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  • ben your twin is in watertown ct

    he works at a liquour store at pioneer plaza wish your show could expand so i could play 860 417 8863
  • cash cab

    I love this show & would like to know if it is still on tv. If so when is it on. There is no other show like it...
  • A game show inside a taxi cab?... that's gotta be one of the most creative ideas I've ever seen on television

    I love this game show this is none other than "Cash Cab". I remember when my dad and I would watch this game show a lot and when I say "a lot", I really do mean A LOT. This is one of my favorite game shows to watch on the Game Show Network and it's very fun. Ever since my dad died though, I haven't watch this show as much as I used to back when he was still alive and he was there with me to watch it. Even though I don't watch it as much as I used to, I will always make me remember of my dad. I'll probably say I watch this game show at least 3-5 times a month. The point of the game show is that people will randomly come inside a taxi cab to get a ride to somewhere but out of nowhere, they find out that they are inside a taxi cab where they play the game show to win money inside a taxi cab while getting a ride to wherever they need to go. The game show is also a good way to challenge your mind because some of the questions that they ask are very challenging and tricky. To be honest, it hurts my brain sometimes with some of the tricky questions LOL. The thing is that if they lose of their money and 3 strikes then they must get out of the cash cab and walk the rest of the way to where they are going. All I can say is that this is an awesome game show and it's totally worth watching, no doubt about it. Overall, "Cash Cab" is an awesome game show and even though I don't watch it as much as I used to, I still LOVE it. 10/10

    I DEDICATE this review to my father Roberto Estrada: June 12th, 1965-September 26th, 2011
  • Good show.

    This show is entertaining and has a fresh concept, for now at least. Like other game shows, this one has hit with a hard puch to the face with some fresh interest and some entertainment value. I have watched on a few occasions and I have to say it is a good show. The one thing I really don't like is the fact that there is no explaination for the reasons of why the cab is picked. I don't see many cabs like that in reality, so that part is kind of weird. Overall, this is a good show and is educational. Thank you.
  • It's a game show in his cab.

    I love this show, but have only one "problem" with it. It makes me feel stupid. Seriously, there are times this show makes me feel like an idiot. So many questions come up with things I haven't even heard of and the people answer the questions, no problem. I kid, though. Even with my moments of ignorance, this show is good on the information and Ben is and entertaining and likable host. It's always great when someone enters and he'll bust out one of his "cabbie accents" before revealing the taxi as a game show. So catch this under appreciated Discovery Channel show. You'll probably learn a thing or two.
  • Great

    there are over 300 cabs in New york city, but there's only 1, that pays you! Whoever thought of this idea is a genious! Ben bailey is a magnifecent, yet sometimes harsh host. I call him this generations regis! I love it when the contestant is completely doped when the lights go on, there reaction is just so funny. When i go to new york city, i'm looking for this cab. I would not go for the video bonus though, just for some reason I won't. Red light challenges i notice only happen when the contestant is doing well, red light challenges are fairly easy.

    Great show, 8.5
  • Take a ride to win money on the Cash Cab.

    Other than GSN, there are other stations that have various game shows. When I learned that Cash Cab won a Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show, it was the upset win for a cable series since Win Ben Stein's Money. So I tune into Discovery to watch that show, I was impressed,

    Some of the contestants are wise enough to know they are in the Cash Cab. Ben Bailey's a great host/cab driver.

    Funny no one thought of parodying this on late night shows where the contestant gets a 3rd strike right in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge or even a rough neighborhood.
  • Really off the wall!

    This is a different kind of game show you can
    Say as it is taken place in a cab in
    Which comedian Ben Bailey, who is the driver and the host of the show. Will give unsuspecting passengers cash if they answer questions and drive them to their destination. It also could be called as Who Wants to Be a Millonaire as you have your lifelines. Like calling out on the street for the answer and calling a friend. You can take a chance by answering after you win your cash, a final question. You can double it more or leave without any kind of cash. Off the wall game show!
  • Fast, Fun, a bit weird, and some good trivia

    The Cash Cab on Discovery channel is one of the best up and coming trivia shows. Based in NYC it is a quiz show that takes place in the back of a taxi. The questions are general knowledge and are typically not hard. They players get three strikes or the game is over and they are kicked out. They get two lifelines called shoutouts. Finally once they have arrived at their destination they are given the opportunity to go double or nothing on a video bonus question. Ever since i began watching it daily it seems that the folks of the big apple are getting weirder. Also there are obnoxious people who need to take it down a notch. Overall it is a good show with a neat concept. I think that Bill Bailey the shows host is a very funny person. Though it must be difficult to navigate new york traffic while hosting a game show. He deserves a lot of credit for that. The show doesn't give giant payouts but it is still a good 30 minutes of entertainment.
  • With an odd look and feel, Cash Cab isn't a gameshow you could necessarily tune into on purpose.

