Cash in the Attic - Season 4

Monday 9:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Nov 27, 2004 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Holiday Display Fundraiser
    The Cocchi Family is more than willing to give of their valuable collections so that their house will be decked out in holiday cheer. However, will the buyers at the auction think they have anything to offer?
  • Funding an Art Studio
    $2000 is what's needed for a loving wife to buy an art studio for her husband. However, in order to reach that goal, Allyse must let go of quite a bit of her collections, and her husband, Stephen, has to agree. Can John help them past their pack rat tendencies or will the studio remain a far off dream?moreless
  • Big-Screen TV Target
    The Halpers love TV! Who doesn't? So they wanna raise $2000 for a new big-screen! Mr. Andrew Halper loves estate sales so he has lots of choice objects to choose from. His wife and kids never appreciated it - but they will now!
  • Chef Wants New Countertops
    The Pensons can't wait to sell some of the stuff they've accumulated over the years. They want to sell some of their items to get a nice set of kitchen countertops, and Craig, as a personal chef, can definitely appreciate them. Is it possible to raise the necessary $2000 for the countertops?moreless
  • Wanted: Home Office Updo
    The Moran family really wants to take some of their crazy items to auction to make some quick cash. They really want to make enough money and redo their home office. Can they fill the van and get some green?
  • Family Movie Night Fundraiser
    The Grimaldis are very similar to the classic Brady family, with five combined children. But kids ain't cheap, and even just a trip to the movies can break the budget. Can Cash in the Attic help them raise some dough for a spiffy new flat-screen TV for movie nights at home?moreless
  • Garnering Garage-Door Cash
    Beata Dubac really wants to get rid of all her husband's heirlooms and make a pretty penny. But he holds his treasures close to his heart, and doesn't want to get rid of the things his wife sees as clutter. But can this stuff raise them $2000 for new garage doors? It might cost them warmth in the winter if they can't!moreless
  • Project Kitchen Upgrade
    Rob and his partner, Sam, live on a farm in New Jersey. Rob just moved in, and Sam wants to make it feel like Home Sweet Home for him. They want some new cabinets for the kitchen, but they also want to clear out some clutter. And Rob can't stand the crazy cow wallpaper. They have a lot of eccentric finds, including a ton of Spiderman toys. But can the raise the $2000 they need?moreless
  • Raising Funds for Renovations
    Samantha and Henry are young, in love, and - engaged! They decided to move into Samantha's grandma's old house. Where? In lovely Long Island, NY. But they got more than they bargained for when they moved in. Don't worry though! They got some good stuff. Tons of antiques and precious collectibles are begging to be sold. This couple wants to raise $5000 to repair a few major flaws in the walls. But can a few family heirlooms do the trick?moreless
  • New Playroom Prospects
    Jake really can't stand his wife's clutter. He's dying to get it out of the house. But the wife, Lori, loves her heirlooms. She knows exactly how much each one is worth - is she competition for Tim and Christine? But Jake can't handle all the stuff. There's just too much! They want to raise $2500 for a new playroom for their sons Tyler and Tommy. But can they defeat the overwhelming force of all the clutter?moreless
  • Front Porch Repair Required
    The Stratton's really want ro repair their front porch. In order to do that, they have to sell some things that belonged to dear old Grandpa. But uh oh! Out-of-state relatives butt in and make their opinion known when they don't want certain things to go to auction.
  • Spare Room Redo
    Spare Room Redo
    Episode 2
    Allison and Lucas just bought their first home as a couple. They love to make wine and really want to dedicate a room solely their passion. But, since they've run out of dough, the room sits idle. They also want to entertain their friends, who also have a passion for fine wine. Can they reach their goal of $1000 and complete this task?moreless