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  • Season 2
    • To Catch A Monster: Everybody’s disappearing one by one at Scare School and Casper is getting increasingly worried. He and his friends try to stick together, but they still keep vanishing. Casper’s detective work leads him to the Secret Attic where he discovers that a monster catcher has mysteriously started sucking people in instead of spitting them out. Casper has to figure out how to fix the machine in order to free both his friends AND enemies! No Bones About It: There’s a big game going on in the Underworld and the Scare School has selected Mickey as its representative. But when Mickey loses her foot in Deedstown and her jealous sister, Monaco, won’t loan her one, she's unable to kick. So it's up to Casper, Wolfie, Ra and Mantha to help her find her foot in time for the game and before Thatch can take her place on the team.moreless
    • 11/7/12
      The Last Dance: The annual school dance, the Monster Mash, is approaching and Mantha is really nervous because she hasn’t got anything to wear. Plus she’s finally going to meet with Frankie, her pen pal, who’s coming to attend to the special event. She puts on a pair of magical shoes that won't come off and won't let her feet stop moving — dancing here, kicking people’s butts there — Mantha's in trouble! Casper and Ra will have to help her discover the mystery behind the shoes before the Monster Mash begins. Mummy's Boy: Ra’s been bragging to his parents that he has a great school report and they’re so pleased that they’re coming to visit him. But the problem is that Ra has been lying, he doesn’t have a single golden star on his report card to show them. In a panic, Ra makes a deal with the evil spirit Mazva, agreeing to do whatever Mazva wants, in return for a golden card. Can Ra get out of Mazva’s evil grasp before his parents arrive?moreless
    • The Great Screamboard Disgrace: One of the most exciting events in Scare School history, The Great Screamboard Race, is about to start at Scare School. Casper is determined to win the race, having lost to Thatch last year, but Thatch and his friends use as many tricks as possible to make sure nobody else but him can cross the finish line first. But Casper has support from his Uncle Stretch, a former great Screamboard Race Winner – who says you can’t teach a young ghost old tricks? Jimmy's Trunk Call: Jimmy’s going camping with the scouts so Casper decides to loan him his uncles' trunk without asking their permission first. Bad idea! Before anyone can warn Jimmy, he’s completely disappeared. The trunk is actually a magical portal that sends people into the Forbidden Forest! Now Casper, Mantha and Ra must to retrieve Jimmy and return the trunk to the Manor before things get too out of control.moreless
    • Fearless Freddie: The Bedroom Scare Competition is about to begin and each little monster is assigned a different fleshie house. Everything is going great, except for Casper who ends up in a home where one little kid , Fearless Freddie, isn't afraid of ANYTHING. The whole school unites to scare this unscareable fleshie, which catches Graham’s attention as he uses the opportunity to catch as many monsters as possible. Triclops Mistress Of Darkness: Triclops is being bullied by Thatch and his cronies, but she doesn’t have the guts to fight back. But while on her cereal box she notices an advertisement for collectible rings — collect them all to get super powers and become Master of Darkness! Thatch really wants them all too and when he sees the last ring come out of Triclops’s box, he dashes over to steal it from her. That’s too much for Triclops, she recovers the ring and becomes…Mistress of Darkness!moreless
    • Woodward's Day Out: While visiting Cappy the Pirate, Casper learns that Woodward, the figurehead from Cappy’s Galleon, has disappeared during a storm above Deedstown. Casper and Jimmy go looking for him throughout the city and start to uncover the strange path Woodward has taken, but will they rescue Woodward before he’s mistaken for fire-wood? Calc The Cameleon: Casper, who causes Calculizard to lose his tail, finds him a new one in the Secret Attic. However this new tail is very special – in fact it’s charmed - as it comes from a camelemonster and has the power to turn the wearer invisible. Calculizard is delighted with his new found power and decides visit the Deedstown movie theatre and indulge in his love of black and white movies. But when his own tail starts to grow in, Casper must bring him back to Scare School before Calculizard presence is revealed.moreless