    Without all the staples of a gameshow like a studio audience, suspencefully placed commercial breaks and a host who can't make eye contact with you for your lives sake, Cash Cab certainly can't be called uninventive. The game itself, a question and answer formual with, ahem, lifelines or "shoutouts" as they call it, isn't that eyecatching except for the format of having the game in a moving vehicle, with some odds and ends. Maybe it's the host, maybe it's the channel but Cash Cab is uncomfortable to watch. The charmless, seemingly unmotivated and serious, no-laughing host drives around as New York taxi passengers answer questions for money they don't seem to need. With a low budget, I believe the max payout is around a couple thousand dollars and to achieve four-digits you must go into "double-or-nothing". I couldn't imagine for the life of me tuning into Cash Cab on purpose. I can certainly see why people like it, I can't exactly say I don't, but it all comes off a little too forumaltic just with a taxi thrown in and not a whole lot of fun to watch. With the price of a taxi nowadays, winning a couple hundred bucks to these passengers never comes off as nail-biting but more 'I can brag I won some money on that Cash Cab show to my friends'. Couldn't say I dislike it but could never watch for more than a few minutes, Cash Cab is something to keep you busy in between the program your actually watching's commercial break.
  • Can you say like best game show ever????

    OK, something that I will never understand is why this show did not make it onto one of the larger networks (like ABC or FOX) This is such a unique and funny game show. Asking common knowledge questions, during a cab ride, and earning money. What a brilliant idea! I wish that I had come up with it. This show makes me want to go to New York city and hail cabs for days to find this one a kind. The show has a great host. That is what makes a lot of game shows flop, bad hosts. But the host of Cash Cab is perfect and he was made for this job!
  • Cash Cab is game show that takes place in a taxi. The game takes place while they are taken to their destination while in the cab. Ben Bailey is the host/driver. The taxi ride takes place in New York City.

    Cash Cab is a new imaginative and exciting game show that asks contestants to answer general knowledge questions about anything and everything. The questions are based on a three set four part of questions; thus, the first four questions are worth $25, then the next four questions are worth $50, and the next four questions are worth $100, but contestants can have more than four $100 questions if they are successfully answering questions correctly as they go depending on their length of destination, but they only get three strikes, and if they get three strikes, Ben will kick them out on the spot of where they got it wrong. If they can't answer the question, they are allowed help, which are Mobile and Street Shootouts, only 1 a piece. Also, if they reach $200, they are eligible for the Red Light Challenge, which is one question that is worth $250. They have to answer multiple responses to that one question to earn the $250 and there is no strike if incorrect. If they make the entire destination without getting the boot, they have the option to take the Video Bonus question where they can double their money by risking it all. Overall, it is a great game show that is fun to play along with the contestants.
  • A fun and enjoyable game show from the Discovery Channel.

    "Cash Cab" is a TV game show that asks passengers in a New York cab trivia question. For each correct answer, they get money; for each wrong answer, they get a strike: three strikes and they are kicked out of the cab. They continue in this fashion until the intended destination is reached. I thoroughly enjoy watching this show any time I can. It has interesting questions, and it is quite fun to yell out the answers to the questions you know the answers to. It was clever of them to make the format of the show in which the amount of money you receive for each correct answer goes up as you answer more questions. I do not like, however, that you only get three strikes. That seems like too little, even though on most other game shows, you only get one strike. Overall, however, this is a very interesting and fun show to watch, and is a good reality show for the Discovery Channel. 9.6/10
  • The cash cab is a great show on trivia that is asked in a cab by the taxi driver.

    The rules of Cash Cab are simple. It is you answer questions on any type of trivia to win money. But if you get three strikes, which is a missed question, you lose all your accumulated money and are kicked out of the cab. The show is great because you can actually learn something new every time you watch the show and seeing the people;s faces when they find out they are on the show is also enjoyable. There are few bad points except that the game is repetitive which is only bad if you get bored easily. Overall, this is a great show and I recommend that people should watch this.
  • When you really think about it, it's not the best idea for a game show. But somehow, Cash Cab turns an odd premise into the best half-hour of TV you could produce without a script.

