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Season 8 : Episode 8

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Meet Richard Castle, a successful murder-mystery writer who just killed off his main character. It seems one of his fans liked his books just a bit too much when a copycat murderer started running around killing people as described in Castle's books. After being questioned by the police Richard joins forces with Detective Kate Beckett to solve this case. The two become 'partners' and begin working together to solve other murders in New York City along with other detectives Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan and Captain Roy Montgomery, later Captain Victoria Gates. They also work with medical examiner Lanie Parish. Richard's family includes his mother Martha Rodgers, who was a Broadway diva and his daughter Alexis. The show is produced by ABC Studios and Beacon Television. ABC debuted the show on March 9, 2009. Castle was given a 10 episode order for the first season and was renewed for a full second, third season and fourth season. Parental TV Rating: TV-14

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  • Mr & Mrs Castle

    I guess the writers and actors know it's not being renewed because the last 8 min were the quickie let's wrap this up approach. Awful writing and awful acting. Good plot development up til then, but then ooops let's get them together so we can end this the way the fans want. Becketts acting was so shallow, okay I'm sorry, Castle was okay I accept, let's have sex. It could have been down so much better. I am a hopeless romantic fan and want them together, but with a little realism please.moreless
  • What is wrong with your writers

    Do they not have any imagination. This was one of my favorite shows, but I can barely stand to watch it now and find myself fast forwarding. Don't you think it's time to quit piggybacking onto that worn out old Senator plot. Something worth watching please.
  • re: How to save Castle--sorry, can't be done.

    joelcalderone, I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. My guess is, when you say you're a "part time writer," you mean you're a wannabe and/or hobbyist, or you would realize that no one will EVER "contact you" for "ideas" because you made some posts on an opinion board. I appreciate that you, like many of us, are unhappy about the direction the show has taken. If you knew what was going on behind the scenes you would understand why there is no workable solution. The actors do not want to be around each other, for personal reasons. Therefore the entire foundation of the show--the relationship between Castle and Beckett--can't be restored. The show should have ended last season, however, sometimes a network would rather artificially prolong the life of a cash cow than let the show die with dignity.moreless
  • How to save Castle, make it must see again, and gain about 3 million viewers

    Sound like I'm not in touch with reality? Wrong!! ABC has right in front of them a way to correct a wrong that is still flying around the message boards. Use the Kevin Ryan character as the link pin to this solution. This solution can also grant Stana Katic her wish of not being on every episode without hurting Castle's ratings. Face it Castle fans unless something happens quickly, Castle is done for. But, there is an obvious answer that rights a wrong that was committed by TNT and flips Castle into a renewed show with renewed energy. Normally at this point, the network lets the show die. All research I have done says Castle comes back gaining 3.1 million viewers and gets renewed if they can catch this one trick that ABC already has under their control.

    What is it? I am a part time writer and I will reveal more if anyone from ABC/Castle gets in touch with me. This is not a joke or wishful thinking. There is a way to make Castle must see again and it will not cost any money to try because ABC already owns the rights to the solution.

    Fans of Castle want Castle and Becket together. The show could take a few episodes without Kate if the viewers believe Castle and Becket are together and what she got herself into has put her into semi hiding. There is an unresolved ABC show that left the characters dangling without a proper ending. The show should have been renewed. This cancelled show is the key to the

    Castle turn around. The cancelled show also was left in the same way that Castle is at now. By using the characters from this cancelled show, viewers of the other show will start watching Castle. There were more than 3.1 million viewers, but the best I could figure is that is the number that will jump to Castle if these characters merge into Castle.

    My rating used to be a 10.0. The show isn't slipping because Castle and Beckett got married. The show is slipping because the two main characters are being kept apart.moreless
  • In all fairness, a lot of season 8's tension is due to Stana

    To see the difference in Stana and Nathan's relationship, watch the youtube video "Nathan fillion - let's go with chocolate" then think about the fact that they don't appear in public together anymore.

    It is no secret that Nathan and Stana don't get a long. When Stana finally signed to come back for Season 8, it was with a caviot that she not have to work every episode. Some speculated she would come back as an intermittent guest star, seeming to be always off chasing this group of bad guys who were part of killing her mommy. I can see that the only way to solve the problem was to give her what she wanted, more scenes away from Nathan. I wished the shows producers would have gotten Morena Baccurin to play Kate for this last season. Even though it wouldn't have been the same, at least we wouldn't have to be putting up with this childishness from Stana. Grow up and do your job. At least the rest of the cast seems to want to put in their all for the good of the show. I think the writers are doing what they can to work around Stana's requrements. I wish she hadn't come back and the show would have gotten a good replacement. I did like the Slaughter/Castle team up though. First show all season I would watch again, and hey Stana wasn't even in it. See we could do without her.moreless

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