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AIRED ON 5/11/2015

Season 7 : Episode 23

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Meet Richard Castle, a successful murder-mystery writer who just killed off his main character. It seems one of his fans liked his books just a bit too much when a copycat murderer started running around killing people as described in Castle's books. After being questioned by the police Richard joins forces with Detective Kate Beckett to solve this case. The two become 'partners' and begin working together to solve other murders in New York City along with other detectives Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan and Captain Roy Montgomery, later Captain Victoria Gates. They also work with medical examiner Lanie Parish. Richard's family includes his mother Martha Rodgers, who was a Broadway diva and his daughter Alexis. The show is produced by ABC Studios and Beacon Television. ABC debuted the show on March 9, 2009. Castle was given a 10 episode order for the first season and was renewed for a full second, third season and fourth season. Parental TV Rating: TV-14

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  • The look on Beckett's face

    When she grabbed Neimans wrist was classic she really looked so p***d and love the homage to the film serenity with the blood dripping from the scalpel instead of the axe weileded by River after killing the reavers, class!
  • September 21st is the day

    when the waiting period will over
  • Can't Wait till the Next Season

    I've got nothing to criticize about, Castle Season 7 was AMAZING, I Watched all 7 seasons more than 4 times I think and can't get enough of it, Season 7 finale was just AWESOME. Can't wait till the 8th season, Looking forward to it guys, Lots Of Love To The Cast And The Crew.
  • castle season 7 finale brought hopes to the series

    I totally agree that the show from the sixth season has been loosing its charm but this season 7 finale has brought big hopes to me.

    Despite the necessary thriller part even though few parts of the mystery mask might sound like a child's play. But the dialogues by the end of the season finale was really great. I personally think that its a good start for the show to get back into its track. But I really didnt see the time travelers words coming true.

    And in the end like Javier asked ,it still a question for us as well that in the nxt season whether we will hav the couple to solve the homicide or political corruptions, and if Beckett is gonna get busy in her campaign then we might not have

    1. the caskett moments or

    2. we might not have the crime mystery killer finding moments.

    But still I have hope on the writers of Castle.

    Im sure that even the Castle crew understood that the show is loosing its charm, as a result I could see the star cast a bit overacting in the last episode. I think this is because of the pressure which they might have faced through the TRPs.

    As I am still a die hard fan of Castle's first few seasons I am hoping for the best in the future episodes in season 8.

    . Castle chose his ruggedly handsome smiling giant picture which was selected by Beckett :Dmoreless
  • Tie in to Time Traveler episode from last season

    In season 6 there was an episode with a man claiming to be a time traveler from the future. He told Castle and Beckett that in the future they would be married, have 3 children, he would be a literary writer, and she would be a senator. Nice way to tie that in to this season finale!!

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