Season 1 Episode 5

A Chill Goes Through Her Veins

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • A far more sober episode intended to reveal Beckett's past.

    A departure from the usual charming detective comedy and though not brilliant, still touching.

    Got to admire Sam's inventiveness in getting Melanie's body out of his apartment, a fake delivery of a fridge, get it upstairs, move the body, take it out again with apologies for the error. Keeping the body refrigerated is very cold, no pun intended. Displays a depth of thought and planning that is disturbing. Very clever, no body means she stays a missing person and no evidence turns up to ruin things. It could have gone on indefinitely if not for Sam's murder. Who can blame the best friend for stopping the payments, five years of living with that horror on your conscience, this was a chance to make things right and accept the consequences of a choice to help a murderer, even if he is your best friend. Of course, there was the downside of waiting until the body is finally found, waiting for the shoe to drop.

    Beckett is faced with the unenviable choice – do nothing and Sam's murderer goes free or do her duty and expose the truth. Horrible as the choice is, there is no choice – Beckett is a good cop and could never have done that. She couldn't have lived with it. Being a police officer is more than a job, it's a calling. If you don't believe in justice, how could you do the job? Even if the courts mess up and he walks, she's done her job and done it well. It's a matter of faith.

    Castle finally finds out the mystery tragedy which made Beckett a cop and her little ritual with the watch and the ring is quite touching, the idea surprisingly deep. Very subtly acted. I like that Castle has come to care for her enough to take an interest, even though digging into her mother's murder will bring him into conflict with her when she finds out.

    A very different episode than the previous ones and while it was less enjoyable, it was well done.
  • Castle and Beckett work on a missing person's case which involves a frozen body.

    This episode was great. We have an actual unique case. Before this episode we have had typical murders, and typical scenarios found in other cop type movies. This last one however had an emotional tie in with Beckett and Castle has his usual wisecracks. My favorite part of the episode is the scene where Castle is playing laser tag with his daughter. This episode further fleshes out Beckett's backstory, and deepens the interactions between Beckett and Castle. This show is great, and pray to whatever God you believe in because this cannot end like Firefly. This show is just too witty and funny to be canceled.
  • Castle, great new show

    So after many shows were cancelled (Damn, Im still pissed off Kyle XY got axed without a proper ending..) , I thought I should check Castle out.

    And It wasn't a mistake.. the show is great, Nathan Fillion is priceless. That smart-ass character of his is fun and intriguing.

    Her sidekick is pretty and has a story of her own. I would put this kind of partnership in the same league as Booth x Brennan (Bones) and Dr. Hood and Rachel (Eleventh Hour). Well, Bones is on its 5th season, I think so it had plenty of time to developt its characters. Eleventh hour on the other hand, brings the genious Dr. Hood and the FBI woman just as plain muscle with one relevant thing or two to say.

    Castle, even tho still on its first season, shows a lot of promise and makes us wanna watch more of it.

    Great cast, interesting cases and awesome episodes.
    Doing good so far

  • The show just elevated itself!

    After seeing that the show "Castle" had been renewed for another season, I thought I'd check it out, since most scripted shows were being canceled.

    In general, the show has a light feel, and is "old school" in its character interactions and story lines (no excessive violence, no flashiness, no csi stuff). In a way, this is refreshing.

    But after 4 episodes, it was starting to feel a little bit trite. I'm glad I kept going, because this episode (#5) has been the best one so far.

    The tone is more serious. The murder mystery is interesting, having taken place years ago, and to watch them try to fit the missing pieces together since they already know the endpoint.

    There is a poignant character backstory that is fleshed out towards the end, and this also hints at a larger story arc, or that thing "in the background" that will be a thread throughout the show (though probably only now and then) and which hints at a greater resolution of a fundamental mystery.

    This episode felt less trite, more interesting, more warm and human, than the previous episodes, with the promise of future depth. I hope this continues!
  • A very good episode with character development for Beckett. (Spoilers)

    I really enjoyed this episode of Castle. It had a good mystery, and plenty of Comedy. I really enjoyed the scene where Castle was at home playing laser tag with his daughter. And I especially loved when Beckett knocked on his door, and he, his daughter, and his mom were all standing there talking to her. They all had good reactions to what was going on. I'm most excited about Beckett opening up to Castle, and how he is really starting to care about her. I hope that Castle can manage to solve Beckett's mother's murder case. Overall, I give this episode, A Chill Goes Through Her Veins, a 9.5 out of 10.
  • WOW!! What an amazing episode!

    I absolutely enjoyed the previous episode and sat to watch this one in a very good mood, but never expected it to be THIS exciting!! The dead body of a frozen woman who has been missing for years suddenly appears in a construction site, and the team go through her past to find out why she had gone missing in the first place, and who killed her. Not a minute goes by that the plot isn't fascinating, the episode doesn't run in a fast pace and that we don't stay behind and try to work out the clues while new ones appear. This one is a proper, unsolvable riddle, one we have to squeeze our brains to figure out, along with Castle and Beckett who carry us around for the ride. Theories appear only to be challenged by the new evidence, everyone has something to hide and in the end, it's a convoluted, difficult affair. Just like an excellent crime show.

