Cashmere Mafia

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • seriously??..

    this show is absoulutely rediculous!! first of all this show seems like a poor copy of sex and the city: NYC, four girlfriends, sex and other problems only with the exception that half of them are married and all of them have a successful carreer. Speaking of carreer, it is highly unlikely that all four friends would be very successful at work, and even if they were they would not have been able to be that close to each other, as a successful women have to work twice as hard as men, having no time for friends or family in the end. Moreover, they simply cannot just take off and meet their friends after receiving a message like "meet in 15 min"! It was possible to make a show about women searching for love, spending time with their friends and going out, and this show was Sex and the City! The whole concept of Cashmere Mafia is absoulutely unreal and unoriginal!