Cash Cab

Discovery Channel (ended 2008)





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  • With an odd look and feel, Cash Cab isn't a gameshow you could necessarily tune into on purpose.

    Without all the staples of a gameshow like a studio audience, suspencefully placed commercial breaks and a host who can't make eye contact with you for your lives sake, Cash Cab certainly can't be called uninventive. The game itself, a question and answer formual with, ahem, lifelines or "shoutouts" as they call it, isn't that eyecatching except for the format of having the game in a moving vehicle, with some odds and ends. Maybe it's the host, maybe it's the channel but Cash Cab is uncomfortable to watch. The charmless, seemingly unmotivated and serious, no-laughing host drives around as New York taxi passengers answer questions for money they don't seem to need. With a low budget, I believe the max payout is around a couple thousand dollars and to achieve four-digits you must go into "double-or-nothing". I couldn't imagine for the life of me tuning into Cash Cab on purpose. I can certainly see why people like it, I can't exactly say I don't, but it all comes off a little too forumaltic just with a taxi thrown in and not a whole lot of fun to watch. With the price of a taxi nowadays, winning a couple hundred bucks to these passengers never comes off as nail-biting but more 'I can brag I won some money on that Cash Cab show to my friends'. Couldn't say I dislike it but could never watch for more than a few minutes, Cash Cab is something to keep you busy in between the program your actually watching's commercial break.