Casper's Scare School

Season 2 Episode 26

To Catch a Monster / No Bones About It

Full Episode: To Catch a Monster / No Bones About It


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To Catch A Monster: Everybody’s disappearing one by one at Scare School and Casper is getting increasingly worried. He and his friends try to stick together, but they still keep vanishing. Casper’s detective work leads him to the Secret Attic where he discovers that a monster catcher has mysteriously started sucking people in instead of spitting them out. Casper has to figure out how to fix the machine in order to free both his friends AND enemies! No Bones About It: There’s a big game going on in the Underworld and the Scare School has selected Mickey as its representative. But when Mickey loses her foot in Deedstown and her jealous sister, Monaco, won’t loan her one, she's unable to kick. So it's up to Casper, Wolfie, Ra and Mantha to help her find her foot in time for the game and before Thatch can take her place on the team.moreless
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