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  • bring back the show please

    i agree, this show is so much better than lipstick jungle, its a nice change from show we normally see about men with powerful positions, me and my friends really love getting together watching this showm girl empowerment and all, please please bring this show back
  • extra good

    bring this show back it is definitely better than lipstick jungle and the characters were unique. i'm sure youy can find a place on the fall lie upto give it a fighting chance. whenever something is enjoyable you seem to take it off and put horrible shows on like some of the reality ones oh my God where do some of theses come from. get this back in to production now this was probably a good night time soap that with the difference of showing some characters that are a little different and interesting again bring it back give it a chance
  • Wish it would continue for a season 2!

    This show is one of my favourites. I actually look forward to watching this show. The fashion is interesting to watch and how these powerful ladies deal with their personal lives and work is very interesting to watch. I was hoping it would stay on, though the first season hasn't finish over here yet.

    But a few weeks ago, I found out that this show is not going on to it's second season. Quite surprising, since it's a little bit like Desperate Housewives, though not so juicy and dirty. The viewers for this show in America went down a lot, which means no season 2.

    It is really disspointing to know that a show like this cannot continue its run. It will be fun to watch the season 2 of this show.
  • Poor effort. Cringeworthy experience.

    Has got the same SATC-city vibe but appallingly executed. Predictable,extremely pretentious and completely under-developed. Strange and unwelcome familiarities arise in the form of a)token ethnic diversity b)differing hair colour [incl. a redhead] c)4 lead characters? Unnecessarily trying too hard to be something which clearly is not. Undermines the corporate livelihood with high school antics. Alot of criticism but if all of the above was not present, it would have made a more solid, good quality show. If Mr. Star wants to create the same buzz as he did with SATC, he's got a lot of work ahead of him. Naive approach coming from the man who gave us true entertainment value in the form of Sex And The City.
  • This show is all about male bashing ant won't be on for long.

    This show is about four New York women who can't seem to find a good man in a large city. Come on, there has to be more to entertain America than constant male bashing. We can at least have one male role which isn't either having an affair, dumping his fiance because she has the job he wanted, not putting an end to an affair proposal, from a woman who's husband is always out of town, or gay This show and this story line seems to have one theme which will get old fairly soon ... I hope since my wife and sister in law seem to think it the best new show this season.
  • seriously??..

    this show is absoulutely rediculous!! first of all this show seems like a poor copy of sex and the city: NYC, four girlfriends, sex and other problems only with the exception that half of them are married and all of them have a successful carreer. Speaking of carreer, it is highly unlikely that all four friends would be very successful at work, and even if they were they would not have been able to be that close to each other, as a successful women have to work twice as hard as men, having no time for friends or family in the end. Moreover, they simply cannot just take off and meet their friends after receiving a message like "meet in 15 min"! It was possible to make a show about women searching for love, spending time with their friends and going out, and this show was Sex and the City! The whole concept of Cashmere Mafia is absoulutely unreal and unoriginal!
  • its about four girls being friends since college. And in their high places or low places they are still helping each other.

    ABC should not drop this show. Did they saw the ratings in Lipstick Jungle? Its like I'm gonna puke in front of my loptop and ABC should stand what the viewers want to see. It is really a better than Lipstick Jungle. Trust me! This show should have second season. I guarantee that you will not regret if you watch Cashmere Mafia.

    Please don't drop this show!

    and the winner is (Drum roll)

    the viewers of Cashmere Mafia!!!
    Good news folks there would be second season

    Viewers: yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! (crowd cheering along with whistling)

    Please please please ABC don't drop this show
  • Please Keep This Show!

    I can't believe that ABC is considering cancelling this amazing show. We just start getting to know the characters and ABC goes and does it again. I want to see Juliet kick her cheating husbands ass in court. I want to see Zoe show them how it's done in a male dominated world. I want to see what's going to happen with Mia and her new "roomie". Is Caitlin going to call the guy that approached her in the bar? I hope that we're all going to be able to find out. Please keep this show going! We love this show!
  • Great show. Thought provoking and ahead of its time.

    Extremely emotionally extending! This show could almost be say 5 - 8 years in the future from Sex and the City, where all the girls are married and have moved along in the corporate world and "have it all!" so to speak. You know the job, the family, the money and the lifestyle, all in one neat package. But all does not end there.

    Each of the four woman sit in a place within society that is totally different, and this changes their perspective on many of the "same" events they go through daily. One woman is very happily married with a great husband, two marvelous kids and due to the husband sacrificing his career somewhat, family life tends to run fairly smoothly.

    One woman is engaged and works in not only the same line of work as her fiancee, but the same office as well. And as we know mixing work and home can often be fraught with perils.

    The third woman is single and unsure of her sexuality and seems to have a brother who is a priest, but dont trust me on that. It was just a vibe I picked up when watching the show. So until she decides on where she wants to be sexually, she is almost an emotional train wreck but only with her three closest friends. Other than that, each woman remains very business like in their own respective workplaces.

