusion to the signature Cinderella Castle seen at all Disney Theme Parks.

    • none:
      Rachel didn't follow Jimmy at the end of the evening when they were at the amusement park because her shoelace broke; a sign of bad luck in Japan.

    • Conan: Conan Edogawa
      Edogawa Ranpo is the pen-name for the author who wrote Kaijin Nijyu Menso, a famous mystery series in Japan. The pen-name itself is a play on the name of the famous author/poet Edgar Alan Poe.