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Discovery Channel (ended 2008)





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  • Fast, Fun, a bit weird, and some good trivia

    The Cash Cab on Discovery channel is one of the best up and coming trivia shows. Based in NYC it is a quiz show that takes place in the back of a taxi. The questions are general knowledge and are typically not hard. They players get three strikes or the game is over and they are kicked out. They get two lifelines called shoutouts. Finally once they have arrived at their destination they are given the opportunity to go double or nothing on a video bonus question. Ever since i began watching it daily it seems that the folks of the big apple are getting weirder. Also there are obnoxious people who need to take it down a notch. Overall it is a good show with a neat concept. I think that Bill Bailey the shows host is a very funny person. Though it must be difficult to navigate new york traffic while hosting a game show. He deserves a lot of credit for that. The show doesn't give giant payouts but it is still a good 30 minutes of entertainment.