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Season 6 : Episode 23

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Meet Richard Castle, a successful murder-mystery writer who just killed off his main character. It seems one of his fans liked his books just a bit too much when a copycat murderer started running around killing people as described in Castle's books. After being questioned by the police Richard joins forces with Detective Kate Beckett to solve this case. The two become 'partners' and begin working together to solve other murders in New York City along with other detectives Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan and Captain Roy Montgomery, later Captain Victoria Gates. They also work with medical examiner Lanie Parish. Richard's family includes his mother Martha Rodgers, who was a Broadway diva and his daughter Alexis. The show is produced by ABC Studios and Beacon Television. ABC debuted the show on March 9, 2009. Castle was given a 10 episode order for the first season and was renewed for a full second, third season and fourth season. Parental TV Rating: TV-14

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Fan Reviews (219)

  • The Show

    I don't even have to say much. This show is amazing. It's not for everyone but it's definitely suited for me. :) I love everything about it. The characters and all. Perfect! !
  • Castle season 7

    Does castle really get shot and die in season 7 I've seen in youtube that he does

    If it gets canceled i dont even know what i am going to do. I will probaly like die. Or cry in my closet for eva. But BEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE FOR SURE! LOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIITTT!
  • Castle's acting

    I've loved the show for 5 years and thought the characterizations and acting were very good. No longer. I don't know if the directors are the reason, the story lines weak or the actors themselves, but something is off, especially Fillion's portrayal of Castle. His acting has become affected and exaggerated and Castle is coming off as a syrupy buffoon. The old magic is gone.

    Castle is supposed to be a lovable brat, not a silly caricature! Stop it!!!

    It's been several weeks since season 6 ended. Good riddance. This was the first season I haven't gone back to watch a single episode a second time. I don't even consider it part of the family. I loved Castle. Be patient? You make a silly request like that of your viewers in your 6'th season? That's pathetic. I'm revising my rating down.

    I don't even care if they get married or not anymore!

    Update time 8/4/14:

    I don't care how much of a die hard fan of the show one is, anyone who gave season 6 better than a fifty, fifty is nuts. A 9.5? Seriously? So you're telling me that all the crew has to do is improve upon last season by only .5 and they're a 10? What planet are you from?

    Now if you want to rah, rah, rah, sis, boom, bah a rather banal season, that's your prerogative. But then . Barnum had guys like you pegged.

    By rights I should drop my rating to a .5 just to keep things real.

  • castle and beyond

    Castle can make mistakes and i will still watch because the show is brilliant the whole dynamic is brilliant between castle Beckett and the rest of the castle family. I watch Bones and find it hard to justify the things they do but Castle doesn't make me do that. I knw the end of S6 was not the greatest but if the other seasons are anything to go by we should be patient and wait and see what brilliant things they come up with x i knw i cant wait for S7 x Caskett forever x


    ABC Is Developing a TV Series Based on Castle's Derrick Storm Novels

    The writings of Richard Castle may soon have their own show.


    ABC Announces Fall 2014 Premiere Dates for S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, Scandal, and More

    The network is playing things pretty traditional, and debuting most of its shows in the second half of September.

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