Season 4 Episode 19

47 Seconds

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2012 on ABC

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  • The truth is ugly...

    When I first saw previews of this episode, I thought "What is so significant about her remembering every second of being shot?" Admittingly, this was my 2nd episode. I researched a bit and then I was like "Ohhh!" I couldn't wait to see this episode, and it shocked me a little. I loved the story of the episode, but I mainly watched it for the Kate/Rich plotline.

    I'm sorry, but what Kate is doing is totally unfair and ridiculous. She's known about Castle's feelings for her since the shooting, and she's been lying to him the whole time. For what? Because she's not ready? Because she's got other personal stuff going on? Who cares? If you have feelings for someone, you admit to yourself and the person. If you don't, you let him/her down gently so you both can move on. You don't keep them on the hook til you feel yer ready. Now Castle's found out the truth and he's angry. I don't blame him. I hope he does move on cause it's not worth his time to wait for someone who's more interested in herself and playing with his heart strings. He should find someone else and show Kate she can't have her cake and eat it too. Can't wait to see where this goes :)
  • well that's the end of that

    At least the show has ended on a high. If the producers have any sense they'll end it at the end of this season. To make another would be a season of "jumping the shark" of character behaviour on a most basic level.

    The trust between Castle and Beckett has been totally destroyed by the way they did this. It could have been done so many other ways without destroying the trust and allowed it to go on. That conversation will be relived over and over for the rest of the character's lives continuously eroding any trust and confidence one has in the other. Castle may be a consultant of sorts on this show; however he choses to go into life-threatening situations with Beckett. You have to be able to trust your partner when that happens. With the way they've done it, over a short period of time he'll find he can't trust her even that much as this will eat away.

    The storyline was reasonable albeit superficially dealing with the subject matter. The twists and turns were nicely done and not too many eye-rollers for forensics or computer functionality.
  • The most sad I've ever seen...

    I never, ever cry with tv shows, but this episode made me cry....offcourse we already knew that Kate remebered everything, but for Castle to find out this way when he was just about to tell truly made me cry....

    I really hope he can forgive her long enough to listen to her explanation, and they can really get together....they both deserve happiness....
  • Had tons of promise, but...

    I was liking this episode quite a bit, and even hoping we'd get past the Bones-ish sillyness of Castle and Beckett not just taking the relationship the next step like proper adults.

    It has been fun to see them tiptoeing and denying/playing it out, but enough is enough. They've been almost but not quite saying it so many times, suspension of disbelief can only do so much. The writers expect us to believe they didn't just take 1 hour after work one day and got it said with no interruptions?

    Please...get it done or move on. The whole teenagey back and forth is taking away focus from a lot of the other great things about the show, including Castle and Beckett working great as a team, with or without romantic feelings.

    The last but not quite as severe reason why this for me went from a possible top episode to one slightly below average was how Castle just pieced the whole thing together in the end. That was a bit of a hail mary, they could have done better with that.

  • 47 Seconds

    The way Richard Castle just figured out what happened, explaining everyone's role was like something from Numbers, Psych or The Mentalist, and I am pretty sure that an author does not have the mental abilities of any of the lead characters in those shows.

    It was an intriguing episode, but at times it tried too hard to be intense, such as the different reenactments of the explosion. Just give us a usual case, not a huge conspiracy, and I'll be happy.
  • One of the greatest Episodes of Castle (almost perfect)

    Wow. Now that is an example of what good television looks like. 47 Seconds is an episode that brought out a special intensity and seriousness. It was full of the usual twists and turns, but this one felt different. This one felt real.

    Highlights were:

    The case A Wall Street protest was ended early with a bomb explosion caught on tape. Our super smart detectives were able to determine what happened in the minute before the explosion. First, how crazy is the technology that is used now? Using the GPS on cell phones is pretty nuts. It can seem a bit like an invasion of privacy, but when you think of all the ways it can be used for things like this, it's pretty awesome.

    The "I remember every thing" and the infamous I love you.

    A 9.8 in my opinion (if was not for the awkwardness between Castle and Alexis)