Cashmere Mafia

Season 1 Episode 2

Conference Call

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2008 on ABC

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  • Ohhh a break-up, a non-make up, and a complete diss!!

    This was such a fun episode. I thought it was fantastic the way Zoe took charge and completely dissed her 'stay-at-home-mom' rival, it was completely brilliant. I was a little miffed by Mia's confusion at the request to fire her little buddy at work. She must have known that his work had been lacking and that eventually it would come to that. It seemed the writing was lacking a bit in that area, since you don't get to the top of the ladder by overlooking things like that. Caitlin's relationship with Alicia is interesting, but it's a little bland. The writing between the two characters is dull. However, Caitlin's dialogue when talking 'about' their relationship is good, which to me is odd. Finally, Juliet's therapy session was fantastic. I love her hard edges. I think this episode had both high and low points, but it's not going to keep me from watching, because like I said, the Zoe situation was brilliant.
  • Very Original, if you havent seen Big Shots.

    After the first episode aired, the one major thing that jumped out was the obvious parallel between this show and its Thursday-male-counterpart, Big Shots. The similarities are still there, but even more apparent are the emerging differences. For one, finding out Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville) is pondering a same sex relationship is brushed off as nothing more than a phase. The progression is consistent with the direction of the time we live in, but in this case it seemed distracting and much like an overzealous attempt at making an uninteresting character, interesting. A clear personality in terms of dynamism surfaced in this episode; Zoe (Frances O'Connor) and her conflicts with work and home along with an overbearing housewife competing for her husband's and children's affection took the spotlight and gave the episode character. Another thing that surfaced is that all the women live up to the vindictive and conspiring personas that people previously accused them of being as they all encouraged Juliet (Miranda Otto) to pursue a fling with man outside of her marriage as means of spite. If anything can be said about the women, its that they aren't boring. So far its still not impressive but good for kicks during the abbreviated television season.
  • A group of modern women coping with 'real'life problems

    I watched the first 2 episodes and I have to say I was bored out of my mind. Totally unoriginal without anything resembling imagination. All characters are stereotype there isnt one among theme that is realy likeable, men and women. All storylines have been done to death over and over and over again. I hope the people who wrote this are on strike and stay on strike for a very very long time. This is nothing more then another Desperate Housewives wannabe, that show had its appeal for the first 5 minutes that is, so this should be another great hit with the couchpotatoecrowd. It was like watching an Oprah rerun, isnt toture outlawed?? I hope the powers that be will have the guts to come up with something original sometime instead of just coming up with the same soapstories.