Season 3 Episode 1

A Deadly Affair

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on ABC
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Beckett and her team burst into an apartment on a murderer's trail, just to be surprised when they see Castle, who they haven't heard or seen in months, standing over a dead woman's body holding a gun. Beckett, has no other choice but to arrest Castle until he proves his innocence.


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  • Average

    Though the part where they shoot each other was too predictable and unoriginal, they brought Castle without complications and that felt good. The second wife, though back with Castle had no appearance and was almost non-existent and completely irrelevant. Good case though
  • Happy Dance, Castle is BACK!

    So Castle is found over a dead body by the dynamic trio, almost getting shot by Ryan. :snicker: So he's in the box being interrogated by Beckett. I loved the interaction between the two here. She attacks him asking if he was sleeping with the victim to which he replies he's in a relationship and she knows with who. Beckett works in that she hasn't seen him in months so she doesn't know how many women he went through. Classic back and forth between the two, she gets in a zinger about his ex-wife keeping everything they do on a schedule and he tries to make a crack about Demming only to find out that they broke up which surprises him. This is all they mention about Demming which was disappointing, hopefully they will revisit this and eventually Castle will find out exactly when she broke up with him.

    They quickly clear him as a suspect and when he tries to join the investigation Beckett tells him to go back to his life and leave them alone. Soon after, Alexis is having issues of her own, a boy she met over the summer was suppose to call her when he got back from vacation and hasn't yet. She's really upset and Castle begins to realize that he may have really screwed up himself by not calling Beckett over the summer.

    So Castle does his own investigating and finds himself again standing over a dead body as the trio bust down a door. Again we get some great back and forth between Beckett and Castle, even resorting to the classic ear pull to get Castle to talk. Beckett finally gives it to him straight that he just can't come back and act like nothings happened and if he wanted to come back then he would have by then. This would have been a great place for him to actually apologize for giving them all the cold shoulder over the summer but he makes some comment about the universe and Beckett agrees to let him work this one case.

    Beckett really missed Castle and it's obvious that she enjoys having him back, the other two not so much. They keep giving him the cold shoulder much to Beckett's amusement. Beckett orchestras a bet between the two, whoever finds out the connection to the victims first, wins. Stakes are whether or not Castle is allowed to return to the team. It was awesome how Beckett fed him just enough information while theorizing for him to figure it out 'first' and watch her grin behind his back. Now she gets him back without losing any pride. Esposito of course knew what she was doing.

    Best part was the showdown at the end with Beckett and Castle both shooting a suspect that was behind the other. Looks on their faces where priceless. Oh and Castle saved Beckett's life again with a well timed tackle as shots where fired. Overall a great season opener. I did think that Beckett let him off the hook a little easily. Hopefully there will be residual feelings that they bring up over the next couple of episodes. And I gotta say that Stana Katic is a pro at letting her emotions play out through facial expressions, love to watch her act. And Nathan is always a joy to watch.

    On a side note I'm reading Naked Heat on ABC's website and I wonder how Gina feels about her boyfriend writing books that casts himself in a relationship with a woman that he works with on a daily basis. Hopefully they will bring that up as well. I mean if it were me I would not be thrilled with the idea. Sorry for the long post...I'm just so excited that it's finally back!moreless
  • You've been informed of your rights, Mr. Castle?

    First off I would like to say I HATE it when shows to the really intense and intresting clip, and then just when your drooling a little from the intenseness of the moment "3 Days Later" appears on the screen.

    Other then that I thought this was a great season premiere. I thought the case was awesome, and very intresting. I felt bad for Kate that Castle didn't call (mainly because I have a huge crush on Stana Katic), but what I thought was the best part was, was how this didn't feel like a season premiere. Usually you have to go through 1 or 2 murderless and emotionaly draining episodes of finishing up last seasons unfinished buisness, before the show gets back into the swing of things, but this show just managed to jump right back in!

    I Love You Castle!moreless
  • Back from the summer

    There isn't much I can say about this one so I'll be brief. Castle is back and he makes one hell of a return, when he's in the wrong place at the wrong time and is labeled a suspect. I'll admit it was funny just seeing Castle being interigated, for some reason Castle actually made it seem fun.