    • 10/31/12
      The Black Cat: Jimmy has had enough of his bully Norman, so he and Casper decide to teach Norman a lesson and get him over to the Manor for some REAL scaring. But things don't go to plan when one of Stretch’s potion vials accidentally breaks and the potion changes into a black cat! In the cat’s body Norman gives bad luck to anyone who tries to approach him! It's a tough one for Casper —not an easy catch, to say the least! Jimmy The Ghost: A magic lantern that Casper finds in the Manor, turns Jimmy into a ghost. At last he can do everything Casper does — how awesome! But you don’t learn about being a ghost in just one day. Jimmy seems to enjoy his new ghostly powers a bit too much, which ends up putting Casper in a tricky situation and puts Jimmy face to face with Graham the ghost-catcher – AKA HIS DAD!moreless
    • 10/30/12
      Davey Jones Locker: In gym class, Thatch humiliates Casper by beating him in a duel. Casper is so upset, that he does something completely out of character and tricks Thatch into opening an old locker that holds the evil spirit of the pirate, Davey Jones. When his spirit enters Dummy Girl’s body and uses her to put the whole school under his command Casper must fix his mistake before Davey Jones takes the Galleon and maybe even Deedstown too! Save Graham: While chasing Thatch, Graham manages to capture himself with his own equipment so Thatch brings all the equipment, including Graham, back to Scare School. But Professor Burns, instead of congratulating the little vampire, tells him it is forbidden to bring a fleshie into school! Upset, Thatch freezes Professor Burns with one of Graham’s devices, and then he does the same to Alder & Dash. Now Thatch is the Headmaster, and teachers and students better behave if they don’t want to end up frozen like the others! Casper will have to do all he can to get rid of Thatch the Tyrant and of course save his best friend’s Dad from Scare School!moreless
    • Frankengymteacher’s Monster: Frankengymteacher is overloaded with work, so he decides to build a clone to help him out. Only problem: the brain settings of this FGT2 have been rebooted to “terror” mode! FGT2 goes to Deedstown to terrorize fleshies! FGT, with Casper’s help, must hide FGT2 from Alder and Dash. But when FGT2 decides to replace FGT, Casper’s got to find a solution to restore peace in Deedstown and in Scare School. Radio Blodge: Casper and Blodge get caught after using Alder & Dash’s office microphone to bring BLODGE’s lifetime dream to reality – being a D.J! Having been told off by the headmasters, Blodge disappears and heads to Deedstown to further his radio DJ career - with fleshies! He’s a gigantic success, quite the talk of the town! Will Casper manage to find Blodge before Graham does, and stop the radio show that reveals all the monster secrets to the people of Deedstown?moreless
    • Jack out of the Box: Jimmy asks Casper to come to a toy swap in town and Casper brings a jack-in-a-box that he’s found in the Scare School attic. In fact the ‘Jack’ is a sneaky little character dead set on taking his revenge on Scare School for being locked away all these years.. The Jack first hypnotizes Jimmy, and then other Deedstown kids before taking his little army to Scare School in order to confront Alder & Dash. Will Casper manage to trap the Jack and get Jimmy out of danger? Casper Meets Super Choc: A spaceship has crashed in the Forbidden Forest! A strange little boy wearing a mask comes out of it and introduces himself to Casper. He says his name is Super Choc, that he comes from another planet and that his dream is to study at Scare School, the good reputation of which has travelled all the way to his planet. Easier said than done! The little super-hero flunks the admission test to Scare School, and with Thatch’s help he turns the teachers into chocolate statues and goes to Deedstown to spread terror! Casper must do everything he can to stop this evil duo and send this rebellious little super-hero back to his planet!moreless
