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Cash Cab
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Cash Cab is yet another British import game show making the rounds on American television. Comedian Ben Bailey is the host and driver of the Cash Cab. Once in the cab, players are bombarded with trivia questions. The first four questions are worth $25 each, the next four $50, and the rest worth $100. In the third season, these are doubled to $50, $100 and $200 respectively. Depending on how long the trip is (Bailey will tell the fare beforehand how many blocks they are away from their destination), a contestant could earn over $1000 in the Cash Cab. However, a contestant must be careful about answering questions incorrectly or freezing. Each incorrect answer/freeze earns the contestant a strike, and three strikes cause the contestant to be kicked out of the cab without a dime. To help the contestant along, two help options are provided. One is a "Mobile Shoutout," during which the fare may make a 30-second phone call to ask a friend for help. The other is a "Street Shoutout," in which Bailey will pull the cab over to the curb and the fare will ask someone on the street to help answer the question. Along the way, if the contestant has earned more than $200 and the cab is stopped at a red light, the Red Light Challenge is initiated. The contestant is given a multi-answer question and has 30 seconds to give all the correct answers. If successful, $250 is added to their score. No penalty is given for failing to complete the challenge. Once the cab has reached its destination, Bailey offers a choice to his fare: either exit the cab with the money right then and there, or risk it all on a slightly more difficult video bonus question. If the contestant chooses to take the risk, he is shown a video clip and then asked a question about it. A correct answer doubles the contestant's winnings, but an incorrect answer leaves him with nothing.moreless

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