    My only complant about the episode was I thought Ryan and Espanoso got kinda annoying. I understand why they would give Castle the cold sholder but Castle isn't solely at fault for Kate's dillema and doing that during a case is a bad work ethic.

    Everything else in the episode works, the chemestry between Castle and Kate is still there but due to that two month vacation there have been a few changes. Kate we see is happy on the inside to have Castle back but is sad that Castle is dating his ex wife. Castle is happy as well talking to his friend Kate again and doing one of the things he does best solving cases with her (what the heck else was he going to do) but he then learns about Kate's break up with Tom and when it happens so his feelings are a little conflicted. And of course my favorate moments were one when Castle tackles Kate to get her out of the line of fire and this is a writer saving a cop's life. Another was when both Castle and Kate point guns at each others direction and execute a trick shot which wounds the bad guys behind them. I thought both those moments were awesome, Castle ought to be awarded a you got guts award for both acts. Though Kate should get a little something for that trick shot.

    So, things are back to the way they are, but the question is how much has or will change?moreless
  • Castle hasn't kept in tough with the detectives all summer. However, they discover that he's back when he is found standing over a dead body holding a gun. After clearing his name, Castle joins in the investigation.moreless

    This one was actually one of the rare mysteries. I didn't know who murdered the three people. Although, I should have. But, as always, it's the relationships that is the most intriguing. And, Ryan and Esposito were extremely entertaining, with the very deliberate snubbing of Castle.

    It always amazes me how much leeway Castle gets. Obviously, Beckett likes him and enjoys their partnership. I think it actually might be harder for Ryan and Esposito to forgive Castle than Beckett.

    So, strong season opener. But, that was a wicked teaser. But, the ending was sweet--very intense. Castle actually saved Beckett's life and she saved his! Awesome!

    I love this show!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Beckett: Hey!
      Lanie: Hey. I hear you made an interesting arrest today, want to talk about it?
      Beckett: No.
      Lanie: Okay. Keep holding this stuff in and you gonna get an ulcer.

    • (Talking about Castle)
      Esposito: If you ask me, you should've locked him up just outta spite.
      Beckett: No, that'll be unethical. Making the people down in holding deal with him.
      Esposito: True.

    • Beckett: This victim that called you, what was it about?
      Castle: She said she was in trouble and she couldn't go to the police.
      Beckett: So why did she call you?
      Castle: Because Maya knew I had a relationship with you- uh, with the NYPD. She thought I could help.

    • Castle: You look good.
      Beckett: You look good too.
      Castle: Yeah?
      Beckett: For murder!

    • Castle: Do you know what these bodies are? A sign.
      Beckett: A sign?
      Castle: A sign. A sign from the universe telling us we need to solve this case together. You don't want to let the universe down, do you?
      Beckett: You're not gonna go away no matter what I do, are you?
      Castle: I respect the universe.

    • (at the interrogation room)
      Beckett: You've been informed of your rights, Mr. Castle?
      Castle: Really? You're not even gonna ask me how my summer was?
      Beckett: You are aware that you're under arrest for murder?
      Castle: I thought you were being rough with the cuffs just for fun.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Smrtelná známost (Deadly Acquaintance)

    • Featured Music:
      "Those Days" by Lucy Schwartz
      "Fever (Adam Feeland Remix)" by Sarah Vaughan

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 20, 2010 on CTV
      Thailand: January 25, 2011 on Star World
      Australia: February 6, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: March 4, 2011 on Kabel Eins
      United Kingdom: March 9, 2011 on Alibi
      Czech Republic: January 18, 2012 on Prima family
      Slovakia: September 5, 2012 on JOJ


    • The cable show Castle refers to is Breaking Bad, where a chemistry teacher, diagnosed with cancer, associates with one of his students to make meth, in order to give money to his family.

    • Castle: That's when you, Esposito and Annie Oakley come bursting through the door.
      Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter.

    • Xander Doyle, the name of a suspect questioned in this episode, is made up of the names of two Whedonverse sidekicks, Doyle (Angel) and Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

      This character, Xander Doyle, played by Ethan Erickson, had a recurring role as Percy West in season three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.