    • Substitute Gargoyle: Casper accidentally breaks a Gargoyle’s ear, and the Gargoyle jumps on the opportunity by faking so he doesn’t have to work anymore! The headmasters make Casper take the Gargoyle’s place while it is convalescing, and ends up doing all sorts of boring chores while the gargoyle takes it real easy. On top of that Ra and Mantha are forced to attend the smallest requests and they’re furious, it’s clear he’s faking everything and is the laziest lump of stone in the world. Casper and his friends now have to prove the fakery and get themselves out of being substitute gargoyles! Ship in a Bottle: Casper has built a model of Cappy’s ship inside a bottle for a school competition. Thatch steals it and discovers that the bottle is actually magical: with is he can control Cappy’s pirate galleon like a magical remote control. The boat is shaken in all directions and ends up being uncontrollably projected towards Deedstown. Casper must break the spell and save the boat from a disaster.moreless
    • 10/24/12
      Love Potion: The little monsters are in ‘POTION CLASS’, concocting new and untried potions with professor Burns. Casper accidently tries to brighten things up and ends up with a bright pink potion that put the fear into Prof Burns. Oh NO! Casper’s made LOVE POTION, A dreaded, lovely, sweet thing that has no place in Scare School. Casper’s told to get rid of it, and throws it away in the Forbidden Forest. But three little dragons drink the potion and turn into pink kissing machines, turning anyone they touch into the same ridiculous chilled out friendly monsters as them. Panic in scare school! The Headmasters are furious and start organising a major hunt for the dragons – until of course but Alder & Dash also turn pink too.. All is almost lost - Casper really must do something: it’s OK to have ONE friendly monster but EVERYONE? It’s just NOT Scare School! Stage Fright: The Scare School students are getting ready to stage a play, but there’s a problem: Dummy Girl has disappeared! Woodward, the figurehead on Cappy’s pirate ship, is chosen to replace her. Unfortunately he really is a ‘wooden’ actor, and it’s a total disaster. The audience, who was supposed to be frightened, starts laughing. What a catastrophe for the kids of Scare School! What will the parents think? Will they take their kids out of school? How will Casper and his friends make it through? The answer is in this very special episode in which you can watch the play in real time!moreless
    • Invasion of the Bog Monsters: Casper has built a special whistle to attract bats, but when he tries to test the whistle, Bog Monsters from all over the Forbidden Forest are attracted to Scare School by its sound. When Professor Burns accidentally swallows the whistle after having confiscated it from Casper, The Bog Monsters start invading the school and create a huge mess by turning everyone they touch into bog-monsters too. Even Mantha is turned into a Bog Monster! Casper, with Ra’s help, must retrieve the whistle and turn his fellow students and professors back to normal! Now you see me, Now you don’t: Casper is messing about in class and making fun of Ra in class by turning invisible. Frankengymteacher gives him detention, along with Ra and Mantha. Casper’s friends are FURIOUS! They’ve got detention because of HIM!! Trying to solve the problem he’s got them all in to Casper makes FGT believe that he too can become invisible. The teacher takes the bate, totally believing that by doing a silly dance and singing a preposterous song he really IS invisible.. FGT tries playing tricks on everybody truly thinking all the time that they can’t see him. When Alder and Dash get wind of FGT’s antics they decide he’s insane and he’s promptly suspended! Casper must do everything he can to fix the mess he’s made and help FGT get his job back.moreless
    • 10/22/12
      Ghost Writer: Casper and Jimmy’s favourite scary stories author is in Deedstown to sign his latest book. He admits to them that he’s got writer’s block and will never ever write another one!! Disaster, Jimmy LOVES those books... Casper decides to take matters in his own hands and shows him what a real ghost looks like. But things get out of hand and the terrified writer stumbles through the dimension tube and ends up in Scare School! Will Casper manage to get him out of there before students and professors catch him? Or, for that matter, before his other biggest fan, the Bog-Monster gets him!? The Ghost Magnet: Graham has created a ghost magnet that is supposed to attract ghosts so that he can catch them more easily! But Graham’s machine actually makes the ghosts disappear! Casper, his three uncles and his grandmother lose their ghostly powers and cannot be seen, heard or touched! They simply can’t stay like this forever! Thankfully, Casper works out that they can only be seen if they’re INSIDE something – like a TV, a hoover, a computer.. Casper manages to get in touch with Jimmy through his digital pad and together they work to stop the awful machine. But it seems things will be harder than they thought!moreless
