Casper's Scare School

Season 2 Episode 25

Last Dance / Mummy's Boy

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The Last Dance: The annual school dance, the Monster Mash, is approaching and Mantha is really nervous because she hasn’t got anything to wear. Plus she’s finally going to meet with Frankie, her pen pal, who’s coming to attend to the special event. She puts on a pair of magical shoes that won't come off and won't let her feet stop moving — dancing here, kicking people’s butts there — Mantha's in trouble! Casper and Ra will have to help her discover the mystery behind the shoes before the Monster Mash begins. Mummy's Boy: Ra’s been bragging to his parents that he has a great school report and they’re so pleased that they’re coming to visit him. But the problem is that Ra has been lying, he doesn’t have a single golden star on his report card to show them. In a panic, Ra makes a deal with the evil spirit Mazva, agreeing to do whatever Mazva wants, in return for a golden card. Can Ra get out of Mazva’s evil grasp before his parents arrive?moreless
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