    And last but not least is the character of Juliet. She is the most complext of all the characters at this stage. On the surface she appears to have everything, and I mean everything. A husband who adores her, a beautiful teenage daughter, a very successful chain of hotels which she owns via a publicly traded company listed on the US stock exchange, (WOW) and a house in the hamptons to match her 5th Avenue apartment - La Bella Vita all the way. But as it often is, what seems to be too good to be true usually is.

    So here we have four highly successful woman in the 35 - 45 year old range, who all went to college together, who have forged the unbreakable bonds of girlfriendhood, and who now live very different lives but still vicariously live each others whilst meeting for breakfast or lunch inbetween meetings and family things, to sip on fantastic cocktails and eat the best food a lavish lifestyle in New York has to offer. And all the times they are apart their blackberrys keep them in touch with each other via texting, video messaging etc.

    I LOVE THE SHOW. As a 40 something woman who has been the major wage earner at times within my own family unit, its liberating to see how far the boundaries of womanhood can be extended. But the reason I like Cashmere Mafia the most is that it is one of the only shows my hubby and I watch together. He loves it as well. I know of some men who have watched it and made comments about the husbands of some of these woman and to me it shows their small mindedness, or lack of acceptance of a woman being able to hold a dominant roll within society or business. One day soon this will change and we will all be the better for it. And this goes both ways.

    So maybe Cashmere Mafia is "pushing it out there" a bit. But you never know how far is too far until you've gone eh!

    LOVE IT!
  • This show is absolutely, PHENOM!!

    This show is absolutely, PHENOM!! It has a sex in the city feel, but the women actually seem smarter, sexier, and completely diggable!!! I am SO proud! They don't take crap lying down...hell, they don't take it at all, and they're not *itches Not to mention, the fabulously gorgeous Doc!! OMG! and the French CEO!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I just love the flair and pizazz that is brought out naturally in the actress'/actors that were chosen, great job, and please, there are many of us who want to see the sluts and the idiots get their just deserts. Keep it up!
    I have to thank the writers and give them some serious props, bc this show is wonderfully addictive!
  • This show has promise if only......

    The network allows the Caitlin/Alica storyline to evolve, lately we've seen less and less of their interaction and to all those people who write thatb the show is horrible. Well I don't see your credits "Amber" on any movie for having written a screenplay.

    If you think Cashmere Mafia is bad just wait until you see Lipstick Jungle. I have seen it and it ain't pretty.
    At Least Cashmere Mafia has people of color in it. After all it IS New York City. The fact that the show even dealt with a same sex attraction in the ppilot episode puts it miles ahead of Lipstick Jungle (where there are NO people of color, lesbians, gays). Sure that storyline has suffered lately and one can only hope that it is corrected to fulfill the show's edginess because you can forget edginess on Lipstick Jungle. Brook Shields needs to realize that it is not too late to find another line of work.

    The writers have a hit
    It is very well thought out and written and for once more from a woman's mind.
    I love this show .IT is the best show that I have seen in decades. IT is truly great. The actresses and the script are perfect.I was truly quite shocked that it is as great as it is hence the story line and the episodes just keep getting better and better. I am wondering why it was not on this Wednesday night though????
    I hope this show is continued because it is the best show on t.v. and women love it and men have to watch it the same way we have to watch BIG SHOTS hence a mans point of view show.
    It gets very old seeing script after script making it okay for men to do just about anything like it is just natural and never addressing the real drama for women and really what they truly have to face within that fishbowl. That is what really makes this show so real.
  • A new intake on the life of 4 power-ridden women who try to make families and work blend together, spiced up by jealousy, betrayal but most of all friendship.

    This is a new guilty pleasure on tv. It is better than sex & the city, with new characters that you can actually relate to and want to be ! It also shows the real side of those powerful women, who are not always out to get men out of their jobs, but are just trying to fulfill their dreams, even if they are difficult to manage together: a high stress job and a good family. If you think that being a businesswoman and a mother/wife is possible, than this tv show is for you: even if it's hard, we CAN multi-task!
  • Screw you Sex and the City!

    ABC is absolutely brilliant! None of their creations have ever, ever let me down. The creators are pure geniuses, I don't know how they do it but they're just wonderful. Now I was a semi-fan of Sex and the City but for me it just does not compare to Cashmere Mafia. These girls are actually good looking whereas the ladies on SATC were, well not very easy on the eyes especially Carrie. Don't get me wrong SATC is still watchable but Cashmere Mafia definitely owned them - I mean ever the name is better. Definitely one of my new favorites, but so help me God if something happens to this show because of that writers strike. -_-
  • Just what is missing from tv at the moment. A show about powerful women and what they go through.

    Since Sex and the city left ou screens something has been missing. There hasn't realy been a show about powerful women and what their lives are like. Ok we got desperate housewives but thats more about regular people. This show brings us back to the powerful and provocotive women. The cast is very strong and work well together. Everyone seems to complement each other all with their own problems. I can see this show has the potential to do well with a strong cast and a great script. It has some strong links to sex and the city and this will hopefully bode well. Give us more please.
  • What woman doesn't want to be like the Cashmere Mafia ?