    • 10/19/12
      Mad Dog McSneer: All the Scare School students have to do a presentation on a famous figure of the Underworld, and Casper ends up having to present the famous Wailing Mad Dog McSneer in person! Only problem: He doesn’t even know him! He discovers, with Ra and Mantha’s help, that McSneer is none other than the old Nightwatchman, who isn’t as frightening as he used to be… Our Boy Wolfie: A misunderstanding leads Jimmy’s parents to believe that their son has turned into a werewolf, and Wolfie ends up taking Jimmy’s place in the Bradley family… Only problem: Wolfie loves his new fleshie life so much that he won’t leave – what’s not to like? Milk and Cookies, a cosy bed, walks! Poor Jimmy! Casper must help Jimmy to get back into his family without wreaking havoc.moreless
    • Sweet Dreams: Thatch is up to no good. He’s SO desperate to win the grading trophy that he’s putting everyone to sleep – even the teachers! – in a sneaky plan to get great grades for himself. Casper works out that Thatch is using a charmed song to put everybody to sleep. Casper is determined to break the spell and Thatch will do everything he can to put Casper and his friends to sleep! Typewriter from Hell: Casper has a paper to write for class, but with his computer broken he has to borrow an old fashioned typewriter from his uncles. As Casper tries to type on the machine, it turns everything into a horrifyingly horrific story! The Headmasters absolutely adore Casper’s story and ask him to write one every day! But strange events start taking place in school, students start disappearing at night and most of them are half-asleep the day after. What Casper doesn’t know about the machine, is that not only does it write scary stories, it also brings them to life by hypnotizing our little monster friends and transporting them INTO the stories Casper’s writing!moreless
    • 10/17/12
      Cheese!: Casper asks his uncle Stinky to fix Mantha’s ‘polaroid’ camera – they’ve got a ‘fear’ test and she wanted to take photos of frightened things for the test. As they struggle to fix the camera, Casper accidentally takes a picture of his uncle, who inexplicably disappears and finds himself locked inside the picture! What on EARTH is happening? Casper has to make things right – and as soon as possible so Mantha doesn’t fail her test. Thatch realizes what the camera is doing, steals it and sets to take a photograph everyone in Scare School, hoping to trap them forever inside the little photographs and stick them in a big book of captured monsters! Casper must save the day before EVERYONE winds up in the spooky photo album evil Thatch is concocting.. Casper’s New Friend: Casper accidentally frees ‘’Goo The Giggling Ghoul’’ from a vial in the science lab. Goo’s a super friendly ghost who races off to wreak (friendly) havoc in Deedstown. Goo was actually the result of one of Professor Burns failed experiments – and was never meant to be let out of the jar! - so Casper must bring him back to School before the Headmasters banish Casper himself from School - not to mention that Goo is a serious menace to the Balance of Fear!moreless
    • 10/16/12
      Dream Team: Casper is at Jimmy’s and bumps into Mister Bradley sleepwalking. It turns out that Mr Bradley is being haunted by a very VERY naughty Dream Ghost. Jimmy’s super worried about his Dad – but Casper has a solution: a formula from a book of magic spells gets Casper into Mister Bradley’s dream and Casper hopes then he’ll be able to reason with the naughty ghost – he doesn’t realise that the naughty ghost is having WAYYY too much fun.. Curse of the Ring: Casper finds a ring in the ‘Secret Attic’ and puts it on. Unfortunately, the ring won’t come off and even starts to control Casper himself! The ring makes him put his hand up in class, makes him knock on the headmaster’s door for no reason, makes him knock his tray in the dining hall, it even makes him pick everyone’s nose! YUK! …Soon the poor little ghost is punished and exhausted! Casper, with help from Ra and Mantha must find the owner of the ring in order to break the spell!moreless
    • 10/15/12
