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Cashmere Mafia

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Meet our four Cashmere Mafia queens Mia, Juliet, Caitlin and Zoe. They've been friends since college and live and work in Manhattan. They have great jobs and together they will support each other through rocky marriages, rival colleagues, family crisis and anything that comes up. Enter the ambitious worlds of style, smarts and appeal, while unexpected heart and humor keep the Cashmere Mafia's stories compelling.moreless

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  • Compelling female drama

    This episode pretty much involved getting to know the characters and where they are in their lives. We know that Caitlin is notoriously unsuccessful at keeping a relationship, we find that Juliet on the surface seems to be a Supermom with a model marriage and not to much trouble from the kids. Then we get to know Mia, who is newly engaged and on the cusp of winning a top position within her firm. Finally, we get to know Zoe who, with the exception of some work drama really does seem to manage everything well family wise.

    I know that many people are likening this to a high-powered version of SITC and to tell you the truth, it really is. These women are polished, successful, and can be downright vicious. However, I think the writing is superb, the characters well developed and the story-line is interesting. I'm definately looking forward to the season.moreless
  • Ok so it's a pilot episode, introductions are abound here, characters introduced, plotlines are introduced and the general tone of the show is introduced to the audience.

    Not the most gripping pilot episode of a show that I have ever seen by far, but then again, not the most dire. The writing is good, excellent dialogue between the characters too, and the storylines seem to be going to interesting enough places. It doesn't feel particularly fresh or new though. I mean, four women in NYC....SATC anyone? I know it has the same creator but I was hoping for a slightly different take on things. That said, it is watchable. The characters appeal to the audience, the clothes appeal to the female viewers and it is a good way to fill up 40 minutes of your time. I have to keep telling myself it is only a pilot before I jump to any conclusions - I've watched episode 2 though - if you didn't like this then at least give the second episode a try. :)moreless
  • The pilot for Cashmere Mafia suffers from a trite plot spoonfed from a turned up nose. If you've been around the block ... heck, if you've been out of the house, this will feel like been there, done that.moreless

    I was looking forward to this so-called "dramedy" for a few reasons. I heard it likened to "Sex and the City," and while I never saw that show, I know many people that rave over it. If they really are similar, I have no desire to watch City now. The second reason was an anticipated return to network TV by Lucy Liu. Despite a few quirky comments, which were cliched but amusing, she couldn't keep this show afloat.

    When I say the plot was spoonfed, I mean the writers seem to think the American viewer is too dumb to understand subtext. Not that I necessarily disagree with that, but the show's subtext hasn't exactly been complicated. The very first scene where the "potential" lesbian meets her potential lover, was so obvious a dung beetle would have made the following observation to another dung beetle: "Hey, she's lesbian!"

    When the three characters decided to do an intervention and tell the fourth about the cheating husband, anyone who didn't already know that SHE had some idea, is just cheating reality.

    I will begrudgingly give this show one more shot. I've got episode two on my DVR and I'm afraid to watch it. It was almost painful to watch this one.moreless
  • I loved the first episode of this show, with great actresses, great storylines, great musics, and it was a very well written episode. I already love these girls!

    I loved the first episode of this show, with great actresses, great storylines, great musics, and it was a very well written episode. I already love these girls! My favourite is Mia, maybe because she is Lucy Liu xD , but all the girls are great and everyone had something to tell to the audience. Darren Star did not blasted me, with another grat tv show. It's not Sex And The City, but a perfect mix of Sex and the city and desperate housewives I guess. Really a great episode and I think also a great tv show, I really hope it will not be cancelled!moreless
  • This show is HORRIBLY written, using such tired and lame cliches. The characters are 1 dimensional and there is NO mystery, NO originality, NO suspense.

    Oh, this is SO NOT Sex & The City! That was a new, original, sometimes shocking and always enjoyable fun TV time! This looks like a screenplay by a C student highschool junior. Of COURSE there's a lesbian in the first episode, the writers couldn't possibly develop the character and hint to it, they have to beat you over the head.

    And any interesting story line is also served to the audience a la 'thank you Captian Obvious" for example...the fact that they power couple is too busy to properly screen and interview the nanny and therefore are punished by thier decision would have made a really interesting plot, but the writers should let the viewers come to that conclusion, not have the man in bed blurt it out "I guess we're just too busy and the nanny knows it and will use it against us' isn't even well written, it's like a crib note used in the script!

    Lucy Lui is usually so fun to watch and yet what did she think would happen when she played hard ball with her fiance? I didn't feel sorry for her at all! I sided with HIM! I will never watch another episode. No one can relate to these women. And I should be the target audience!moreless
Addison Timlin

Addison Timlin

Emily Draper

Guest Star

Brian d'Arcy James

Brian d'Arcy James

Maximillian Brautigan

Guest Star

Griffin Matthews

Griffin Matthews


Guest Star

Lourdes Benedicto

Lourdes Benedicto

Alicia Lawson

Recurring Role

Noelle Beck

Noelle Beck

Cilla Grey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (16)

    • Zoe: Mia got the job, and Jack called it off.
      Caitlin: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. And screw him.
      Mia: Well, not anymore...