    It's been my experience that people can't watch this show without breaking into a smile. It has the feel of authentic reality television--it's great fun to witness the players' moment of realization that they are on a game show, to observe their relationships with each other, and to see the host react to the situation. Surprising people with the possibility of free money makes for entertaining feel-good TV, even when the contestants don't respond with extreme enthusiasm (as they usually tend to do).

    As far as the game show aspect, the audience becomes involved on many levels: not only can you guess the trivia answers at home, but because of the simple three-strikes model, you can compare your performance to the contestants, effectively judging how you would fare in the cab. And at the end of the ride, when the passengers are faced with the double-or-nothing choice, viewers can gauge whether they'll take the gamble. Whether or not you're familiar with Manhattan, Cash Cab is a delight. It's not a must-see show, but once you start watching, more often than not, you'll have trouble turning it off.
  • Im a cab driver in hawaii

    , and I think you should let me host a cash cab hawaii . I love this show !!I wanted to post in here and see what people think about that idea . feedback would be nice ,thanks for looking . AlohaIt is worth a shot , if you come at least youll get a nice tan. , and I think you should let me host a cash cab hawaii . I love this show !!I wanted to post in here and see what people think about that idea . feedback would be nice ,thanks for looking . It is worth a shot , if you come at least youll get a nice tan. Aloha
  • Cash Cab is one of the best shows on television today. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!

    We love the Cash Cab, it is very enteraining. It is educational as well and often very funny. We were so disappointed when it was moved from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m., but we could not believe it when it was taken off the air completely. We have told many friends about the show and they also could not understand why it was stopped. There are so few shows on the networks today that have any educational value so it is sad to see the Cash Cab removed. Benjamin Baily is a great host and makes the show what it is. Please bring it back, ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  • Different then most game shows.

    This show is better than most other game shows and deserves to be brought back. Instead of picking people that are smart to begin with and beat out all the average people that need the money, they pick average people that just show up out of nowhere. For that, I love this show.
  • Bring back the Cash Cab. It was without a doubt the most entertaining show on television and fall under the catagories of game show, educational show and just plain down right entertaining.

    Since becoming disabled I have had ample time to rediscover television. I finally discovered the Cash Cab show, which I immediately dubbed as my favorite show on television. I think the show, due to its questions, was a very educational television show as well as just plain good entertainment.
    Now without warning, I no longer am able to find the Cash Cab television show anyplace on the air. Who or what individual was responsible for one of the best educational shows to be taken off the air. I believe this to be one of the biggest mistakes by a network in the past decade.
    It is my hopes that the program will be picked up by another network and let it continue entertaining the viewing public and in the process let Discovery Channel find how huge a mistake they made by canceling the program.
  • Cash Cab should be shown in prime time and not "after school" time.

    I love this show and enjoy guessing the answers to the questions, just like I do with "Wheel of Fortune". The driver is funny and have great facial expressions. What a hoot, get in a cab and potentially win money and in New York City. I miss seeing it and hope it comes back soon.
  • Cash Cab is set in a New York taxi cab, driving around the city, but in this cab, you don\'t pay the driver, he pays you.

    Cash Cab is set in a New York taxi cab, driving around the city, but in this cab, you don\'t pay the driver, he pays you. Unsuspecting people of all different types get in the cab, and are often startled by the flashing lights that go off when the door closes. Riders are given a chance to earn some decent cash, by correctly answering trivia questions. But, as host, Ben Bailey, says, \"Its three strikes, and you\'re out!\"

    With the wide varity of people that get in the cab, there are some you root for, and others that make you feel schadenfreude as the continually miss easy questions. Cash Cab is easily one of the most underrated shows on TV right now.
  • this is a quiz show that takes place in a taxi in new york

    i enjoy this show because it's an original idea. Most game shows take place in a studio but this one is a lot different. The show takes place in new york city and picks up fares regularly but instead of them paying the driver, the driver pays them. they're only allowed 3 mistakes and if they get 3 they're kicked out of the cab wherever they are. This is a good show but I think it can do a little bit better in some ways. I think it's a great idea because this show takes you outside of a dark studio.
  • I love this show! Its Trival Pursuit meets the NYC Cabbey!

    This show is a hoot to watch. If you likew watching trivia shows, add this one to your list! Your host Ben Bailey is perfect in his role of inquisitioner and cab driver. The really col feature of this show is three strikes and your out,literally. Keeping in mind that Ben is picking up fares on the streets of Manhattan, you can only imagine the range of contestants you get a chance to see. Yuppies, Stoners, Blue Hair, Old people, young people, english speakers, non-english speakers. The variety is what makes the show.

    Its on daily 5:00pm and 5:30pm and repeated several times during the day. Don't miss it if your looking for a great show!