    The show reflects reality. It shows that it is still hard for women to be successful in business . They are still expected to do the "housewife" part ,plus some of the men don't see their potential as a powerful and very capable business woman. Also ,some of the stay at home moms think less of them because they neglect their family.I think this show will have a tremendous success among women.Who doesn't want to be successful and independent?I've only seen two episodes and i already love it.It is inspiring and it has a backstage pass on the girl-on-girl classy war.
  • SEX AND THE CITY meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!! 4 best friends r @ the peak of their carrers, however being so far up the upper east-side ladder, means the ppl around them only use them. Each of them must rely on 1another 4 guidance, support & the tr

    I soooo love this show! i mean, its everthing primetime is missing - four great actresses provide us with 4 great characters, each amazing in their own right! I feel in love with this show after watching the pilot. I hope this show sticks around for a very long time (only insofar as it remains at the same momentum). Classy, chiq, and provides women with a girl power influence lost after sex and the city got canned. A nice show to watch at home with your girlfriends, with your husbands, with just about anybody - Sex and the City meets Desperate Housewives and a hint of Gucci, Louis, and Prada....Cashmere mafia is the IT midseason show by far!!
  • Four great looking women, high in the career ladder with more plausible reasons for their lifestyle than most other shows based in NYC.

    As long as they don't start taking themselves too seriously, I think we are in for a lot of fun. Though the women are all gorgeous, this show is still eye candy (looks & fashion) more for women than men. As a professional female in my early thirties, I like watching this fantasy world where the women are smart, successful, funny with closets from Bergdorf and also have faults. Fast paced, clever and well styled - I'm not looking for more in a TV show. When I seek entertainment, I'm not looking for real-life. I want BETTER than real life, better looking, better dressed and better dialogue. =)
  • I loved the first episode of this show, with great actresses, great storylines, great musics, and it was a very well written episode. I already love these girls!

    I loved the first episode of this show, with great actresses, great storylines, great musics, and it was a very well written episode. I already love these girls! My favourite is Mia, maybe because she is Lucy Liu xD , but all the girls are great and everyone had something to tell to the audience. Darren Star did not blasted me, with another grat tv show. It's not Sex And The City, but a perfect mix of Sex and the city and desperate housewives I guess. Really a great tv show, I really really hope it will not be cancelled !
  • Yes. It is not Sex and The City. But it is still more enjoyable than lots of crap out there.

    It is Cashmere Mafia. Mafia in the modern world in its most classy manner. Quite a cool idea, I think. Though it may not be as what many expected it to be. Too many people are comparing it to Sex and the City. It's just so different. How can they expect so much from something that's so new anyway. Give it chance to ripe. I think the 2 episodes have been pretty pleasant. It may not be seat-gripping moments but well, pleasant and enjoyable. It's light and nice to chill out with. I will sure watch it again. They may need to improve on more interesting plots and scripts but overall, it can be developed into something more.
  • It definitely isn't Sex and the City...

    I loved Sex and the City, and was really excited when I heard that Darren Star was making something new. Cashmere Mafia and Sex and the City are TOTALLY different though. Sex and the City is, in a way, more realistic. They are (what you can call) successful women, but they aren't as wealthy as the women of Cashmere Mafia. Also, the Cashmere Mafia are businesswomen, the ladies of Sex and the City were 4 friends with "normal" jobs--and we have to take into consideration the operative word of the HBO show, which is SEX. Sex and the City was more on Carrie's life as compared to Cashmere Mafia which concentrates on all 4 of them. The ladies of Sex and the City also experienced more "realistic" problems. They tackled true-to-life issues. Cashmere Mafia, however, is more on the "elitist" side so some problems the STC ladies had might not be a problem for them. I love it, though. I love the New York vibe, the success of these women. I was expecting so much from this show, and I may just be full of it, but it has successfully lived up to my expectations.
  • Think of a different Version of "Sex and the city"

    Probably the next best thing since "Sex and the city". The pilot wasn't all that bad for a new show. It definitely is still rough around the edges but that should be fixed soon. They definitely need to work on some of the storylines, they seemed like they were reaching for something raunchy but ended up coming off with something plain. I think the dialouge is absolutely hilarious, but some of it was a little suggestive. Other than those flaws i think that this was a good show opener. It pulls you in and wants you to keep watching. Hopefully the show gets better in the future.
  • I'll have to wait and see.

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I tuned in and I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or not. I was hoping to see a little bit more that four self-involved friends who can't seemed to see outside of themselves. I tuned in because of the casting and the producers involved, they never disappointed but there is always a first time. The Pilot has a whole was a little disappointing. We had Zoe so involved and tied up with work, she can't see her assistant out for her job or the fact that her kids need proper care. Which will be magnified with Eric's new job which requires travel. Then there is Mia, who in all of her scheming and plotting to win at any cost, loses something important. But then again, Jack couldn't handle Mia in the bread winner role either. Caitlin, really wasn't focused on enough other than determining she has no luck with men, so she's toying with the idea of being gay and that her brother's a priest. Juliet Draper, I'm not sure I pity her or should empathize with her. I'll give it another episode or two and then make up my mind.
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