Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on ABC

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  • Good episode.

    When Castle said "what would Ashley think" I know he was just trying to make up a reason but it is a fair enough question... you have a boyfriend but you're playing along with some guy who's flirting with you? And Castle was well within reason to be worried! I'm a big romantic and would love someone to do this but at the same time I would be very cautious that it's legit. Alexis is quite smart so it surprises me that she was being so silly. Especially since she has a boyfriend. And he is the father, what he says goes. How was he being irrational Martha!! It is HARDLY irrational to be worried that a complete stranger is saying to meet me in a park...

    I was glad Martha said she would follow though.

    I kind of hate cops willing to let an inmate get killed. Johnny Vong for one. And now Jerry. I'll just sit here all day. It'll look even more like he's talking, or he does talk and she leaves sooner but he also looks suspicious. I loved Jerry, he's so smart and sneaky. But they didn't know who he was at the time and it annoyed me how they just don't care about a person's life. If he doesn't want to talk, you leave it or offer something not just imply he can go die. Oh he got beat up, BECAUSE OF YOU, so you go back... and you don't outright offer to help him you just ask for information first. Just a bit annoying. (once again, they don't know who he is yet!)

    I loved the dude in interrogation, he was a lot smarter than he seemed! And I loved the whole 'doppleganger' and just the whole story. I love triple killer storyline.

    I thought Castle's reasons for discovering Jerry were a BIT thin. I mean you just said Donna is fine, so what's to ask about? If I'm a worried partner, I too would be wondering what's happening with the bad guy. Especially the one 'responsible for beating me up in prison'. But Jerry couldn't risk it, I know, so his reaction was understandable.
  • Wow, watch Dexter much?

    In 2009 Dexter had a season long arc involving a mass murderer known as "The Trinity Killer." Here in tonight's Castle they had "The Triple Killer." Both men killed in threes. While it is clear that they ripped the storyline from the popular Showtime series, I still have to say that this was a thoroughly entertaining episode of ABC's only real cop show worth watching. Castle was on his game comedically, but thankfully they also had some serious moments in the episode to put over the vitality of this murderer.

    Good episode, definitely turned me into a Castle fan with this one.
  • Great story line, super suspenseful but a bit to much going on

    First off i have to stay that i thought this episode was great, but i think they should have done it in a two episode format like they did with "Tick, tick, tick...." and "boom". Whoever the guest actor was who played Gates was superb. He nailed the super confident, smug homicidal charm of his character. Stana Katic was brilliant too. i really felt her rage at not having enough evidence to lock him up. She also held her own in the interrogation scenes. Also the twist at the end was amazing. I can usually guess what's going to happen but this one kept me guessing!

    Just a heads up things might get a little spoilery from here on out so stop reading if you want. I just thought there were so many elements to this story that could have used some more time. The last five minutes was basically another episode within itself. The revelation about the true killer and Castle's ordeal felt a bit rushed to me. I felt they really could have expanded on that or done more with Castle's brush with death. I know 3xk will probably reappear later in the season but i want more of him now!
  • Best episode since the opener! Loved the intensity and the thought that it could be over then, POW! The dark episodes are needed occasionally to take it away from the light fun eps (that I also love) but this sort I can rewatch and rewatch.

    I love the dark episodes so this was right up my street. The way it started with the first victim alive was a new thing for Castle and I really liked that. Montgomery being used more for these episodes is a given and always such a great performance that adds to the intensity. I wish Beckett had clued onto the first victims MO as she is the cop, but I know that Castle has to have his theories, so can let that go. Acting as always was fantastic and liked the fact that even the loft scenes with the Castle's was more intense rather than taking us away from the episode. The case was just brilliant from start to end with the twists and turns and the interrogations were realistic and you felt Beckett's frustration, (Stana is just amazing) And yes, it was left open at the end for more! (Cannot wait) Kudos to the writing/directing.
  • Castle at its best!

    Castle has been one of the few shows that compell me to turn the tv on at night.
    Yeah, with an awesome cast, interesting stories, no doubt this one is one of the most viewed show every week.

    In this episode, we have a very intriguing story and an unexpected twist at the end.

    Dunno about you guys but I thought Kate's reaction near the rescue part was a little bit over the top. I mean, it sounded kinda like "I need to say something that will show to the viewers that although it seems I'm extremely annoyed by you.. I really, really like you.."
    I believe some gestures and very emotional look would've sufficed.. but oh well, it was a great episode nonetheless..

  • A really sad episode.

    This Castle is way up there with my favorites. It is the flip side, in a way, of "Boom". Instead of Castle rushing to Beckett's rescue and terrified that he may have been too late, is is Beckett rushing to his, equally afraid that she is too late, and it is she holding his hand in the aftermath as they together realize that they have lost their man and that they may never get the chance to catch him again.
    I LOVED this episode because it shows that Castle can also be vulnerable, also care more about the results of their investigation than about his ego: he realizes that this killer will (not MAY)strike again and that it may be his fault.
  • Okay, I'm not ashamed to say that they got me this week.

    I figured that the guy in the hotel still had something to do with it, another acomplise maybe, no clue that he was the actual killer. First time in a while that I have been surprised by the killer...for any cop show. They were playing the "Alexis has a secret admirer" card a little hard for me to think anything bad would come of it.

    The episode actually seemed really short, maybe because they had a suspect so early in the game. We almost had a moment with Kate and Castle when she was untying him and told him she was really glad he was okay. We definitely had a moment at the end were they shared a cop's guilt when they fail to bring the killer to justice. Only got a hand holding out of it though. I mean we're in season 3, can we get a hug already at the very least! They're still shaking hands whenever they say goodbye.

    Can't wait to see the 2 follow on episode to the 3XK killer. And next week's naked man episode looks it too much to ask for a bare chested Castle??
  • Whoa!

    Castle has gone all detective show on me, and in a very good way.

    For the second consecutive week I did not peg the killer, AND the whole case had me antsy. Never mind the character aspect...

    Well, okay, in the beginning the back and forth between Beckett and Castle about the profile of the killer matching Castle was funny and pure "Castle", but other than that it was a real, honest to gawd detective show.

    I was convinced at first that somehow this creep was going to be Alexis' secret admirer. Now that its over...I'm convinced creepo will be back to haunt Castle. But will it be Martha whom he saw on the phone photo? Or will it be Alexis, the subject of the phone call he overheard...

    I know it's repetitive but: "better and better"...
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