      Home Alone: Casper is punished by the headmaster for having helped an old lady carry her shopping bags. That punishment? - Casper will have to carry all the teachers’ bags on their upcoming annual trip in the Forbidden Forest. During the trip the adults end up being locked up in a cave blocked by a bewitchedstone door! Meanwhile, Calculizard has been left behind to keep an eye on the students. Thatch has a better idea, and locks Calc away, taking on the mantel of ‘Boss of Scare School’ himself! As Casper arrives back at school to get some help he finds Thatch has taken office and is lording it over the other students! Casper must free the adults locked in the cave and put an end to Thatch’s bossing everyone about! I’m not a Hero: During a scare assignment in Deedstown Casper can’t resist rescuing a kitten that was about to fall from a tree. He’s a friendly ghost, how could he not? Hopefully, he thinks, no-one saw him. WRONG! Someone filming the whole the scene and it ends up on the TV NEWS! Alder and Dash are scandalised that one of their students is considered ‘nice’ and ‘heroic’ by the Fleshies - what will happen to the ‘balance of fear’ – what will happen if monsters aren’t scary any more to fleshies? The headmasters order Casper to use a time machine to go back to the time before the kitten fell from the tree and… not to save the animal. Casper won’t be seen as a hero anymore and the monsters’ honour will be saved! But, well, Casper’s a friendly ghost...moreless
    • 10/12/12
      Thatch My Idol: Casper has really had enough of seeing Thatch bully his friends so he sprays him with a perfume he found in his uncles’ magic ointment box. This perfume is supposed to turn the one who wears it into the loveliest person in the world…but actually it just makes OTHERS think you’re great, whilst not actually changing the person it’s been sprayed on! Thatch becomes more unbearable than ever as the kids at Scare School start to treat him like the biggest hero ever, totally putting him on a pedestal of sickening adoration.. Luckily, Casper’s nose is blocked by a coldso he is the only student immune to the perfume’s spell! He is also the only one who can fix his mistake! The Monster Catcher: Casper has been given a mysterious compass which belonged to his ancestor Jasper the Jester. The compass leads him to a secret room in Scare School. He takes his friends to this room and the three little monsters soon realize they are actually trapped in a terrible labyrinth! The situation gets worse when some crazy traps suddenly separate the three friends. They must find a way out but they will have to solve Casper’s ancestor’s bizarre set of puzzles first!moreless
    • A Haunting Smell: Casper’s Uncle Stinky has started to stink just that extra bit TOO much. Fatso and Stretch just cannot stand Stinky’s horrible smell for one single minute longer and they hatch a plan. They decide to wait for Stinky to fall asleep and then vacuum up the dreaded stink right out of Stinky. It works! the bad smell goes into the hoover bag but as the uncles start arguing, the bag bursts open and the bad smell escapes! The smell collides with Casper while he’s going through the Dimension Tube to get back to Scare School and now it’s CASPER who’s the stinky one. When Casper starts to stink out the school, everyone’s complaining.. Casper must do everything possible to get rid of the STINK! The Manor has Disappeared: Casper’s uncles are out of town and have left the little ghost to take care of the Manor – Casper invites his best friend Jimmy over for a tour of the haunted manor – Casper even shows Jimmy the clock that controls the Dimension Tube connecting the manor to Scare School. Jimmy can’t resist fiddling with EVERYTHING! – and as Jimmy pulls the wrong chain three times in a rowhe and the manor are sucked into the tube and shrunken down to the size of a hand! Casper has a massive problem on his hands as the little tiny house with the little tiny munchkin inside it causes a huge stir at Scare School and it’s all Casper’s fault! He’s got only hours before his Uncles return to rescue his friend from perpetual munchkin-sizedness AND return his Uncles manor as they left it!moreless
    • The Poltergeist Assignment: Today Frankegymteacher is teaching the Scare School kids the basics of telekinesis – the black art of moving objects around just by thinking about it. FGT then assigns a different house in Deedstown to each kid so that they can practice frightening the fleshie residents with their new powers. Thatch is assigned Jimmy’s house, and has a hard time escaping from Graham! Whilst Casper is at an old lady’s house, and of course he can’t bear to scare the old dear. But Casper will have to do SOMETHING as they are watched by the gargoyles AND there’s the added problem of a mysterious garden gnome thief seemingly running wild… The Little Dragon: It’s show and tell in science class. Rooting about in the Secret Attic Casper finds a dragon egg and brings it to Prof. Burns’ class. The teacher is thrilled! He’s not seen a dragon’s egg in 600 years! and he fetches the headmasters. The dragon’s birth is imminent, all are on tenderhooks!. Thatch sneakily steals the egg but loses it by accident. Professor Burns is furious! Casper and his friends must find the egg as soon as possiblebecause if it does hatch and if the dragon eats something sweet, it will grow to GIGANTIC proportions and become a city destroying BEAST!! Casper must prevent a disaster from happeningin Deedstown.moreless