    • Zoe: Brooke, Katherine... What is it with these girls? It's, it's like Generation Y gave way to Generation I.D.
      Eric: I.D.?
      Zoe: "I deserve".

    • Zoe: Is it hard for you to stay faithful to me?
      Eric: Where'd that come from?
      Zoe: Davis is having an affair with Cilla Grey.
      Eric: Does Juliet know?
      Zoe: Mia and Caitlin and I, we're telling her tomorrow.
      Eric: Wow. Will you bring nets and a tranquilizer gun?

    • Father Dowd: You've been dating for 20 years...
      Caitlin: 15!
      Father Dowd: Whatever. And at some point, I think it's okay if you admit that it's not about finding the right guy anymore. It's about the right person.
      Caitlin: Well, I don't even know if she's gay or straight. I don't know if I'm gay Just... I don't know if she even gave me a second thought. Just, there was this vibe, you know? We're just going for
      drinks. Drinks are safe. You think?
      Father Dowd: I think you can do better than me for the dating dos and don'ts.
      Caitlin: That's true.

    • Jack: I'm kind of torn between ravaging you and locking you in here till Friday.
      Mia: Well, why don't we compromise? I'll lock the door... and you can ravage me.

    • Caitlin: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been God only knows when since my last confession, and here are my sins. Um, I think I might be gay I don't know if I'm gay Oh, God.

    • Jack: You know, that's what I hate about working with women.
      Mia: What?
      Jack: You make like you're playing by the rules, but when push comes to shove, out come the little looks and the sexy little signals.

    • Zoe: When we were in business school together, we'd talk about what kind of guy we thought we'd end up with, and Mia would always describe her perfect man. He had to be smart, funny, uh, generous, driven...
      Caitlin: Basically, Mia... with a penis

    • Jack: I was thinking maybe one of us could step aside.
      Mia: Oh, what a gentleman...
      Jack: I meant the other one of us.

    • Caitlin: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! We're all wearing black!?
      Zoe: Well, it is New York.
      Juliet: (walking into the room) Okay. Who died?

    • (to Jack, about Mia)
      Juliet: Oh, one last little thing. Be good to her.
      Zoe: Cause if you break her heart...
      Caitlin: We'll break every last bone in your body.

    • Jack: It's a good thing I'm marrying you...
      Mia: Oh really? Why is that?
      Jack: Cause I'd hate not having you on my team.

    • Caitlin: I have a teleconference with Tokio. I love you.
      Zoe: My nanny quit.
      Mia: Oh, no...
      Zoe: A whole thing...
      Juliet: I have to have sex with Davis.
      All: Oh!
      Juliet: He's going on a business trip tomorrow. It's superstitious good luck thing with us.
      Mia: Kind of like a little bone-voyage?

    • (Caitlin and Alicia walk out together, lit up with drinks and laughing. Caitlin's Jaguar is waiting at the curb.)
      Caitlin: Can I drop you?
      Alicia: I'm actually meeting my brother in Brooklyn for dinner. So, I'll just take a taxi...
      (They kiss each other's cheeks.)
      Caitlin: This was fun. Good night...
      (They look at each other. Alicia catchers her eye with a challenging, mischievous, unmistakably erotic look and Caitlin's breath catches and Alicia steps up and kisses her full on the mouth.)
      Caitlin: (after a moment, breathless) I should tell you. I've had a terrible time with men. And no real experience with women. So I'm kind of flying without the instruments here and... (Alicia silences her with another kiss.)
      Alicia: And I should tell you that you're a wonderful kisser. I'm late. I'll see you Monday...
      (She runs off towards the avenue, hailing a cab. Caitlin enters her car and leans against the seat, closing her eyes, thrilled and scared all at once.)

    • Mia (to Jack): It's not winning without you.
      Jack: Sorry Mia.

    • Juliet (to Davis): Take a good look around at all of our friends. Go on.
      Davis: Ok.
      Juliet: Now you won't know when and you won't know who, but I'm going to take one of them as my lover and I'm going to do things with him that would curl your toes. And then I'm going to end it and you and I can start over with a clean slate.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Broadcast Dates:
      Israel - April 15, 2008 on Hot3/Yes Stars 3
      Denmark - April 16, 2008 on TV3
      Slovakia - July 2, 2009 on JOJ

    • Featured Music:
      "All Eyes On Me" by Letoya Luckett
      "Melt With You" by Modern English
      "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce
      "Natural Woman" by Carole King
      "Cardboard Ladders" by Charlotte Martin
      "Always" by Kids Glove Music
      "Right Now" by Kids Glove Music
      "Ooh La La" by Lissa
      "She's A Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones

    • Cashmere Mafia was ordered to series on May 11, 2007. The show has been picked for an initial run of 13 episodes.