Casper's Scare School

Season 2 Episode 23

Fearless Freddie / Triclops Mistress of Darkness

Full Episode: Fearless Freddie / Triclops Mistress of Darkness


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Fearless Freddie: The Bedroom Scare Competition is about to begin and each little monster is assigned a different fleshie house. Everything is going great, except for Casper who ends up in a home where one little kid , Fearless Freddie, isn't afraid of ANYTHING. The whole school unites to scare this unscareable fleshie, which catches Graham’s attention as he uses the opportunity to catch as many monsters as possible. Triclops Mistress Of Darkness: Triclops is being bullied by Thatch and his cronies, but she doesn’t have the guts to fight back. But while on her cereal box she notices an advertisement for collectible rings — collect them all to get super powers and become Master of Darkness! Thatch really wants them all too and when he sees the last ring come out of Triclops’s box, he dashes over to steal it from her. That’s too much for Triclops, she recovers the ring and becomes…Mistress of Darkness!moreless
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