    • The Bellyache Mystery: It appears that the Sea Monster has EATEN Quasi! Naughty seamonster.., whilst PK and Ra are set the task of trying to get Quasi out of there, Casper’s convinced Quasi is elsewhere and sets off to find him – his main clue being a pair of ballet slippers! Goodbye Jimmy: Graham is fed up. He’s convinced he’ll never be a successful ghost catcher if they stay in Deedstown so the family start to make plans to move – to SCOTLAND! Poor Jimmy is horrified. He will never get to hang out with his best friend Casper again. Casper rounds up the ghostly troops and gives a ghostly display to fantastic that Graham shelves the moving plan and takes down the ‘for sale’ sign!moreless
    • The Day the Professor Croaked: Professor Burns wants a day off. Casper tries to help by pretending that Mosshead’s pet toad IS the professor, temporarily changed in form. But today is a big inspection day – Kibosh is on his way to grade the teachers and that toad’s going to have to teach class or else! A Potent Brew: Casper’s uncle Stinky gets sucked into one of Jimmy’s dad Graham’s crazy monster catching gadgets – a tea pot – ALONGWITH Graham himself. And they can’t get out. The more they panic the more the teapot bounces out of control. Casper and Jimmy have to catch the teapot and work out how to open it before the light hits red and they are locked in there forever.moreless
    • Cappy’s Mail Order Eyes: Casper and his friends order some new eyes for Cappy’s birthday present. Cappy’s delighted until he pops them in and finds the world is TRULY horrifying. Cappy is so terrified he runs away to Deedstown. The little monsters suddenly realise that they’ve ordered Sea Monkey eyes by mistake! Casper has to get Cappy AND the eyes back before Cappy loses his marbles completely. Pumpkin Pal: Poor old Pumkinhead. Thatch has been teasing him for having an ‘imaginary friend’. Casper, Ra and Mantha decide to help him find a new friend but soon find themselves wishing they’d listened better in Professor Burns’s class when the potion they use creates a real ‘friend’ rather larger and more terrifying than they’d bargained formoreless
    • 10/3/12
      Dopplegangers: The little monsters are excited because the headmasters have given them a special zapppy control device which can make them transform into anything. They demonstrate it by turning themselves into each other. Cool! Say the kids. Casper heads straight to Jimmy’s in order to play a trick on his friend but it goes badly wrong when Graham thinks Casper really IS his son Jimmy and takes him off to a TV show where Jimmy’s supposed to on a Quiz. Jimmy’s expert topic is ‘computers’ – Casper knows NOTHING about computers but more importantly he’s about to transform back into a Ghoooost!... Totally Bats!: A family of bats has taken residence in Jimmy’s kitchen cupboard and eaten all the cookies. Jimmy HATES bats and so, having failed to scare them away himself, Casper tricks Thatch into helping to rid the cookie cupboard of the bats. Thatch likes having a swarm of vampire bat henchmen and as the fear frenzy goes to Thatch’s head, Casper has his to work cut out stop Thatch going too far.moreless
    • 10/12/12
      Monster Movie: Casper and Jimmy want to enter the Deedstown Horror Movie festival by making their own scary movie – after all, who better to make a monster movie then real monsters? When Thatch destroys the master copy the little monsters hopes are dashed – until clever Casper realises that real monsters can still present a movie, in REAL 3D. Quacky Duck: A cute little plastic bath duck finds it way into Scare School. Everyone is horrified, it’s FAR too cute! Whoever’s brought it to school must be found! All eyes are on Casper, who’s suspected of the dreadful crime as he’s the nicest guy around. He has to prove it wasn’t him and all clues lead him to the most unlikely of culprits.moreless
  • Season 1