Cash in the Attic - Season 1

Monday 9:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Nov 27, 2004 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Trading Clutter for a Refrigerator
    The Lail family really wants a new refrigerator. But they can't afford it. Appraiser Christine Downing searches through their collectibles to find a few guaranteed big sellers for the auction. Most of the items have been inherited by Kelly, who loves to be a pack rat and refuses to let things go. Husband Willy is sick of the clutter and can't wait to get rid of some things.moreless
  • Backyard Patio Purchase
    Ellen and Larry Kagan have always wanted a patio in their backyard. But they just never got around to it. Appraiser Tim Luke helps them sift through a sea of collections. There's tons of stuff to pick from, including dogs, dolls, and figurines - oh my!
  • Raising Remodeling Dollars
    Emma's bathroom needs some TLC. The Hanleys would love to redecorate it for their daughter, but they don't have the cash to do it. Appraiser Christine Downing help Lynda and John in their search for valuable items to sell. Along the way, John realizes he's spent way too much on junk, and Lynda worries that he'll try to spend more at the auction.moreless
  • Freshening the Landscape
    The Witzal family would love to improve their landscaping, so they've come to John Sencio and appraiser Tim Luke for help with raising funds! They sift through a sea of antiques and collectibles, searching for a few good pieces. Wife Helaine is an interior designer and has a good eye for chic and valuable items, while husband Mark appreciates her good taste, but sees it all as clutter.moreless
  • Funding a Camper Refurbish
    The Mullins family has a camper that they want to refurbish. But they need cash! So guess who they call? Yep - Cash in the Attic! Wife Sally is the collector of the family, and husband Eric wants to clear out what he sees as junk.
  • Gas-Log Goal
    Gas-Log Goal
    Episode 8
    The Lendrim family has been working hard to put their house in tip-top shape. Their current goal? Gas-logs for their fireplace! But, like most people, they don't have a ton of spare cash to spend on it. Wife Stacy is a full-blown collector, while husband Robert would rather appreciate antiques from afar, rather than own them. Appraiser Tim Luke and our trusty host John Sencio help clear a path through the clutter to a gold mine.moreless
  • Wall Paint Wanted
    Wall Paint Wanted
    Episode 7
    Painting walls is expensive - the Salisbury family knows first hand. Phil, the husband, is the collector of the family and can't seem to get rid of a few things. But Lisa, the wife, can't wait to see the "junk" go.
  • Sunroom Seekers
    Sunroom Seekers
    Episode 6
    John and Tim help a family pick through their belongings in order to find enough stuff to sell to buy new windows for their sunroom. But will a sentimental wife make things harder for the duo?
  • Hardwood Floor Dreams
    The Bell family needs new hardwood floors, but comes across the same ol' problem - big dreams, no cash. Christine Downing helps 'em out and searches for valuable antiques to take to auction.
  • Outside Repaint Required
    Sarah and John Pearson have to repaint the outside of their house. But as they sift through all of their things, they notice all of it belongs to Sarah. And even though she inherited it and didn't pay a cent for it, she's hesitant to let go.
  • Office Space Needed
    Bill Marucci wants an office at home, and his wife Tracy wants him to have one! Just one problem - no cash. John Sencio and Tim Luke search through all their modern treasures, and attempt to find gold in the form of a worthy antique. Bill has no attachments to any of his things, but all of Tracy's things are precious heirlooms. Can the couple compromise to raise the money they need?moreless
  • Basement Redo
    Basement Redo
    Episode 2
    The Overend family needs cash. Why? To finance the redo of their cluttered basement! Our beloved host John Sencio and appraiser Tim Luke help the family to find diamonds in the rough that they can sell at auction to rake in the money.
  • Wanted: Basement Redo
    John and Barrie Overend want to redecorate their basement, but need some serious cash to do so. John and Tim help them go through their clutter in order to find items worth selling. Will they raise enough money for their new basement? Watch and see!
  • Project Bathroom Update
    Phil and Terry Levitch want to remodel their bathroom, but to do that--they need cash. John is happy to oblige and finds a willing helper in the couple's daughter Lisa.