Cash Cab

Discovery Channel (ended 2008)





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  • A fun and enjoyable game show from the Discovery Channel.

    "Cash Cab" is a TV game show that asks passengers in a New York cab trivia question. For each correct answer, they get money; for each wrong answer, they get a strike: three strikes and they are kicked out of the cab. They continue in this fashion until the intended destination is reached. I thoroughly enjoy watching this show any time I can. It has interesting questions, and it is quite fun to yell out the answers to the questions you know the answers to. It was clever of them to make the format of the show in which the amount of money you receive for each correct answer goes up as you answer more questions. I do not like, however, that you only get three strikes. That seems like too little, even though on most other game shows, you only get one strike. Overall, however, this is a very interesting and fun show to watch, and is a good reality show for the Discovery Channel. 9.6/10