Cash Cab

Discovery Channel (ended 2008)





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  • Cash Cab is game show that takes place in a taxi. The game takes place while they are taken to their destination while in the cab. Ben Bailey is the host/driver. The taxi ride takes place in New York City.

    Cash Cab is a new imaginative and exciting game show that asks contestants to answer general knowledge questions about anything and everything. The questions are based on a three set four part of questions; thus, the first four questions are worth $25, then the next four questions are worth $50, and the next four questions are worth $100, but contestants can have more than four $100 questions if they are successfully answering questions correctly as they go depending on their length of destination, but they only get three strikes, and if they get three strikes, Ben will kick them out on the spot of where they got it wrong. If they can't answer the question, they are allowed help, which are Mobile and Street Shootouts, only 1 a piece. Also, if they reach $200, they are eligible for the Red Light Challenge, which is one question that is worth $250. They have to answer multiple responses to that one question to earn the $250 and there is no strike if incorrect. If they make the entire destination without getting the boot, they have the option to take the Video Bonus question where they can double their money by risking it all. Overall, it is a great game show that is fun to play along with the contestants.