    On a more personal note we learn important details about Beckett's past, and what drove her to be a cop in the first place. Her chemistry with Fillion in that scene speaks volumes, and it's an important character update, as well as the necessary bonding between them. Plus, loved the sci-fi and Batman references. Please please please don't cancel this one! It will be a huge mistake...
  • I love CASTLE!!!!!

    I am so hoping that the network renews Castle. It's become one of my favorites and tonight's episode proves why. Castle's enthusiam regarding a frozen body is surprisingly funny. One of the aspect's of the case that I loved is the personalization for Beckett and her revealation as to why. Throughout the episode you really see them grow more comfortable with each other as a team. Yes the bickering is still there but I think Beckett is starting to recognize that Castle is a smart man and does have some things to offer in regards to her cases. The great example of this was her arriving at his apartment frustated as to the pieces not fitting and knowing there was more. You got to see them bounce theories and information off of each other until a course of action was found. They worked like a team..... Please don't cancel Castle!!!!
  • This episode is the one that I've been waiting for!

    I have been a fan of this show from the pilot. What got me was the charm and the interplay between the various characters and the sharp witty banter. The only complaint that I had was that the cases were a bit too cliche and predictable. That changed last night. I thought that the case was intriguing and the fact that Beckett was emotionally tied to the case made it that much more interesting. I liked that it wasn't too clear how the woman died and what happened to her. Even when they figured out who it was, Kate couldn't rest until she found out how and why. Loved the scene where she showed up at Castle's "bat cave", and he managed to show her a different way of solving a crime and together they figure it all out, even the part that they maybe didn't want to know.
    On top of a really interesting and emotional case the interactions between the characters were amazing. Even the two other detectives Ryan and Esposito are becoming more than just extras with speaking parts. Castle's scenes with his daughter were once again hilarious and heartwarming, and his relationship with Beckett is becoming deeper and more like a partnership. I also liked that we learned quite a bit about her past and that she opened up to Castle about it. When she went to Castle because the case was still bothering her even though it was solved, it was nice that he talked her through it rather than being a wiseacre and they teamed up instead of him tagging along and her grudgingly accepting his help to solve the case. Great episode and I can't wait for more.
  • We learn more about detective Beckett

    I really liked this episode. Ever since the pilot I thought the episodes were decent but nothing special. The weeks episode was interesting not because of the murder (that was pretty easy to solve) but because of what was going on around it. It was nice to learn more about Beckett's backstory and it was also interesting that she was willing to share it with Castle. Castle was also back into being the big kid, which I really love about him. Last week's episode and this weeks show a return of his playful side which had been toned down a lot in the first two episodes after the pilot. I loved how he played with his daughter when inspector Beckett dropped by. I have to say that in general I have grown to love Castles little daughter. The relationship between her and Castle is so endearing and his mother is always there for a good laugh. it is really hard to pinpoint why this episode was so good but it left me feeling pleased and that is all that counts.
  • The team works on a case where a frozen body of a women is found at a construction site. Beckett and Castle follow leads that help them come up with a dead killer husband, four people having affairs, a lying accomplice friend, and a killer granddad.

    This episode revealed some important information about Detective Beckett and why she is as passionate about her job as she seems to be.

    I enjoyed the story line as we again had a few new twists to the solving of the case and some interesting information was revealed in general. Once the frozen women was found and clues started coming up you had to feel that the husbands friend Charles was involved. The man wasn't necessarily lying, but he was avoiding a lot of important information every time they would come back to him. Accessory to murder is pretty bad in itself. You have to wonder what was he thinking.

    The scene where Castle and his daughter are playing laser tag and the Mom interrupts and then Beckett comes by was a great development piece long term. You learn that this is the first time Beckett has been there and that both his daughter and mother like her and know he likes her. They were so happy to see her again. You have to assume that Beckett has brought a lot more life to Castle's life since they have been working together.

    Obviously Beckett is becoming pretty comfortable with Castle as well. That information was really personal even though he did sort of pry it out of her. Knowing her character after five episodes you get the feeling she wouldn't have told him if she didn't really want too.

    As far as the conclusion is concerned it was interesting in a way that all the major players were in one way or another guilty to some level either morally or legally. I was surprised by the granddad's almost admittance at the end, but it did sort up the loose ends.

    Very entertaining episode with some real touching moments at the end. After five episodes I think we really feel for these characters so I hope this show continues past the first nine scheduled episodes at this point.

    I gave this episode another .5 over last week for the personal scenes that were really well done in this episode especially at the end.

    Thanks for reading...